Open Letter to Nancy Pelosi

Dear Representative Pelosi,

We are writing to you today to ask you to do better.

We, like you, are white women who care deeply about the direction in which our country is headed, and who believe that inaction in the face of oppression is unacceptable. Because we share those goals, we hope and expect that you will do the work to understand why we are so deeply disappointed and angry about your recent statements regarding your colleague, Representative Maxine Waters. We urge you to consider how you can better use your power to support Representative Waters and the struggle for liberation for all Americans.

When you attack a Black woman for speaking out about injustice, and when you call for “civility” in the face of blatant racism, you invoke a long history of white supremacist power. Writing Black women’s words off as divisive, and chastising them for raising the alarm on unjust behavior, is not merely condescending — it echoes racist tropes that have been used for centuries to dehumanize Black people and support the structures that maintain discrimination.

White women have been culpable throughout history for acting — or, just as shamefully, not acting — in ways that support white supremacy. Suffragist and first woman Senator Rebecca Ann Latimer Felton exemplified this ugly history when she used race as a tool to rally reluctant white women to the cause of women’s suffrage, saying: “I do not want to see a negro man walk to the polls and vote on who should handle my tax money, while I myself cannot vote at all.”

To our great discredit, white women continue to act far too often in ways that support white supremacy, even when it is to our detriment. Time and time again, we have seen women of color show up to the polls to support progressive politics, while white women cling to the regressive, and often racist, politics and politicians who long for yesteryear.

But of course, racism and sexism are inextricably intertwined even in the America of 2018, a place where the perceived fragility of white women is still weaponized and deployed in order to initiate and justify racialized violence. This must stop, and you can help lead that charge. But when you chide Representative Waters for bravely and passionately speaking up for the most marginalized, you’re on the wrong side of history.

Why should Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Kirstjen Nielsen get to walk through a ceaselessly accommodating world, unchallenged by the public, never being forced to grapple with their daily complicity in what will be — what is already being — judged as a particularly dark moment in the history of our country? They are white women backing racist, xenophobic policies, and to ask that your colleague act “appropriately” at a time like this only serves to sustain white supremacy.

The concept of respect is culturally mediated; there is no single, objective standard. It is only through the lens of white supremacy that civil disobedience (which by its very name utilizes civility as a strategy for social change) or, for that matter, any disobedience, no matter how polite, is converted into “uncivil” behavior. It is why the simple act of quietly sitting at a lunch counter was seen as explosively disruptive by those “good white people” who just wanted to have a peaceful meal, uninterrupted by the inconvenient and uncomfortable truth that they were perpetuating oppression and injustice by enforcing and benefitting from segregation. Indeed, change in this country has often come only after what people of privilege have historically deemed “uncivil” behavior: Taking to the streets, boycotts, the occupation of public spaces, the refusal to remain polite in the face of both institutionalized and interpersonal bigotry.

There is a broad chasm between discomfort and death, a chasm that white folks seem incapable of seeing — and which people of color cannot avoid. Sarah Sanders was asked politely to leave a restaurant. In contrast, Representative Waters has received ever-escalating threats, some so serious that they’ve led her to cancel public appearances. Do we need to spell out the horrifying — and deeply undemocratic — implications of a Black congresswoman who cannot organize among her constituents without fearing for her life? This is what we create when we put out calls for civility and chastise marginalized people for speaking up. We make it clear where our loyalties lie.

We sincerely hope that you can take a moment and learn from this, that you offer an apology to Representative Waters, and that, in the future, you stand shoulder to shoulder with her as we work together to fix what is so clearly broken in this country. White supremacy is wrapped on the roots and branches of our story, and it is up to us to remove it.

As of 9:45AM PT on July 9, 2018, the total and final number of signatories was 6,040. While the spirit of this letter endures, and we encourage the sustained sharing of this letter and the sentiments contained therein, we are no longer able to add signatures. As of the aforementioned time, Rep. Pelosi’s office had not offered an apology or a meaningful response to the deliverers of this letter.
*denotes a constituent of Rep. Pelosi

Sabrina Andrus, JD, Kelseyville, CA – If/When/How: Lawyering for Reproductive Justice
Jessica Arons, Alexandria, VA
Andrea Grimes, San Francisco, CA* – If/When/How: Lawyering for Reproductive Justice
Quillin Drew Musgrave, Richmond, VA
Sarah Tuttle, PhD, Seattle, WA
Margaret Gibson, Walnut Creek, CA*
Kate Schatz, Alameda, CA — Solidarity Sundays
Jess Zimmerman, Brooklyn, NY
Jessica Mason Pieklo, Boulder, CA
Brittanie Shey, Houston, TX
Jennifer Carlson, PhD., Austin, TX
Jill E. Adams, Berkeley, CA — Center on Reproductive Rights and Justice at UC Berkeley
Kara Loewentheil, New York, NY
Corey Edmonds, Portland, OR
Megan Andrus, Kelseyville, CA
Lindsey O-Pries, Richmond, VA
Laura Capone, Kents Store, VA
Jenifer McKenna, Leeds, MA
Shana Bloom, Richmond, VA
Amanda Allen, Oakland, CA
Shira Saperstein, Takoma Park, MD
Sarah M. Seltzer, New York, NY
Elisabeth Smith, Seattle, WA
Kate Eubank, Richmond, VA
Meghan Collins, Portland, OR
Lisa Unger Baskin, Leeds MA
Darcy DuMont, Amherst, MA
Jett Psaris, Oakland, CA — The Conscious Living Center
Valle Dwight, Florence, MA
Amy Pallant, Framingham, MA
Jo Ellen Warner, Amherst, MA — Mount Holyoke College
Sita Lang, Turners Falls, MA
Gretchen Virkler, Brooklyn, NY — NYSNA
Alexandra Volpe, Oakland, CA
Vivienne Simon, Northampton, MA
Rachel Maiore, Northampton, MA — Pioneer Valley Women’s March
Tannis Fuller, Charlottesville, VA
Lois Ahrens, Northampton, MA — The Real Cost of Prisons Project
Hannah Mermelstein, Brooklyn, NY
Alisa Klein, Leeds, MA — Northampton, MA City Council
Amy Stamm, Leeds, MA
Carolyn Sailer, Leeds, MA
Penny Gill, Leeds, MA
Lynn English, Richmond, VA
Kris Nelson, Greenfield Massachusetts
Chani Adams, Indian Head, MD
Marina Drummer Kilauea, HI — Community Futures Collective, LEF Foundation
Molly Phemister Lincoln, NE
Michaelann Bewsee, Springfield, MA — Arise for Social Justice
Margo Pave, Washington, D.C.
Lois McCloskey, Watertown, MA
Lynn Morgan, Amherst, MA
Tysha Calhoun, San Marcos, TX
Meg Anderson, Alexandria, VA
Courtney L. Burkey, Gainesville, Virginia
Courtney Layman, Richmond, VA
Theresa Mason, PhD., Boston, MA
Pamela Auble, Herndon, VA
Caitlin Andrus, Kelseyville, CA
Ellen M. Barry, Oakland, CA — MacArthur Fellow; Women & Justice Issues Consulting
Anne Jemas, Turners Falls, MA
Rachel Corey, Boston, MA
Jenn Gallienne, Richmond, VA
Carol Olson, Richmond, VA
Sara Newman, New York, NY
Kirsten Sherk, Mount Rainier, MD
Susan Yanow, MSW, Cambridge, MA
Brie Jordan-Cooley, Richmond, VA
Lindsay N. Sabadosa, Northampton, MA
Tonya Montgomery, Baltimore, MD
Katie Klucevsek, Boston, MA
Jennifer Peepas, Chicago, IL
E. Paster, Soquel, CA
Lori Lehnhardt, Chicago, IL
Shanti Freundlich, Watertown, MA
Tiffany Petrillo, Jefferson, MA
Lynn Eddy, Midlothian, VA
Amanda Hooper, Washington, DC
Lenore Palladino, Northampton, MA
L. Mann, Philadelphia, PA
Mer Rainwater, Oakland, CA — Solidarity Sundays
Dr. Lisa Corrigan, Ph.D., Fayetteville, AR
Tracy Medley, Salt Lake City, UT
Melissa Werner, Washington, DC
Jackie Brown, Richmond, VA
Janet Lemon, San Jose, CA
Lisle Winters, San Francisco, CA*
Andrea Lyons, Tacoma, WA
Sophie Godley, Georgetown, MA
Stacey Burns, Minneapolis, MN
Elizabeth Miller, Lynn, MA
Stefanie Snider Grand Rapids, MI
Nichole Herschler, Richmond, VA
Liz Cascone, Williamsburg, VA
Tina Cincotti, Boston, MA
Cathleen Kucz, Ukiah, CA*
Annie Gardner, Chicago, IL
Caitlin Ross, Fargo, ND
Jennifer Piper, Denver, CO
Julie Tilsen, Minneapolis, MN — University of Minnesota
Mary Parker, Springdale
Sarah Berkowitz, Lansdowne, PA
Jaclyn Friedman, Boston, MA
Louisa Solomon, Brooklyn, NY
Jessica Giordani, Lebanon, NH
Geri Katz, Minneapolis, MN
Clare Palmer, Moorhead, MN
Maria Ashley, Aurora, CO
Kyle Marie Stock, Washington, DC
Catherine Wechsler, Boston, MA
Paula Forbes, Austin, TX
Andrea Cope, Nashville, TN
Carrie Tilton-Jones, Portland, OR
Elizabeth Ike, Charlottesville, VA
Parker Dockray, Oakland, CA – All-Options
Stephanie Shea, Minneapolis, MN
Diane Horvath-Cosper, Baltimore, MD
Katie Kramer, Saint Paul, MN – Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women
Caroline Lalonde-Hanna, Fairfax, Virginia
Sarah Doherty, Grand Rapids, MI
Shanna Hansen Minneapolis, MN
Jennifer Phelps-Montgomery, White Plains, NY
Chandra Faulkner, Oakland, CA
Julia Raymond Minneapolis, MN
Carrie Tilton-Jones, Portland, OR
Myra Batchelder Brooklyn, NY
Kat Donnelly, Minneapolis, MN
Cindy Aegerter, Minneapolis, MN
Laurie Seifert Williams, Fargo, ND
Susan Berke Fogel, Los Angeles, California
Jackie Ayers, Bend, OR
Maia Campbell, Minneapolis, MN
Jennifer L Byers, Minneapolis
Dalesha Bowman, Richmond, VA
Stacie Vecchietti, Midlothian
Becky Smith, Minneapolis, MN
Kimberlee Brittingham, Richmond, VA
Emily Aaron, Baltimore, MD
Teresa Roberts, Chicago, IL
Amanda Bennett, Austin, TX
Emily Sarah Bishop, New York, NY – New York Coalition for Abortion Clinic Defence
Rebecca Weger, Ithaca, NY
Andrea Flynn, New York, NY
Ellen Weinstat, Brooklyn, NY
Erin Matson Arlington, VA – Reproaction
Becky Wright Chesterfield, VA
Carly Marco Madison, WI
Elizabeth C. Creely, San Francisco, CA*
Emily Anderson, Minneapolis, MN
Tara Brandi, Minneapolis, MN
Kelly Broderick, Baltimore, MD
Megan J. Peterson, Saint Paul, MN – ED of Gender Justice
Teri Parsley Starnes, Minneapolis, MN
Erin Phillips, Albuquerque, NM
Kristi Drouin, Viera, FL
Kate Averett, Albany, NY
Megan Simmons, Philadelphia, PA
Kate Harding, Miami, FL
Stacy Salmi Minnetonka, MN
Lila Macbeth Minneapolis, MN
Suezette Given North Plainfield, NJ
Nicole O-Pries Midlothian, VA
Franny Silverman Newman, Brooklyn, NY
Meg E Gustafson, Chicago, IL
Jane Gillette Wakefield, MA
Stacey Rice, Trail Creek
Danine Omoregie, Eau Claire, WI
Laura Weiss, Ithaca, NY
Sarah Fox, Minneapolis, MN
Jaime Campbell, Naples, FL
Gloria Flaherty Folsom, CA Human Race
Catherine May, Richmond, VA
Christa Kileff, St. Louis, mo
Amanda McIntosh, Boonville, MO
Elizabeth Nelson, Chicago, IL
Jocelyn Berger, Brooklyn, NY
Andrea Sanow, St. Paul, MN
Helen Luryi, Washington, DC
Kathleen DeVore, Minneapolis, MN – Minneapolis Community and Technical College
Nina Marino, Richmond, VA
Elizabeth Mitchell, Seattle, WA
Anne Kosseff-Jones, Geneva, NY
Robin Morgan, Brattleboro, VT
Zan Romanoff, Los Angeles, CA
Anne Paris, Arlington, VA
Kendra Stevens, Chicago, IL
Katie Fahrbach, Goochland, Va
Mary Martin, Modesto, CA
Jennifer Dalton, Brooklyn, NY
Megan Breiseth, Alameda, CA*
Molly Watson, San Francisco, CA*
Gaylon Parsons, Alameda, CA
Jen Arter, Oakland, CA
Ana Araujo, San Jose, CA*
Mary DeNardo, Richmond, CA
Jane Phillips, Corrales, NM
Stephanie Ragusky, Chantilly, VA
Rebecca Cole, Charlottesville, VA
Joanna Colegrove, Sherman Oaks, CA – Solidarity Sundays
Betsy White, Half Moon Bay, CA*
Kim Riley, Kelseyville, CA
Polly Ferguson San Jose, CA – POWER Postcard Group
Kate Buckholz, Charleston, SC
Elizabeth Seffel, Altadena, CA*
Angela Hockabout, Alameda, CA
Molly McIntyre, Brooklyn, NY
Jessica Rose, Cupertino, CA*
Rachel Brooks, Memphis, TN
K. Richmond, San Jose, CA
Christine Hutchison, San Francisco, CA*
Isabelle Barbour, Portland, OR
Nicol Hammond, Hayward, CA – UC Santa Cruz, Together We Will San Jose
Jo Anderson, Oakland, CA
Constance Leo Ryan, Brooklyn, NY
Melissa Benham, Oakland, CA
Nicole J. Georges, Los Angeles, CA
Laura Perry, Milford, CT
Janine Evans, Campbell, CA
Nicole Smith, Columbus, OH
Kat Winter, Richmond, VA
Wendy Jones, San Jose, CA
Haley Heaviland, Milwaukee, WI
Abigail Sullivan Engen, Oakland, CA
Katherine Whitworth, Mission, KS
Bethany Young Holt, Folsom, CA
Melissa Souy, Goose Creek, SC
Lisa Batchelor, Boonton, NJ
Kristin Welch, Alameda, CA*
Anne von Paye, San Mateo, CA*
Reisa Jaffe, Oakland, CA
Katharine Beutner, Cleveland, OH
Jessica Carter, Minneapolis, MN
Christy Lambertson, Los Angeles, CA
VickiLee Edge, Oakland, CA – Solidarity Sundays
Wendy Maxian, Cincinnati, OH
Lindsey Crawford, Richmond, CA
Seosaimhín Black, Oakland, CA
Maria C. Ascarrunz, San Francisco, CA*
Katherine Bertash, San Francisco, CA*
Susan Phillips, Minneapolis, MN
Hilarie Ashton, Brooklyn, NY – CUNY Graduate Center
Stella Beratlis, Modesto, CA*
Sheila Shepherd Summerville, SC
Emily Szymanski Cleveland, OH
Leslie Firestone, Berkeley, CA*
Jennifer Trinkle, Berkeley, CA
Kira Dralle, Santa Cruz, CA – University of California Santa Cruz
Sashka Rothchild, Santa Cruz, CA*
Erin Miller, Greenville, NC
Elizabeth Wolting, Alameda, CA
Melissa McKenney, Henrico, VA – Together We Will Henrico
Kimberly Cross, Alameda, CA
Katie Khera, Morgan Hill, CA
Christine Bible, Dallas, TX
Emily Bloomenthal, Boston, MA
Laura Menard, Indianapolis, IN
Amanda Cooper, Alameda, CA – LightBox Collaborative
Laurie Dietrich, New Orleans, LA
Sharon Zimmerman, San Francisco, CA*
Elizabeth Alfred, Andover, MA
Kim Martini Seattle, WA
Bernadette Fedziuk, Lexington, NC
Emily Davis, Astoria, NY
Sheila Katz, Houston, TX – University of Houston, Sociology
Kristy LaFollette, Portland, OR
Beth Pointer, Baltimore, MD
Kass McMahon, Albuquerque, NM
Courtney Kupfer, Hopkins, MN
Rebecca Freedman, Roslindale
Nina Henry, River Vale, NJ
Andrea Rosa, Seattle, WA
Mary E. Regan, Summerville, SC
Jessica L. Salyers, Minneapolis, MN
Georgie Price, Alameda, CA*
Jenny Johnson, Washington
Megan Walsh, Beachwood, OH
Amy Stephenson, San Francisco, CA*
Becky Kazimir, Ridgefield Park, NJ
Randi Whipple, Muskegon, mi
Dawn Darkes, North Charleston, SC
Jackie Brady, Berkeley, CA
Stephanie Craddock, Sherwood Columbus, OH
Allison Jones, Somerville
Rayna de Oro, Pittsburg, CA
Tari Follett, Muskegon, MI
Lisa Blevins, Charleston, SC
Cara Panebianco, Oakland, CA
Stephanie Jacobson, Richmond, VA
Sarah Abreu, Seattle, WA
Elaine Schleiffer, Cleveland, OH
Michele Leiby, Wooster, OH
Emily Beach, San Diego, CA
Bethany Golden, RN, San Francisco, CA *
Breanne Armbrust, Richmond, VA
Lisa Nelsen, Houston, TX
Loretta Chopey, Alameda, CA*
Ramey Connelly, Lindenwold, NJ
Lois Rita Helmbold Oakland, CA – San Jose State University, emerita professor
Katie Williams, Lake Charles, LA
Larissa C. Shapiro, Santa Cruz, CA
Cari Hankerd, Port Orange, Fl
Meadow Holmes, Oakland, CA
Zenna Duke, Austin, TX
April Greene, Athens, GA
Raina Telgemeier, Berkeley, CA
Jennifer Werdell, Seattle, WA
Mary Long, Santa Clara, CA
Emily Spaeth, Teaneck, NJ
Kelly Dawson, Oakland, CA*
Penelope Facher ,Culver City, CA
Kari Points Durham, NC
Lily Miller Alameda, CA*
Gail N., New York, NY
Sarah Buttenwieser, Northampton, MA
Kate Dwyer, Lincoln, NE
Staci O’Neal-Robinson, Los Angeles, CA
Gretchen Niemiec Tate, Minneapolis, MN
Devon King-Neece,  Oakland, CA – federal employee
Lisa Wojcik, San Francisco, CA*
Judy Lord, San Leandro, CA
Anastasia Scott, San Francisco, CA*
Abigail Wiley, Hyattsville, MD
Katherine McGuiness, Portland, OR
Anna H Lifson, Minneapolis, MN
Isobel White, Berkeley, CA
JT, Oakland, CA*
D Poland, Minneapolis, MN
Meghan Sciannameo-Aidala, Brooklyn, NY
Maggie Kantor, Chicago, IL
Jessica Reed, Alameda, CA* – Solidarity Sundays
Edie Miller, Philadelphia, PA
Jane Knight, Montpelier, VT
April Raines Twain, Harte, CA*
Laura Day-Lasiewski, RN Berkeley, CA
Hannah Gardner, Boston, MA
Liz Tawater, Boston, MA
Valerie Holybee, San Francisco, CA*
Cynthia Savage, St. Louis, MO
Emily Cash, Austin, TX
Emily N Cannon, San Jose, CA
Phyllida Burlingame, San Francisco, CA*
Heather Angelica Steen, Plymouth, MN
Kelly Anneken Oakland, CA*
Sandra Abramson New York, NY – Jews for Racial and Economic Justice
Robin Marty, Minneapolis, MN – writer and activist
Katie Berger Tremaine, Minneapolis, MN
Crystal L., Chicago, IL
Sandra Cernobori, Menlo Park, CA
Bethany Winkels, St. Paul, MN
Emma Talamantes, Oakland, CA – Family Violence Law Center
Deborah Arenstein, Charlottesville VA
Alison Gontarz, Marlborough, MA
Claudia Sluss, Providence , RI
Stephanie Fleischer, Louisville, KY
Kelly Skelton, St. Louis, MO
Sara Messier, Maple Grove, MN
Amanda Brown, San Francisco, CA*
Marielle Cooper, San Diego, CA
paige stover, Evanston, IL
Lizabeth Willner, Piedmont, CA
​Thérèse Hak-Kuhn, Richmond
Jennie Quinn, San Francisco, CA*
Joanna Ware, Boston, MA
Alexis Hoffman, Oakland, CA
tina clere, Seattle, WA
Elisabeth Long, Denver, CO
Sara Brown Oakland, CA
Rachel Michelson, Mountain View, CA
Jacqueline B. Becker, Richmond, VA
Carey Henderson, Austin, TX
Marj Plumb, Omaha, NE
Powell Berger, Honolulu, HI
Sara L. Ainsworth, Seattle, WA
Jessica Walters, Cleveland, Ohio
Victoria Rivapalacio, San Diego, CA
Julianne Carney-Chung, Brooklyn, NY
Catherine Ference, Berkeley, CA*
Audrey Marsh, Media, PA
Christine McGavran, Pacifica, CA
Peter Jacques, Emeryville, CA*
Margaret Conway, Washington, DC
Emily Lechner, Minneapolis, MN
Sara Saldaña, San Francisco, CA*
Megan M. Hunter, Akron, OH
Jessica Scirbona, Cornwall, NY
Ann Carroll, Brooklyn, NY
Lisa Stern, San Francisco, CA*
Rita Van Allen, Minneapolis, MN
Lisa Anne Ross, Portland, OR
Kristy Snyder, Richfield, MN
Suzanne Albrecht, Renton, WA – Washington Education Association
Corel Lenhardt, Summerville, SC
Anna Malefatto, Cleveland, OH
Megan Fuller, Berkeley, CA
Pamela Isham, St. Paul, MN
Mary Bohrer, Richmond, Virgina
Jaime Miracle, Columbus, OH
Kelly Powers, El Cerrito, CA
Amanda Stennick, Sacramento, CA
Lisa M. Stone, Seattle, WA Legal Voice
Carrie Davis, Tampa, FL
Linda Gilbert, Athens, GA
Allison, Atlanta, GA
Corinth Matera, Minneapolis, MN
Karen Fraley, Waukesha, WI
Rachel Larris, Arlington, VA
Michelle Woehrle, Forest Park, IL
Shannon Tracey, Oakland, CA
Jennifer L. Hoffman, Ph.D. Denver, CO
Sonya Emerick, Minneapolis, MN
Andy Kopsa, New York, NY
Arl Nadel, Berkeley, CA
Maryah C., Newark, NJ
Connie Lanphear, Minneapolis, MN
Monette Richards, Stow, OH
Kari Napoli, Oakland, CA – Oakland Tenants Union
Julia Polito Denver, CO
Lilan Patri, Brooklyn, NY
Melanie A Greeley, Mansfield, OH
Emily Zahn, Long Beach, CA
Deanne Miller, Minneapolis MN
Emily Henderson, Davis, CA
Michelle Silvey, Oak Park, IL
Mariah Castle, Oakland, CA
Patricia Richards, Athens, GA
Layney McGinn, Oak Park, IL
Neena Mann, Los Angeles, CA
Briandy Walden, Irvine, CA
Roberta Wilding, Cobleskill, MS
Cassie, Alexandria, VA
Jenny Blasdell, Silver Spring, MD
Meredith, Pittsburgh, PA
Rye Young, Brooklyn, NY – Third Wave Fund
The Reverend Mary Ann Dimand, Arvada, CO
Sysilie Hill, Columbus, Ohio
Katherine Gwynn, Kansas City
Alicia Gibson, Minneapolis, MN
Jamie Wallace, Ipswich, MA
Deborah L Garvey, PhD San Jose, CA
Robin Friend Yelm, WA
Sheila Cameron, Nevada City, CA
Dr. Jessica Giusti, Philadelphia, PA
Elizabeth Sparks, Shaker Heights, OH
Allie Lahey Oakland, CA
Michele Fore, Noblesville
Amy Kritz, High Falls, NY
Summer Laurie, San Francisco, CA*
Tara Fannon, Brooklyn, NY
Jill Carrillo, Richmond, VA
Michele Beasley, Belmont, CA
Bethany Keeler, Frisco, TX
Trudee Able, Minneapolis, MN
Cynthia Davidson, Suisun City, CA
Becky Weinhandl, St Paul, MN
Beth Tibbals-Benson, Oak Park, IL
Margaret Kray, El Cerrito, CA
Sareen Keenan, Minneapolis, MN
Rosemary Jordan, Alameda, CA – All Rise Alameda
Jordana Hemberg, Alameda, CA
Stacey Schesser, Berkeley, CA
Trudee Able – Minneapolis, MN
Marisa Schwartz, Brooklyn, NY
Joel Handloff, Watertown, MA
Minda Murphy, Oakland, CA
Angela Hart, Forest Park, IL
Sara Garnett, Hickory Corners, MI
Gretchen Blauvelt-Marquez, Montclair, NJ
Bambi Snodgrass, Topsfield, MA
Sandra Sather-Westley Wolf Point, MT – Rez teacher
Mary Frank, Minneapolis, MN Creating a Clinician Corps – C3 YES
Julie Sims, Smyrna GA
Dana Northcraft, New York, NY
Brooke Strishock, Sunnyvale, CA YES
Shannon Carpenter, Seattle, WA
Anne Davis, New York, NY – Physicians for Reproductive Health, Columbia University Asia Poppers, San Anselmo, CA
Sarah Cannon, Indianapolis, IN
Pauline Lopez, Berkeley, CA
Kirstin Dand, Northampton, MA
Alison Coil, San Diego, CA
Melissa Green, Oakland, CA
Summer Stevens, Uniontown, WA
Lucca Cirolia, Albuquerque, NM
Nicole Chaisson Saint Paul, MN – University of Minnesota
Dr. Abigail Stevens, Lansing, MI
Susan Raffo, Minneapolis, MN
Jennifer Bertsch, Half Moon Bay, CA
Erica Greenwold Reisen, Chapel Hill, NC
Shana Kitchen, Seattle, WA
Brenda McGahagin, Austin, TX
Cara Tanner, Austin, TX
Rebecca Naul, San Francisco, CA*
Wendy Donohue, Portland, OR
Sarah Greenfield, Minneapolis, MN
Jen Worth, Bend, OR
Kelsey Collier-Wise, Vermillion, SD
Sarah Pascarella, Somerville, MA
Elizabeth Oppenheimer, Minneapolis, MN
Sarah Layton, Oakland, CA
Stephanie, Castro Valley, CA
Rachel Phillips, San Jose, CA
Larisa Kure, San Francisco, CA*
Tina Langseth Minneapolis, MN
Nicole Portnov, Washington, D.C.
Laura Emir, Milwaukee, WI
Tanja Gubser, Orinda, CA*
Brook Baird Oakland, CA
Ericka Kimball Portland, OR
Loren Bentley Tammero Oakland, CA
Libya Vogt, Seattle, WA
Betty Tisel, Minneapolis, MN
Debra Reagan, Dallas, TX
Julie Shearer, Northumberland, PA
Laura Larson, Minneapolis, MN
Brandi Brandes Berkeley, CA*
Melissa Davis, Chesterfield, VA
Judith Jerome, Utica, NY
Hiya Swanhuyser, San Francisco, CA*
Kimberley Rumburg, Vashon, WA
Steven R Rumburg, Vashon, WA
Lise LaTorre, El Sobrante, CA
Christin Evans San Francisco, CA* – owner, The Booksmith & The Alembic
Victoria Myhre, Wood Dale, IL
Susan Frietsche, Pittsburgh PA
Kara Arzeta, San Diego, CA
Ellen Lewin, St. Louis Park
Margaret Chapman Pomponio Charleston, WV – WV FREE
Christine Biancheria, Pittsburgh, PA
Rev. Dr. Rebecca Voelkel, Minneapolis, MN – Center for Sustainable Justice
Kristin Ring, Portland, OR
Dianne Byers, Federal Way, WA
Kathryn Scott, Seattle, WA
Melody Glasgow, Portland, OR
Sandra Kee, Phoenix, AZ
Chelsea Sutton, Indianapolis, IN
Rachel Chalmers, San Francisco, CA*
Mari Adams, San Francisco, CA*
Jennifer Gray, Oakland, CA
Allison Davis, Oakland, CA
Caren Decter, New York, NY
Joan Lamunyon Sanford, Albuquerque, NM
Jessica Namaste, Milwaukee, WI
Deborah Leff, Pittsburgh, PA
Karen Bellavance-Grace, Northampton, MA
Alisha Klapps, Milwaukee, WI
Michele van Vranken, Minneapolis, MN
Jill Rufsvold, Seattle, WA
Leanne Maxwell San Francisco, CA
Amanda Junker, Emeryville, CA
Jennifer Estroff Puyallup, WA – Planned Parenthood
Melissa Mulvaney, Roswell, GA
Rachel Rabinovich, Norwood, MA
Ashling McAnaney San Rafael, CA*
Heather Robinson San Francisco, CA*
Rebecca Rodman, Arlington, MA
Amber Dunnagan San Diego, CA
Naomi Smith, Middlebury, VT
Diane Gibbs, Oakland, CA
Molly Toth, Youngstown, OH
Danielle Mieler, Alameda, CA – All Rise Alameda
Kaitlin Molloy, Holyoke, MA
Colleen Hogan, Maplewood, MO
Brittany Lock, West Lafayette, IN
A. Brown, San Francisco, CA
Lisa Torres, Charlottesville, VA
Alicia Faires, Mount Vernon, WA
Felicia Jackson, MS
Rebecca Hayes, Boston, MA
Stephanie Bailey, Oak Park, IL
Miriam Martin, San Jose, CA
Kristen Day, New York, NY
Chelsea McCracken, St. George, UT
Anne Thalheimer, Ph.D,. Holyoke, MA
Catherine Menick, Minneapolis, MN
Libby Benedict, San Francisco, CA*
Nancy Montgomery, Berkeley, CA
Laurel Thayer, Berkeley, CA
Samantha Watkins, San Francisco, CA*
Abigail Soto, Vancouver, WA
Emily Ewart, Prattville, AL
Rita DeZurik, St Pau,l MN
Angela Gunn Glendale, CA
Margaret Coble, New Orleans, LA
Grace Bauer-Lubow, Sulphur, LA – JUSTICE FOR FAMILIES
Betsy Herczeg Konecny, San Francisco, CA*
Marlana Haig, Indianapolis, IN
Lisa Korwin Oakland, CA – Korwin Consulting
Lindsey Lee, Madison, MS
Julie Boswell, Cleveland OH
Diana Sherman, Oakland, CA
Donna Reed, Noblesville, IN
Kenna Miller, Albany, CA
Lesley Feikert Oakland, CA
Linda Russell, Minnetonka, MN
Molly Swank, Denver, CO
Kari Hardman, Summerville, SC
Mattie Weiss, Minneapolis, MN
Davida Silverman, San Francisco, CA*
Molly lLncelot, Milwaukee, WI
Leah Grant El Cerrito, CA
Jennifer M. Fatone Myers, New York, NY
Emelie Hebert, Madison, MS
Laura J Shapiro, San Francisco, CA*
Jess Kubis, St. Paul, MN
Mary Humphreys, New York, NY
Sue Stirling, Philadelphia, PA
Robyn Kinh, Ipswich MA
Victoria Heckler, Alexandria, VA
Hilary Viens, Burlington, VT
Ellen Dubrowin, Oakland, CA
Megan O’Byrne, New York, NY
Elsa Rojas-Ashe, PhD., Fremont, CA
Rachel Crites, Milwaukee, Wi
Katherine Schaff, San Francisco* – UC Berkeley DrPH graduate
Katie Ziegler, Denver, CO
Liz Fishman, Richmond, VA
Rebecca Davis, PhD., Swarthmore, PA
Natalie Sowers, Selinsgrove, PA
Annie Kiel, Minneapolis, MN
Barbara Ahna Seattle, Washington Attorney
Sarah Tyree-francis Philadelphia, PA
Katie Gruver, Seattle, WA Positive Parenting Seattle
Julie Binkley, San Francisco, CA*
Andi Agnew, Portland, OR
Sue Moss, Brandon, MS
Breanna Rollings, Austin, TX
Julia Farrell, Portland, OR
Megan Raschig, Charlottesville, VA
Emily Wheeland, Denver, CO
Barbara Dauer, Milwaukee, WI
Daphne Tanouye, Chevy Chase, MD
Barbara Dauer, Milwaukee, WI
Kristin McMurtrey, Valparaiso, IN
Lily Shield, Cincinnati, OH
Kathleen Fine, Cincinnati, OH None
Michele Hunt, Richmond, CA
Kerry Greenhill, Westminster, CO Sacred Stones Ministries
Jodi Manning, San Francisco, CA YES
Shannon Drury, Minneapolis, MN
Rachel Garvin, Eugene, OR
Ann Dills, Austin, TX
Kathryn Mostow, Winchester, MA
Miriam Z., Portland, OR
Sarah Dollhausen, Milwaukee, WI i
Venessa Goldberg, Seattle, WA
Michele Minsuk, San Leandro, CA
Rosemary Carney, Greenwood, IN
Patricia Hill Seattle, WA
Maya Kuttan, San Francisco, CA*
Shani Ferguson, Philadelphia, PA
Alex Marshall, Palo Alto, CA
Sharyn Emery, New Albany, IN
Melissa Hubbard, Buffalo, NY
Liz McCann, Gresham, OR
Jennifer McGinnis, Chicago, IL
Beth Grierson, Somerville, MA
Vickie Dohner, Anderson, IN
Rachel Berkowitz, Albany, CA
Clio Chimento, Gaithersburg, MD
Elizabeth Wakeman, Caldwell, Idaho – The College of Idaho
Rebecca Entel, Iowa City, IA
Nicole Martin, Acworth, GA
Lila Hochron, New Orleans, LA
Kathleen Brogan, JD, Portland, ME
Katie Reed, Charlottesville, VA – Long Distance Legal
Sandra Jackson, Monterey, CA
Catherine Sims, San Francisco, CA*
Zara Friedman, Rockville Centre, NY
Jen Girdish, Washington, DC
Kay Whitlock, Missoula, MT
Kathleen Mulligan, Milwaukee, wi
Katie Woodruff, San Leandro, CA
Elizabeth Lee, Seattle, WA
Jill Ewing Flynn, Baltimore, MD
Sheryl Goodspeed, Northport Point, Michigan
Mary McGowan, Chicago, IL
Nanea Hoffman, Santa Clara, CA
Mary McLain, Waxhaw, NC
Lael Parish, Takoma Park, MD
Mary Caton Lingold, PhD., Richmond, VA
Ellen Belcher, PhD., New York, NY
Jill Posey, Austin, TX
Summer Hough, Austin, TX
Megan Pietruszka, Somerville, MA
Melissa Griffith, Dallas, TX
Colleen Medlock, Los Angeles, CA
Bryony Freij, Sag Harbor, NY – Solidarity Sundays East End
Martha Yager, Seekonk MA
Mary O’Brien, Seattle, WA
KrisAnne Weiss, Minneapolis, MN
Lisa Bigelow, Chicago, IL
Beth Blair, Silver Spring, MD
Heather Lefkowitz, Nashville, TN
Dawn Henry, Duvall, WA
Tina Winsett, Austin, TX
Shelley Pearson, Portland, OR
Cait Burton-Dooley, Columbus, OH
Remy Ramirez, Los Angeles, CA
Annie Pike, Evanston, IL
Robin Mork, Brooklyn, NY
Barbara Johnck, Oakland, CA
Samantha Lang, Jackson, MS
Vashti Ross, Hillsboro, OR
Jennie Drummond, Oakland, CA
Jen Lane, Phoenix, AZ
Nancy Norton, San Francisco, CA*
Abby Whitmire, Houston, TX
Stefanie LeJeunesse ,Mount Vernon, WA
Joanna Friesner, Davis, CA – UC Davis
Kelly McCracken, Montpelier, VT
Bonnie Griffin, Long Beach, CA N/A
Elizabeth Simpson, Oakland, CA
Christine Parks, Reading
Anne-Marie Angelo, Virginia Beach, VA
Kate Flinner, New York, NY
Gentry Scott, Petal, MS
Kristen Dilley, Portland – Solidarity Sundays
Amanda Reid, Oakland, CA
Shireen Shakouri, New York, NY
Robin Stevens, Portland, OR
Kathy Moore, Richmond, CA
Sa’uda Dunlap-Frazier, Brooklyn, NY
Lauren Blauvelt-Copelin Cincinnati, OH – Campaign Director Planned Parenthood Votes Ohio
Karen Nemes, South Bend, IN
Meg, Oakland, CA
Caroline Desrosiers, Melbourne, FL
Stephanie Lucianovic, Menlo Park, CA
Nancy Carrier, Maplewood, MN
Jesslyn Jobe Carbondale, IL
Julia Coronado, New York, NY
Jennifer Simon, JD, LCSW, Oakland, CA
Alison Traweek, Philadelphia, PA
Kathe Myers, Chicago, IL
Sierra Harris, Oakland, CA
Anastasia Fiandaca, San Rafael, CA – City College of San Francisco
Elizabeth Meskimen, Corvallis, OR
Carrie Wade, Milwaukee, WI
Gregory Cameron, Nevada City, CA
Judy Kinney, Durham, NC
Bethany Nine-Lawson, Indianapolis, IN
Deborah DeGeorge ,Washington, DC
Jean Thomas, PsyD, Los Angeles, CA
Claire Parnell, Portland, OR
Gina Rosati, Merrimack, NH
Nora Immoor, Watsonville, CA
Susan Jurow, Denver, CO
Margaret Bichteler, Portland OR
Amanda Johanson, Chicago, IL
Michelle Manes, Honolulu, HI
Laura de Leon, Cupertino, CA
Sheilah Sable, Albany
Laura, San Jose, CA
Christina McClendon, Los Angeles, CA
Vicky Waltz, Arlington, MA
Joe Moscato, Peabody, MA
Jennifer Doyle, Los Angeles, CA
Megan Rhoads, Citrus Heights, CA
Stephanie Murray, Madison, wI
Meghan McCann, Chicago, IL
Andrea Thompson, New Orleans, LA
Katrina Weber, Bayonne, NJ
Laura Hamilton, Saratoga, CA
Missy Cope, Denver, CO
Tori Gottlieb, Seattle, WA
Julia Matthews, Saugus MA
Rebecca Land Soodak, New York, NY
Julia Kathryn Ahlers, Boyd, MN
Lou Ann Schrotter, Hattiesburg, MS
NJ Smith, Somerville, MA
Drea Gallaga, Chicago, IL
Geri Loizzo, New York, NY
Christine M. Wellman, Chicago, IL
Kathryne Del Sesto, Attleboro, MA
Beth Donohoe, York, Maine
Maya Sandifor, Seattle, WA
Stefanie Mack, Seattle, WA
Trina Lopez, San Francisco, CA*
Melinda Sharp, Atlanta, GA
Shona Mitchell, San Francisco, CA
Jennifer Seaman, Cook Buffalo, NY
Gaelan Spor, San Francisco, CA*
Ann D. Gordon, New Brunswick, NJ – Professor Emerita, Rutgers University
Anne DeChant, Cleveland Heights, OH
Heather Shellen, San Leandro, CA
Felicia Gershberg Sunnyvale, CA – Together We Will-San Jose
Jordan Pedersen, Morgan Hill, CA
Nina Miller, New York, NY
Heather Addley, Richmond, VA
Jane Gronau, Amherst, Ma
Sarah Barco Foster, Portland, OR
Belinda Whitsett, Davis, CA
Pamela McA’Nulty, Newton, MA
Tracy Allen, Athens, GA
Sarah Yoder, Los Angeles, CA
Rachel Fudge San Francisco, CA*
Heidi Adelsman, Minneapolis, MN
Betty Kramer, Kingsport, Tennessee
Vicki Barkley, Long Beach, CA
Sharon McKellar, Alameda, CA
Jill Parker, Laurel, MS
Tara Stoop, Oakland, CA
Erin Jozwiak, RN, MSN, CPNP, Oakland, CA
Erin Jozwiak, RN, MSN, CPNP, Oakland, CA
Kelli Schmidt, Seattle, WA
Jessica Albrecht, Boston, MA
Jill Epstein, Portland, ME – Welcoming the Stranger
Joslyn Hitter, Los Angeles, CA
Ann Block, Davis, CA Immigration Defense Attorney
Jaimey Honea, Richmond, VA
Pam Reading, San Luis Obispo, CA
Gayle Gifford, Providence, RI
Lianne Greco, Center Valley, PA
Nancy Papineau, Columbus, OH
Katie McClintic, Columbia, MO
Linda Antisavage, Millsboro, DE
Heather Veglahn, Austin, TX
Ashley Caviel, Minneapolis, MN
Whitney Walker, Oakland, CA – Showing Up for Racial Justice
Julie Gohrin, Fair Oaks, CA
Lizzy Vlasses, Oakland, CA
Jenna Leving Jacobson, PhD., Oak Park, IL
Eliza Oakes, Ypsilanti, mi
Kelsey Woida, Philadelphia, PA
Chris Zydel, Hayward, CA
Nathalie Hites, Oakland, CA
Sandy Pasch, Shorewood, WI
Kelly Cosgrove, Park City, UT
Cheryl Bartlett, PhD., Tucson, AZ
Meredith Hankins, Los Angeles, CA
Krista Walton Potter, San Francisco, CA*
Meiravlb Levy-Bernstein, New York, NY
Myrna Greenfield, Jamaica Plain, MA
Melisa Di Tano, San Leandro, CA
Christie Nold, Essex Jct, VT
Stephanie Brandt, MD New York
Londie Martin, Little Rock, AR
Terry Kates, Boston, MA
Chris Bourg, PhD., Cambridge, MA – MIT
Amy Carpenter, Grand Rapids, MI
Jessica Reisman, Austin, TX
Jill Anderson, Atlanta, GA
Krista Espinoza, Walden, NY
Yllania Francis, Los Angeles, CA
Kelly Almon, San Jose, CA
Bethany Gronberg, US Army Garrison, Stuttgart Germany
Charlene Carney, Dallas, TX
Laurie Bryant, Pueblo, CO
Celia Rabinowitz, Keene, NH
Talia Leibovitz, San Francisco, CA*
Alayna Smith, Washington, DC
Loren Kaplan, Santa Monica, CA
Toni Wall Jaudon, Little Rock, AR
Emily Farris, Norman, Ok
Kallie Wilbourn, Las Vegas, NV
Patricia Stokes, Athens, OH Ohio University
Erin Wilkins, Minneapolis, MN
Meredith Durbin, Seattle, WA
Julianne Kirgis, Oakland, CA
Pamela Edwards, Roanoke, VA
Bryn Hoffman, Oakland, CA
Laura Vrana, Mobile, AL
Tara Fahey, Minneapolis, MN
Sam Jacobson, Otis, OR
Holly Pugliese-Bryant, Concord, CA
Laura Nelson, Sarasota, FL
Miranda Page, Long Beach, CA
Robin Cosgrove, Davis, CA
Anne Sapiro, Redwood City, CA
Jessica Colby Portland, OR
Helena Alden, PhD., Stevens Point, WI
Kerri Slezak, Blackstone, MA
Catherine Gowan, Shoreline, WA
Roxie Hoven, Norfolk, VA
Claudia Horning, Los Angeles, CA
Kate Crowe, Denver, CO
LeAnne Moss, Seattle, WA
Carla Vogel-Stone, San Leandro, CA
Laura Portwood-Stacer, Lloyd Harbor, NY
Amy K., North Richland Hills, TX
Lisa Wessling, Seattle, WA
Lynda Wallace, Montclair, NJ
Naomi Bradfute, RN, ND, Santa Rosa, CA
Mary Reilley-Clark, Carlsbad, CA
Susan K Fitch, Arlington VA
Gretchen, West Dallas, Tx
Sandra D Spires, Sunnyvale, CA – Together We Will – San Jose
Anne Sibley O’Brien, Peaks Island, ME
Sarah Banet-Weiser, Los Angeles, CA
Kerrin Moeller, Portland, OR
Arona Kessler, Alexandria, Virginia
Rebecca Colesworthy, Albany, NY
Anna Siebach-Larsen, Rochester, NY
Erica Con, Lexington, NE
Judy McDonnell, Providence
Jessica Goldberg, Oakland, CA – If/When/How: Lawyering for Reproductive Justice
Erica Schwarz, Boston, MA
Ruth Moore, Sacramento, CA
Susannah Nation, Novato, CA
Gillian Beck, Portland, OR
Laura Marie Hornby, Sergeantsville, NJ
Tracey Hughes, Chevy Chase, Maryland
Wendy Wunder, Boston, MA
M Bridget Bielinski, JD, Aspen, CO
Aimee Tritt, Minneapolis, MN
Christina Smith, Seattle, WA
Andrea Irwin, Bangor, ME
Liz McCarthy, Waltham, MA
Meredith Kormes, New York, NY
Katherine Schroeder, Falls Church, VA
Susanna Bohme, Boston MA
Vickie Smith, Springfield, IL
Carolyn Hastings, Madison, AL
Tracy Curran, Chicago, IL
Kelly Rogers, Oklahoma City, OK
Kristin Curtis, Troy, IL
Amberlynn Lane, Vancouver, WA
Jessica Lee, Boston, MA
Kathleen Simcox, Portland, OR
Jennifer Webster, Eugene, OR
Sally Hay, Lincoln, RI
Susan D. Amussen, Merced, CA
Carolyn Brinkwort,h Broomfield, CO
Rita Billon, Chicago, IL
C M Yates, Salem MA
Naomi Podber, New York, NY – CUNY Graduate Center, PhD Candidate
Catherine Hunter, Peoria, IL
Laura Devitt, New Orleans, LA
Mary Ackerman, Goose Creek, SC
Lisa Roberge, Leeds, MA
Layne Craig, TX
Alison Armstrong, Columbus, OH
Laura Burton, Talking Rock
Katie Garaby, Chattanooga TN
Mindy Natale, Oakland, CA
Michelle LeMenager, Pittsburgh, PA – University of Pittsburgh
Beth Warshaw, Philadelphia, PA
Devon Mayer, Silver Spring, MD
Allison Campbell, Arcata, CA
Sarah Fielding, Mechanicsville, VA
Terry Rooney, Amherst, MA
Lindsay Rodriguez, Austin, TX
Emily Bauer, Tucson AZ
Marissa Mancini, Richmond, VA
Jen Robinson, Oakland, CA
Stephanie Wildman, San Francisco, CA*
Leslie Hempson, Ann Arbor, MI
Allegra Mautner, San Francisco, CA*
Tanya Atkinson, Shorewood, WI
Kris M. Markman, Ph.D., Medford, MA
Natasha Varner, Seattle, WA
Pamela Grow, Ardmore
Kari Rinker, Wichita, KS
Lauren Fishel, New York, NY
Margaret Snively, Morgan Hill, CA
Mandi Woodroof, Oakton, VA
C. Moore, New York, NY
Kaitlyn Marchesano, Brooklyn, NY
Karin Spirn, Oakland, CA
Noelle Easterday, Sunnyvale, CA
Shannon Marling, Richmond, VA
Nell Gram, Los Angeles, CA
Elizabeth Schaack, Chicago, IL
Emily Harwood, Portland, OR
Brenda Warner, Cocoa, FL
Rachel Murdock, Janesville, WI
Jessica Merrill, Orinda, CA
Julie Squires, Kingston, NY
Monica L. Lugo, Des Plaines, IL – Illinois Democratic Women
Dayna Rose, Oakland, CA
Grace Pollak Ben, Lomond, CA
Linda Champagne, Alameda, CA
Carolyn, Los Angeles, CA
Niki Sauer-Yoh, Minnetonka, MN
Robin Dean, Santa Maria , CA
Rebecca Barson, Washington, DC
Kristine Inchausti, Washington, DC
Nancy Stanwood, Branford, CT
Benita Ulisano, Chicago, IL
Nora Keane, Brooklyn, NY
Kaitlin Popielarz, Detroit, MI – Wayne State University
Lisa Thompson, Berkeley, CA
Pam Fuller, San Jose, CA
Judy Wright, Lakewood, Ohio
Misty Cumbie, Portland, Or
Kathleen Monahan, Boston, MA
Jill Acree, Conway, AR
Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs, Los Angeles, CA – Community Chorus
Sara Dinneen, Portland, OR
Margarette Connor, PhD., Bronx, NY
Jayne Kercheval, Indianapolis, IN – The Church Within
Jodi Jacobson, Silver Spring, MD
Monica Seger, Richmond, VA – Associate Professor, William & Mary
Anne DePage, Santa Cruz, CA
Sarah Okolita, Richmond, VA
Leslie McDonough, Killingly, CT
Betsy Appleton, Austin, TX
Rebecca Hathorn, San Leandro, CA
Caitlin Constantine, Largo, FL
Jennifer Miller, Glen Allen, VA
Alexandra Mummery, Alameda, CA
Kathleen Burden, Richmond, VA
Dana Goldstein, Pleasant Hill, CA
Laura Head, Dallas, TX
Jen Pagnini, Evanston, IL
Jane Gassner, Sacramento, CA
Alyssa, Fairfax, VA
Meredith Steiner, San Francisco, CA*
Gwendolyn Bright, Charlottesville, VA – Bright Birthing
Ellen Keith, Evanston, IL
Alexis Klein, Painesville, OH
Maura Smale, Brooklyn, NY
Jesse Waller, Henrico, VA
Allison Morris, Portland, OR
Francesca Giannetti, New Brunswick, NJ
Anne Castillo, Greensboro, NC
Michelle Kweder, PhD., Somerville, MA
Alexandra Raskin, Astoria, NY
Annaka Woodruff, Athens, GA
Shelley Krause, Princeton, NJ – NIOT Princeton
Mara Youdelman, Silver Spring, MD
Mary Ellen Hannon, Santa Cruz, CA
Lisa Fisherkeller, Barefield Oak Park, Il
Antoinette Crolly, San Diego, CA
Terri Friedline, Lawrence, KS
Calla Hales, Charlotte, NC
Kirsten Gunst, Portland, OR
Beth Cohen, Boston, MA
Laurie Jordan, Portland, OR
Sonja Engelsen, Seattle, WA
Melissa Barlett, Utica, NY
Kellie Bowker, Lansdowne, PA
Sarah Norris, Asheville, NC
Laura Craig, Mason Rockville, MD
Kathleen Church, Santa Cruz, CA
Allie Ramsay, Huntington, IN
Kiara Kahan, Philadelphia, PA
Darcie Woodson, Norman, OK
Rae Asbridge, Lansdowne, PA
Elizabeth M Winstead, Brooklyn, NY – Lady Parts Justice League
Dana Haden, Takoma Park, Md
Erin Harley, Minneapolis, MN
Karen Fleshman, Esq., San Francisco, CA* – Founder, Racy Conversations
Nikki Madsen, Minneapolis, MN – Abortion Care Network
Elizabeth Rhodes, Worcester, MA
M Barrett, Somerville, MA
Anne Wynne, Austin, TX
Keri Phillips, PA
Jeanne Flavin, New York, NY
Rachel Buckley, Medford, MA – Medford Education Association
Josephine LaBua, Somerville, MA
Kim Westerman, St. Louis, MO
Trica M. Holgren, La Grange Park, IL
Parker Rice, West Roxbury, MA
Dana Haden, Takoma Park, MD
Erin Harley, Minneapolis, MN
Karen Fleshman, Esq., San Francisco, CA*, Founder, Racy Conversations
Nikki Madsen, Minneapolis, MN, Abortion Care Network
Elizabeth Rhodes, Worcester, MA
M Barrett, Somerville, MA
Anne Wynne, Austin, TX
Keri Phillips, PA
Jeanne Flavin, New York, NY
Rachel Buckley, Medford, Medford Education Association
Josephine LaBua, Somerville, MA
Kim Westerman , St. Louis, MO
Trica M. Holgren, La Grange Park, IL
Parker Rice, West Roxbury, MA
Christine Kennedy, Pittsburgh, PA
Burke Dunphy, San Francisco, CA
Catherine Weaver, Midlothian, TX
Cassandra Frantz, Concord, CA
Melissa Hannon, College Corner, OH
Lisa Caswell, Collingswood, NJ
Alexandra Stella D’Maris , Gloucester, MA
Heather Fin, Boston, MA, Justice Resource Institute
Ariel Aberg-Riger, Buffalo, NY
Katherine Buckley, Richmond, CA
Lisa Pattison, Ph.D., Johnson City, TN, MIT
Mary Barrett, Milwaukee, WI
Charlene McNamara, Nevada City, CA
Megan Dyer, Hercules, CA
Marcia Gallo, New York, NY
Lauren Mendonsa, Washington, DC
Jennifer Martinelli, Boston, MA
Alicia Wilson, Madison
Leigh Scariano, Los Angeles, CA
Cassie Schmitt, Tacoma, WA
Martha Hilman, Evanston, IL
Marsha Vaughn, Richmond, CA*
Sally Goldsmith, Evanston, Illinois
Sally Orme, Cambridge, MA
Teresa A. Weaver, Elizabethton, TN
Sharrona Pearl, Philadelphia, PA
Jennifer O’Connell, Norfolk, VA
Doris Gelbman, Charlottesville, VA
Victoria Starbuck, Greensboro, NC
Elizabeth Pisciotta, Seattle, WA
Barbie Gallini, Richmond, VA
Rachel Fey, Washington, DC
Vanessa Metcalf Wagner, Norfolk, VA
Lara Powers, Cincinnati, OH
Wendy Wonnell, Fort Pierce, FL
Margaret Hass, Lafayette, IN
Laura Sakiyama, Oak Park, IL
Elizabeth Punch, Pacific Grove, CA
Jaclyn Wilson, Arlington, MA, MIT
Andrew Light, Boston, MA
Chelsea Bell, San Mateo, CA
Kristin Tieche, San Francisco, CA*
Lucy Joseph, Davis, CA, UC Davis
Lise Donnelly, Stonecrest, GA
Denise Powers, Atlanta, GA
Patricia Miller, San Francisco, CA*
Kristin E. Pitt, Milwaukee, WI
Laura Skiles Bundy, Seattle, WA
Janet Hough, Cortez, CO
Paula Lewis, Silver Spring, MD
Erin Panichkul, Oakland, CA, If/When/How
Micca Lemon Donohoo, Springfield, IL
Jennifer Hart, Indianapolis, IN
Denise Shannon, Austin, TX
Sarah Lester, San Jose, CA*
Laura Hagmann, Silver Spring, MD
Nat Paul, Bolivar, NY, US Advisory Council on Trafficking
Ann Sherwood , Colts Neck , NJ
Robin Mangini, Piedmont, CA
Lisa Gulya, Minneapolis, MN
Jennifer DK, Shorewood, WI
Emily Boucher, Port Orchard, WA
Judith O’Kelley, Seattle, WA
Sue Denny, San Lorenzo, CA
Karyn Thurston, La Mesa, CA, Sojourn Grace Collective
Mindy Gershon, New York, NY
Whitney Kyle, Las Vegas, NV
Kristen Oyler, Atlanta, GA
Dana Hotra, Westminster, MD
Adrienne Johnson, San Francisco, CA*
Laurel DeCou, Oakland, CA
Laurie Davidson, Rochester, NY
Amanda Northrop, South Burlington, VT
Ellen Austin Hall, Seattle, WA
Carole Klokkevold, Albany, CA
Miriam J Tell, Albany
Kelly Novak, New York, NY
Carol Hiltz Conigliaro, Huntington, NY
Pam Monahan, Vancouver, WA
Christine Kennedy , Birmingham AL
Rana Freedman, Oakland, CA
Elzbieta Beck, Madison, WI
Gillian Gillette, Alameda, CA
Karin Evans, Forest Park, IL
Kathleen Carot, Des Plaines, IL
Sarah Perchikoff, Caledonia, MI
charlotte druckman, New York
Terri Moran, Phoenix, AZ
Harmony Anderson, Minneapolis, MN
Ruth Larsen, Wisconsin
Janet, Seattle, WA
Tiffany Cook, Brooklyn, NY
Catrina Coffey, Linden, NJ
Mary Taylor , Sacramento, CA
Amy Levi, Albuquerque, NM
Amy Shumann
Margaret Johnston, Seabeck, WA
Tonya Alston, CA
Carrie Pomeroy, St. Paul, MN
Davida Brown, Newberg, OR
Willa Voss, Chicago, IL
Shona Elizabeth Keir, New York, NY
Kristen Goessling, PhD, Media, PA
Emily Sherwood, Rochester, NY
Julie Yost, Chicago, IL
Gabriela Berndt, Forest Park, IL
Kathrine Faulise, San Bernardino, CA
Aleza Summit, Brooklyn, NY
Laura Bensman, Naples, FL
Angela L. Williams, Brooklyn, NY
Marianna Green, Piedmont, CA
Sari Gilinsky, Omaha, NE
Raegan Payne, Costa Mesa, CA
Laurie Ganberg, Seattle, WA
Annie Mage, Auburn, CA
Deanna Mousaw, Walnut Creek, CA
Esme A L Shaller, Berkeley, CA
Erika Shelton, Denver, CO
Ellie Gladstone, Oakland, CA
Jeffrey Linderman, New York, NY
Jennifer Clark, Louisville, KY
Rachel Baum, Milwaukee, WI
Elana Schlenker, Pittsburgh, PA
Shannon Norwood, Frisco, TX
Abbie Graham, Madison, SD
Jenny Schlieps, Seattle, WA
Hannah Handrich, Charlottesville, VA
Karen J. Leader, Boca Raton, FL
Spring Houghton, Tulsa, OK
Sarah H Schwabel, Minneapolis, MN
Kate Peoples, Brooklyn, NY
Kay Byrne, New York, NY
Emily Lofquist, Grand Rapids, MI
Lisa Everett, Portland, OR
Jean M Tucker, Mineral Ridge
Janelle Leger, Bellingham, WA
Elizabeth Klenczar, Southgate, MI, UAW
Mimi Brown, Chicago, IL
Susan Kaufman, Charlottesville, VA
Kristi Luzar, Milwaukee, WI
Tonya Tedesco, West Roxbury
E.E. Templeton, Bronx, NY
David Goodson, San Diego, CA
Jamie Cerretti, Roslindale, MA
Rachel Delphin, San Francisco, CA*
Melanie Winter, Los Angeles, CA
Victoria Barrett, Indianapolis, IN
Anita Alkhas, Milwaukee, WI
Sharon Paradiso, Northampton, MA
Sarah Cherry, Columbus
Stephanie Heeg, Phoenix, AZ
Kristin Cook, Hopkins, MN
Claire Turner, Wilmington, DE, Indivisible
Leah Oppenzato, Brooklyn, NY
Paige Nilson, Austin, TX
Minna Scholten, Lunenburg, MA
Sandra Frantz, San Francisco, CA*
Pam Daghlian, San Francisco, CA*
Shannon Meyer, Louisburg, MO
Jennifer Tong, St. Paul, MN
Brooke Fisher, Austin, TX
David Kraft, Saint Paul, MN
Dinah Luck, Brooklyn, NY
Jacquie Elliott, St. Louis, MO
Christine Ragosta, Chapel Hill, NC
Sadie Renander, Independence, MO
Catherine Johnston, Oakland, CA
Birka Nielsen, San Diego, CA
Amy Ayers, Clifton Forge, VA
Aria Smith, Oceanside, CA
Rose Bator, Asheville, NC
David Lawrence, San Francisco, CA*
Kate Phillips, Phoenix, AZ
Marty Jaye, San Francisco, CA* – Wealth & Disparities in the Black Community – Justice 4 Mario Woods
Darcy Johnson, Citrus Heights, CA
Debra Coltoff, San Leandro, CA
Laura Grasso, New York, NY
Kay Sterner, Seattle, WA
Regan Larish Hunter, Mesa, AZ
Jennifer Marrero, San Francisco, CA*
Dana Barnett, Seattle, WA
Tori Cook, Somerville, MA
Sasha K, New York, NY
Shannon Meyer, Louisburg, MO
Jenna Gospodarek, Kenosha, WI
Carly Magnus, Lafayette, CA
Brittany Dernberger, Washington, DC
Adele Wallace, Reading, PA
Marina Bernheimer, Nevada City, CA – Child Advocates of Nevada County
Angie Nastrom, Cambridge, MN
Ann Ewen, Saint Paul, MN
Gina Pfeifle, Oakland, CA
Johanna Garcia Normart, San Leandro, CA – CTA
Elizabeth Curtis, San Francisco, CA*
Oshyan Greene, Albany, CA
Sharon Daura, Culver City, CA
Jessica Speck, Gaithersburg, MD
Spring Dunn, Brooklyn, NY
Caitlin McKenzie, New Vienna, OH
Cara Crisostomo, Ann Arbor, MI
Stephanie Roth, Berkeley, CA
Virginia Lamkin, Albuquerque, NM
Heidi Baikie, Mountain View, CA
Teresa Day, Mountain View, CA
Sage Staggs, Pleasant Hill, CA
Rachel Kacenjar, Cleveland, OH
J. Denise Diskin, Seattle, WA
Michelle Gislason, Seattle, WA
Laura Rainville, Berkeley, CA
Terri Crockett, St. Petersburg, FL
Jillian Garai, Portland, OR
Jenn Sheridan, San Mateo, CA
Kelly Miller, Boise, ID – Idaho Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence
Joell Bradshaw MSW, Portland, OR
Melissa Moorer, Colorado Springs, CO
Lisa Marie Grillos, San Francisco, CA*
Shannon O’Rourke, Alameda, CA
Carla J Finis, Boise, ID
Darcy Totten, Sacramento, CA – Activism Articulated
Shannon Roberts, Philadelphia, PA
Heidi Hess, San Francisco, CA*
Laura Mojica, Morgan Hill, CA
Deirdra Harris Glover, Pittsburgh, PA
Noell Rathbun, Henrico, VA
Angela Slate, Detroit, MI
Becky Martimez, Denver, CO
Carrie Wymelenberg, Milwaukee, WI
Lily Jones, El Cerrito
Lisa Keller, Seattle, WA
Rebecca Ross, Seattle, WA
Pat Shaw, Lincoln City, OR
Diana Aehegma, Oakland, CA
Laurel Romney, Salt Lake City, UT
Jean Bridges, Oakland, CA
Rev. Susan Karlson, Savannah, GA
Beth McGreevy, San Francisco, CA*
Carla Mayer, Chicago, IL
Rev. Kellie Kelly, Chicago, IL – Unitarian Universalist Association
Caryn Fliegler, Northbrook, IL
Kanane Jones, San Francisco, CA*
Lara Chelian, JD, Royal Oak, MI
Rebecca John, Saint Paul, MN
Janice Treichel, Las Vegas, NV
Mary Ennis, Frisco, TX
Veronica Yaholkovsky, Cupertino, CA
Beth Edwards, Scottsdale, AZ
Heather Tumey, San Francisco, CA*
Erika Marin-Spiotta, Madison, WI
Angie Howard, Orlando, FL
Stevi Carroll, Pasadena, CA – Indivisible Eagle Rock (CA)
Adina Kaplan, Oakland, CA*
Dorothy Hall, Seattle, WA
Lindsey Decker, Boston, MA
Jeanne Brophy, San Francisco, CA*
Ellen, Los Angeles, CA
Lauren Kerr, Oakland, CA
Crystal Thomas, Redmond, WA
Natali Heuss, Milwaukee, WI
Aryn Colkett, Oakland, CA
Annie B Hood, APRN, Portland, OR
Anna Stoetzer Ganje, Everett, WA
Judith McAdoo, Pasadena, CA
Claire McAndrew, Washington, DC
Florence Williams, Riverside, CA
Angela B. Quinn, Metairie, LA
Amanda Freed, Midlothian, VA
Rev. Donna Renfro, Spring, TX
Daria Bocciarelli, Erie, PA
Lisa, Walnut Creek, CA
Alli Lesovoy, Foster City, CA
Mindy Rising, Alameda, CA
Sabrina Ortolano, Los Angeles, CA
Molly Brooke, Dallas, TX
Andrea Lawson Gray, San Francisco, CA*
Pani Page, Sunnyvale, CA
Melanie Havelin, Los Angeles, CA
Ava Wolf, Gilbert, AZ
Amina Ali, New York, NY
Molly Talcott, Los Angeles, CA
Ria Sahay, Torrance, CA
Dana Collins, Los Angeles, CA
Lindsey Rosenthal, Chicago, IL
Carol Denson, Houston, TX
Barbie Fiske-Phillips, Redlands, CA
Jenee Sallee, Concord, CA
Kathy deRosas, Oakland, CA
Lisa Wright, Portland, OR
Molly Cooney, Minneapolis, MN
Shari Kushins, Los Angeles, CA
Jennifer Gregory, Chattanooga, TN
Elizabeth Hawkins, Troutdale, OR – Elementary School Teacher
Kathleen Coffey-Schuetz, North Canton, OH
E Kim Warman, Chicago, IL
Kimberley Bullard, Portland, OR
Nicole Enslow, Lakewood, WA
Kate Hoffman, Los Angeles, CA
Beth Steiner, Alameda, CA
Deborah Kuykendall, Redmond, WA
Kate Kindleberger, Chicago, IL
Gabrielle Sloane Law, Oakland, CA
Sarah Howard, S Pasadena, CA
Yonit Friedman, Brooklyn, NY
Amelia Royko Maurer, Madison, WI
Kristen Rush, Brooklyn, NY
Jessica Spring, Tacoma, WA
Ashira Siegel, Fullerton, CA
Irene Teyara, Portland, OR
Elizabeth Borges, San Francisco, CA*
Erin McNamara, Portland, OR
Randi Hokett, Los Angeles, CA
Leah Drury, Minneapolis, MN
Sandra Watters, Dyer
Gail Gustafson, Portland, OR
Rebecca Kingsbury, Antioch, CA
Meghan Monahan, San Francisco, CA*
Jane Corley, Kailua, HI
Hattie Larrouy, Portland, OR
Seth Cutler, Los Angeles, CA
Maria Karafilis, Los Angeles, CA
Rhonda Jessee, Los Angeles, CA
Chelese Belmont, Los Angeles, CA
Gina Manfredonia, Melrose, MA
Jessica Huebner, Los Angeles, CA
Dawn Olson, San Francisco, CA*
Julia Blum, Brooklyn, NY
April LaCombe, Portland, OR
Michelle Mills, San Francisco, CA*
Thoraya DeMarquez, Portland, OR
Susan Gallotte, Seattle, WA
Meghan Keane, Brooklyn, NY
G. DaPonte, Joshua Tree, CA
Olivia Henley, Sacramento, CA
Melanie Burkett, Durham, NC
Jennifer Weiss, Alameda, CA
Sarah Jones, Lihue, HI – Minister, United Church of Christ
Emily Fox, Oakland, CA
Jennifer Emmaneel, San Mateo, CA
Kara Jones, Vashon, WA
Rose Martin, San Francisco, CA*
Willa France, New York, NY
Tanya A Applegate, Portland, OR
Dallas Schubert, Cleveland, OH
Jeffrey P. Johnson, PhD, Sharon, MA
Margaret McClellan, Chicago, IL
Chris Beirne, Menlo Park, CA
Anne Carroll, Los Angeles, CA
Anahi Bustillos, Los Angeles, CA
Kate Sharaf, Portland, OR
Regan Chagal, Alameda, CA
Victoria Nordgren, Greenwich, CT
Jennifer Lasley, San Francisco, CA*
Amanda Hoffman, Beaverton, OR
Jane Elliot, Portland, OR – Nasty Women Get Shit Done – NWGSD.ORG
Rachel Malca, Pembroke Pines, FL
Josie Nguyen, Union City, CA
Tiffany Sommer, Portland, OR
Sam MacKenzie, Vancouver, WA
Courtney Gillette, Brooklyn, NY
Erin Conroy, J.D., Portland, OR
Jenifer Groves, Somerdale, NJ
Mary Estes, San Rafael, CA – Retired Teacher
Esther Van Dyke, Seattle, WA
Elizabeth Cooper, Newton, MA
Julie Clemons, White River Junction, VT
IngerMarie Davis, San Francisco, CA*
Troy Stokes Sr., Baltimore, MD
Katherine Marino, Columbus, OH
Ariella Tilsen, Minneapolis, MN
Carolyn Baldacchini, Summit, NJ
Sylvia Morse, New York, NY
Elizabeth Carney, Cary, NC
Laura Taylor, Medford, MA
Emma Schubert, Cleveland, OH
Trudy Rubin, MD, Bronx, NY
Jennifer, Carrollton, KY
Jessica Emerson, LMSW, Esq., Baltimore, MD – Director, Human Trafficking Prevention Project
Courtney Bledsoe, Oak Park, IL
Bethany Sanders, Columbus, OH
Caroline Hanley, Greenwich, CT
Cynthia Marshall Oakey, Atlanta, GA
Jess Banks, Saint Paul, MN
Irene Navarrette, Manor, TX
Sherrill Knezel, Milwaukee, WI
Niki Bohne, St. Paul, MN
Kate Edler, Brooklyn, NY
Sarah Recker, Pittsburgh, PA
Elizabeth Ault, Durham, NC
Joan Byron, Brooklyn, NY
Bonita Blumenauer, St. Paul, MN
Laurel Edwards Franczek, Madison, WI
Melissa Hays, Philadelphia, PA
Samantha Pellegrino, Chicago, IL
Sarah Perkins, Cleveland, OH
Melissa McClelland, Cleveland Hts, OH
Meriko Borogove, San Francisco, CA*
Katie Washburn, Asheville, NC
Lori E Strauss, Alexandria, VA
Katherine Steenerson, Mauldin, SC
Sinead McLaughlin, Boston, MA
Laura Wolf-Powers, Brooklyn, NY
Cauce Utley, Fairfax County, VA
Rain Burroughs, Richmond, VA
Deb Hauser, Alexandria, VA
Kristina Marino, Brooklyn, NY
Laura Grossi, Newport News, VA
Meghan Kerr, Montgomery, IL
Tay Griffin, Minneapolis, MN
Keneta Anderson, Greenwater, WA
Lara Wysong, Boston, MA
Elizabeth Sweibel, Brooklyn, NY
Amy Herstine, Philadelphia, PA
Josie Torielli, New York, NY
Marta D Shore, St. Paul, MN – UMN School of Public Health
Andrea Smith, Piedmont, SC
Joy Migala Ochse, Wall, NJ
Tricia Ebarvia, Dresher, PA
Candace Shaw, Valparaiso, IN
Mary Badame, Buffalo, NY
Taylor R, Somerville, MA
Renee Berry, Alexandria, VA
Melinda St Louis, Washington, DC
JK Rasmussen, New York, NY
Liz Montegary, Brooklyn, NY
Rebecca Willman, Asheville, NC – Abortion Care Network
Erin Schwartz, Philadelphia, PA
Jennifer Lieberman, Jacksonville, FL
Elisabeth Sowecke, Sandusky, OH
Carrie Stewart, Colleyville, TX – One World Consulting
Laura Guyer, Takoma Park, MD
Jennifer Thibodeau, Portland, ME – Abortion Care Network
Adrienne Pollitz, Chicago, IL
Susan Rosenberg, New York, NY
Amy Lee, Carrollton, GA
Amberrose Beal, Somerville, MA
Karin Foster, Carmel, IN
Alexandra Edwards, St. Augustine, FL
Robin Walton-Massey, Springfield, MA
Cori Blum, Chicago, IL
Hara Marks, Mundelein, IL
Kate McNally, Stevens Point, WI
Katie Bayerl, Boston, MA
Carol Boyd, Carrollton, GA
Kathryn Knopinski, Lincoln, NE
Chris Mueller, Clearwater, FL
Julie Rathbun, Claremont, CA
Katie, Leesburg, VA
Keri Alley, Bangor, ME – Temple of the Feminine Divine
Ayala Sherbow, Lovettsville, VA
Alaina Tucker, Chicago, IL
Anne Schwartz, Hatfield, MA
Jenna Ream, Boulder, CO
Holly Blastic, Naperville, IL
Nancy Striniste, Arlington, VA
Lindsay Wood, Canton, MA
Lyssa, Manassas, VA
Olivia Pennington, Portland, ME
Anne Jefferson, Kent, OH
Sarah Tofte, New York, NY
Heather May, Waltham, MA
Kelsey Adelson, Arlington, MA
Mindy Weisberger, Union City, NJ
Jennifer Lahoda, Los Angeles, CA
Kirsten Kaschock, Elkins Park, PA
Jodie Tonita, Redondo Beach, CA
Erin Grand, New York, NY
Regina Miller, Catskill, NY
Cynthia Reiley, Martinez, CA
Megan Troyer, Minneapolis, MN
Olivia St. Martin, Minneapolis, MN
Suzanne Feeney, Oak Park, IL
Maryellen Rieck, Chicago, IL
Barbara Maille, LCSW, Charlottesville, VA
Rachel Reese, Columbus, OH
Carrie Dickson, Maplewood, MN
Terry Boggis, New York, NY
Kelsey Drotning, Washington, DC
Katie Delbecq, Austin, TX
Diane Hudson, Savannah-Tybee Island, GA – Concerned Citizens of America
Lisa Wiltshire, Nashville, TN
Elizabeth Castelli, New York, NY
Laura E Berwick, Houston, TX
Megan Smith, Boston, MA
Annelise Hagedorn, Hendersonville, NC
Emily Keeter, Northbrook, IL
Lynne Walter, MSW, Raleigh, NC
Dana Adams, Oakland, CA
Arielle Mir, Silver Spring, MD
Cheryl Sizov, Seattle, WA
Sarah Sheplock, Bethlehem, PA
Adeline Mueller, South Hadley, MA
Jennifer Olkowski, Kimberly, WI
Melinda Alexander, Falls Church, VA
Casey Camors, Lubbock, TX
Allyseh Hoberg, Minneapolis, MN – Richfield Social Justice Community
Lynn Harris, Chelsea, MI
Kathleen Farley, Msc., Newark, NJ
Leslie Rowland, Charleston, SC
Kari Giles, Fort Mill, SC
Joan Howe-Pullis, Eden Prairie, MN
Karen Murphy, Durham, NC
Shira Cahn-Lipman, Ashland, MA
Tiffany Karow, San Carlos, CA
Linda Chamiec-Case, Durham, NC
Meg Higgins, Milton, MA
Alexandra Londahl, Sacramento, CA
Katherine Iber, Richfield, MN – Richfield Social Justice Community
Tonya Kemble, Durham, NC
Torrie Edwards, Durham, NC
Barbara Johnson, Richfield, MN – Richfield Social Justice
Katy Joseph, Washington, DC – Interfaith Alliance
Linda Arata, Portland, OR
Aryeh Fishman, Fairfax, VA
Paula Brantner, Silver Spring, MD
Jenna Weintraub, Rochester, NY
Jenifer Markowitz, Alexandria, VA
Chrissy Packtor, Boston, MA
Liz Dimant, Somerville, MA
Julia Bullard, Cedar Falls, IA
Deanna Rayment, LMSW, Lyndhurst, NJ
Alexandra Weathersby, Fredericksburg, VA
Emily Freeman, Chapel Hill, NC
Leah Berkenwald, Somerville, MA
Anne T Houghtaling, Batavia, IL
Abigail Ropp, Chicago, IL
Marie Eberlein, Alexandria, VA
Kelsea-Marie Pym, Washington, DC
Ashley Platz, Los Angeles, CA
Mila A. Johns, Chevy Chase, MD – Washington Area Clinic Defense Task Force
Rebecca Wall, Washington, DC
Alice Sievers, Ridgefield, WA
Danielle Tietjen, Minneapolis, MN
Maire O’Malley, Esq., Jersey City, NJ
Elissa Leach, Columbus, OH
Alexis Cole, Washington, DC
Meg Sasse Stern, Louisville, KY – Kentucky Health Justice Network
Cathryn Sakiyama, Chesterfield, VA
Trena Trowbridge, Indianapolis, IN
Valarie Ward, Asheville, NC
Regina Occhiogrosso, Walnut Creek, CA – CTA
Kelly Miller, Boise, ID – Idaho Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence
Christophile Konstas, Richmond, VA
Alison Ashton, Marina del Rey, CA
Allison Walker-Elders, Washington, DC
Christine Hicks, Silver Spring, MD
Julie Galbraith, Concord, CA
Jennifer Primuth, Menlo Park, CA
Kelly Baden, New York, NY
Danielle Ozymandias, Houston, TX
Meaghan Whalen, Washington, DC
Natalie Chap, New York, NY
Max Carwile, Knoxville, TN
Sara Downing, Peoria, IL
Colleen Moore, Utica, NY
Susan Derwin, New York, NY
Sonia Silbert, Brattleboro, VT
Hannah Curry-Shearouse, Houston, TX
Madelynn Taylor, San Francisco, CA
Kate Brown, Durham, NC
Caitlin Gaffin, Charleston, WV – Kaleidoscope Consulting
Sylvia Mahfud, Las Vegas, NV
Theresa Weeks, Boone, NC
Emily Brooke, Frisco, TX
Jessica Reese, Louisville, KY
Emily Rooke-Ley, Austin, TX
Betsey Brown, Alameda, CA
Callie, High Point, NC
Terri D Whitehouse, Louisville, KY
Jonya Pacey, Oronoco, MN
Tracy Mayor, Hamilton, MA
Dara Baker, Grapeville, PA
Rachael Gross, Las Vegas, NV
Amelia Holstrom, Brooklyn, NY
Melissa Derks, Plano, TX
Justine Quealy, Nevada City, CA
Em Joy, Cincinnati, OH
Lauren Morris, Chicago, IL
Ashley Horan, Minneapolis, MN
Brinna King, Woodbury, MN
Rebecca Armendariz, Baltimore, MD – National Association of Social Workers, Gilchrist Hospice Care
Lisa Harris, Birmingham, AL
Tracy Steffes, Providence, RI
Cara Marinucci, Charlottesville, VA
Jessica Storm, Merrittstown, PA
Gretchen Grey-Hatton, Vancouver, WA
Lesley Gillis, Bangor, ME
Devon Stewart, San Angelo, TX
Suzanne Petroni, Falls Church, VA
Rachel Picher, Jacksonville, FL
Colleen Hamilton, New York, NY
Laura Odero, Clifton, VA
Stephanie Gardner, Charlotte, NC
Katie Gifford, Washington, DC
Holly Cooper, McKinney, TX
Molly Lesser, Washington, DC
Amanda Heffernan, Tucson, AZ
Jennifer Jameslyn, Hudsonville, MI
Madeline McCubbins, Louisville, KY
Hanna Sherrill, Philadelphia, PA
Barbara DeHart, Nevada City, CA – Indivisible Women
Francesca Spedalieri, Coram
Thomas Robinson, Arlington, VA
Debbie Deveno, Alameda, CA
Enid Braun, Brooklyn, NY
Melissa Rounds, Cincinnati, OH
Catherine Gund, New York, NY – Aubin Pictures
Ginger Casas, San Antonio, TX
Michelle Eilers, Austin, TX
Michelle Friedman, Napa, CA
Bobbie Sproat, Newton, MA
Helmi Henkin, Tuscaloosa, AL – Yellowhammer Fund
Sara Bloomer, Cincinnati, OH
Pamela Louis, Warm Springs, OR
Joy Smallfield, Minneapolis, MN
Michael Drexler, Lewisburg, PA
Christine Charboneau, Alexandria, VA
Kristi Thiem, Davis, CA
Jesseca Boyer, Washington, DC
Haley Payne, Arlington, VA
Jen Conrad, Dallas, TX
Katha Pollitt, New York, NY
Cori Blum, Chicago, IL
Laura Macias, Portland, OR
Pamela Fendt, Wauwatosa, WI
Sue Padden, Bradenton, FL
Zoey Thill, St. Clair Shores, MI
Sarah Vogel, Boston, MA
Kathleen Geier, Chicago, IL
Brittany, Durham, NC
Danielle Pelfrey, Buffalo, NY
Emma Stieglitz, Brooklyn, NY
Kelsey Chapman, New York, NY
Ellen Friedman, San Francisco, CA*
Kendra LeSar, New Orleans, LA
Kate Pearson, Greenwood Village, CO
Amy Marc, Saint Paul, MN
Rachel C, Richmond, VA
Eve Lauria, Boston, MA
Melinda Bergeron-Lawrence, Winslow, ME
Monica Lundberg, Lowell, MA
Sandra Barton MD, Portland, OR
Trissa Baden, OBGYN, Oakland, CA
Jascenth Edwards, Richmond, CA
Christina Nielsen-Campbell, MSW, LGSW, Minneapolis, MN
Jody Berenblatt, New York, NY
Sarah Thornborough, Washington, DC
Marsha Magee, Pullman, WA
Christy Schwartz, Winfield, WV
Erin Templeton, Spartanburg, SC
Meghna Raj, Boston, MA
Palma Cady, Minneapolis, MN
Heather A Settle, Durham, NC
Hildy Karp, South Orange, NJ
Paula J. Kampf, Cleveland, OH
Sara Knudsen, Boston, MA
M. Kathleen Murphy, Saint Paul, MN
Louisa A Stalnaker Shampine, Spartanburg, SC
Tara M. Prairie, St. Augustine, FL
Veronica Cappello-Mottern, Buffalo, NY
Rebecca Zorach, Chicago, IL
Kirby Stokes, Trinidad, CO
Carlyn Mast, LMSW, Baltimore, MD
Kathryn Crowley, Silver Spring, MD
Angie Dodd, Oak Park, IL
Aubrae Filipiak, Bangor, ME
Kelsey McKim, Indianapolis, IN
Karen Graubart, South Bend, IN
Teri Brennan, New York, NY
Johanna Garcia, St. Louis Park, MN
Kirsten Oleson, PhD, Honolulu, HI
Kathy Skott-Myhre, VIlla Rica, GA
Anna Bergmann, Mc Cordsville
Brittany, Dublin, CA
Sandy Reinurn, Brooklyn, NY
Diana Marker, Seattle, WA
Eleanor Sundwall, Salt Lake City, UT
Kathryn Lyle, Bozeman, MT
Jill Clements, Kansas City, MO
Michelle Ort, Tucson, AZ
Julie Bindeman, PsyD, Rockville, MD – Integrative Therapy of Greater Washington
Aurora Kushner, Brooklyn, NY
Kelly Winchester, Dixon, CA
Judith Lienhard, Portland, OR – JWJ
Courtney Massie, Fairfax, VA
Maggie Gaar, Chelsea, MA
Tiana Wilkinson, Portland, OR
Irene Xanthoudakis, Brooklyn, NY
Jennifer Lemker, Fresno, CA
Brooke Plotnick, Richmond, VA
Caitlin Meek, Tempe, AZ
Melissa Smith, Great Falls, MT
Suzanne Williams, Jacksonville, FL
Rebecca Littlejohn, El Cajon, CA
Deborah Snider, Plymouth, CA*
Portia Sabin, Ph.D., Battle Ground, WA
Maudi Silver-Mallemat, New Jersey
Clare Mundell, Bangor, Maine
Alison Alkon, Berkeley, CA – Associate Professor of Sociology
Elliotte Rusty Harold, New York, NY
Flannery Wasson, Washington, DC
Marlene Olveda, Portland Oregon
Tricia Covington-Hicks, Charlotte, NC
Suzanne Williams, Jacksonville, Florida
Emily Bullins, Asheboro, NC
Jennifer Todd, Silver Spring, MD
Abigail Jones, Columbus, Ohio
Amanda McKay, VT
Stephanie Michaelis Meadows, Place, TX
Jaclyn Darrouzet-Nardi, M.A., El Paso, TX
Madeline Suggs, St Louis, MO
Beth Ertz, Denver, CO
Alison Carville, Fort Myers, FL – Democratic Women’s Club of Florida, Unitarian Universalist Church of Fort Myers (FL)
Caitlin Mullen, Durham, NC
Arlene Mathison, Minneapolis, MN
Allison LaPlatney, Sunnyside, NY
Jodie Evans, Venice, CA – CODEPINK
Zoe Rolly-Keef, Eugene, OR
Margaret Londahl, Warwick MA
Jillian Nowlin, Arlington, VA
Ellen Hinchcliffe, Minneapolis MN
Kerry Moore, San Jose, CA
Jan Kahler, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Linda Appleton, Santa Cruz, CA
Angela Zito, New York, NY
Diane Beal, Kansas City, MO
Tanya Temkin, Berkeley, CA
Erika Dyson, Upland, CA
Nina Grey, Columbia, SC
Erin Human, Omaha, NE
Anna Hebner, Arlington, VA
Remy Springer, Boston MA
Francesca Conticchio, Albuquerque, NM
Robin Reineke, PhD., Tucson, AZ
Kathryn Poindexter, Washington, DC
Dana Garcia, Holbrook, NY
Dawn Niederhauser, Baltimore, MD
Kathleen P Burek, Coon Rapids, MN
Martha Hardy, Minneapolis, MN
Kate Froehlich, Brookline, MA
Sandy O., Oakland, CA – Emma’s Revolution
Kristina Mattskn, Saint Paul, MN
Leslie Marrs, Des Moines, IA
Kristin Dator, MSW Philadelphia, PA
Toby Rae, Minneapolis, MN
Helen Bolton, Brooklyn, NY
Molly Flaherty, Edinburgh, UK
Luis Burgos, Los Angeles, CA
Katie Bullock, Vancouver, WA
Jenny LY Sheehan, Falmouth – JLYS Consulting, LLC
Mary Joy Fratianne, Asheville, NC
Alicia Johnson, New York, NY
Robert Francoeur, San Francisco, CA
Cairril Adaire, Bloomington, IN
Alisha Sarang-Sieminski, Boston, MA
Bonnie Laughlin-Schultz, Charleston, IL
Don Lawrence, Durango, CO
Angie Aker, Kenosha, WI
Kate Nolan, Monona, WI
Marilyn Hartman, Durham, NC
Vanessa Bradley, Los Angelea, CA
Sally Boynton Brown, Miami Beach, FL
Laura Huss, Brooklyn, NY
Freya Riedlin, Washington, DC
Diane Sprouse, Concord, CA
Valerie Burchby, Los Angeles, CA
Sharon E Crowley, Seattle, WA
Dylan Marie Alter, Santa Rosa, California
Robin Neidorf, Minneapolis, MN
Robin Sarvey, Oakland, CA
Karen Malpede, Brooklyn, NY
Carol Spooner, Santa Rosa, CA
Laura Hercher, New York, NY
Carin Mrotz, Minneapolis, MN
Zoe Kusinitz, Chicago, IL
Paul Densmore, Richfield, MN
Miriam Mangini, Piedmont, CA
Kate Scott, Washington, DC
Amelia Furlong, San Francisco, CA
Taylor Marsh, Maryland
Kelley Freeman, Columbus, OH
Sandra Finn, Madison, WI
Kate Farrell, Brooklyn, NY
Karen Showalter, Carlisle, PA
Karen Kruger, San Francisco, CA
Erika Meyer, New York, NY
Heather H, Seattle, WA
Alex Rose, Los Angeles, CA
Sharon DeMarois, McMinnville, OR
Erin Sharwell, Brockport, NY
Sara Payne, Los Altos, CA
Phoebe Hunter, Missoula, MT
Liz Suwinski, Boston, MA
Toni Miguel, Durham, NC
Emily Lipp, Ann Arbor, MI
Ali Gaffney, Charlottesville
Lillian Hillhouse, Las Vegas, NV
Lydia Field Snow, Evanston IL
Tessa Gawrylowicz, Grand Rapids, MI – Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan
Martha Pearce-Smith, Victoria, BC
Karoli Kuns, Camarillo, CA
Kelli Musick, Washington, DC – Feminist Majority Foundation
Laurie Kuttner, Roseburg, OR
Rose MacKenzie, Brooklyn, NY
Aimee Harmon-Darrow, Baltimore, MD
Medea Benjamin, Washington – CODEPINK
Susan Corwin, Decatur, GA
Jennifer Eagan, Hayward, CA
Jamie Rizzo, Bethel Island, CA
Amy Stanton, Renton, WA
Nan Wollman, Tucson, AZ
Michelle Higgins, Palo Alto, CA
Alexandra Miller, New Orleans, LA
Teri Wiss, Los Altos, CA
Cindy Reynolds, Marshall, IL
Chelsea Harmell, Detroit, MI
Luba Goldin, Port Washington, NY
Leah Kramnick, New York, NY
Susannah Baruch, Washington, DC
Katelin Grande, Saugerties, NY
Kristina M. Watson, Aurora, CO
Emily Klein, Brooklyn, NY
Caroline C., Atlanta, GA
Adrienne Celt, Tucson, AZ
Toni Dine, Walnut Creek, CA
Laura Lambert, Chicago, IL – Mothers Demand Action for Gun Safety
Bean Gilsdorf, Portland, OR
Favel Jens, Kansas City, Missouri
Daphne Wysham, West Linn, OR
Sarah Enni, Los Angeles, CA
Maria J Veri, Richmond, CA
Amelia Patrick, Spring, TX
Jeri Thurber, Bellevue, NE
Summer Redmon, Seattle, WA
Dr. Karen Amann Talerico, Portland, OR
Lauren Quinn, Urbana, IL
Flourish Klink, Boston, MA
Esther Breger, Brooklyn, NY
Janice Gwasdacus, Hudsonville, MI – Ottawa County Democratic Party
Leanne Gale, New Haven, CT – Yale Law School
Lydia Siegel, Boston, MA
Tamsen Fynn, Berkeley, CA
Anna Smith, Los Angeles, CA
Clare Doornbos, CA
Jennifer Jeffrey, San Francisco, CA
Andrea Lowgren, Portland
Leigh Burger, Portland, OR
Jen Whitton, Brooklyn, NY
Larissa Cunningham, Boulder, CO
Suzanne Murphy, Minneapolis, MN
Dr. Rachael Stryker, Albany, CA
Kate Amoo-Gottfried, Half Moon Bay, CA
Meghan Brawley, Fayetteville, NC
Teresa Baker, Los Angeles, CA
Michelle Johnson, Portland, OR – NWGSD
Lillian Taiz, CA
Beth Becker, Silver Spring, MD – Becker Digital Strategies
Gretchen Pollom, Dallas, TX
Kimberly R. Rose, Seekonk, MA
Ellen Muehlberger, Ann Arbor, MI
Mara James, Baltimore, MD
Lisa K Wildman, Brooklyn, NY
Valerie Simutis, Chicago, IL
Meredith Broome Oakland, CA
Hannah Rosenau Portland, OR
Daniella Wassel, Dallas, TX
Ali Titus Charleston, SC
Allison Ewing, Buffalo, NY
Kelly Webster, Boston, MA
Heidi Lehmann ,Brooklyn, New York
Karen Schlesser, Sunnyvale, CA
Kate Donaldson, Naperville, IL
Nicole Juan, Minneapolis, MN
Jennifer Kelso, Berkeley, CA
Marah Lange, Philadelphia, PA
Natasha Diamond, San Francisco, CA*
Susan Norris, San Carlos, CA
Sarah Lima, San Francisco, CA*
Marianne Barlow, Oakland, CA
Rachel Wagner, Trumansburg
Brooke Middlebrook, Birmingham, AL
Lisa Cenneno, Mount Holly, NJ
Heather Love, Muskegon, MI
Robyn Lazara, Oceanside, NYt
Allison Finseth, Madison, WI
Hope, New York, NY
Julianne Nigro, San Francisco, CA*
Frances Mican, Louisville, KY
Jana K., St Paul, MN
Polly Howells, Glenford, NY
Holly Mosher, Santa Monica, CA
Sarah Bailey, Hampden, ME
Valerie Tobia, MA
Annie Cedarleaf, Portland, OR – The Bridge Project PDX
Darcy Bird, Tacoma, WA
Avery Ozimek, Cincinnati, OH
Sarah van Gelder, Poulsbo, WA
Jessica Lawrence, Oakland, CA
Margaret Richardson, Minneapolis, MN
Zoe Bennington, Vashon, WA
Jan Berger, Dayton, OH
Erica Krause, Toledo, OH
Kathleen Quinlen, Memphis, TN
Kelvin Boyd, KS
Mary Luster, San Francisco, CA*
Sally Nathenson-Mejia, Denver, CO
Nina Haft, Oakland, CA
April Rosner, Los Angeles, CA
Tenessa Gemelke, MN
Erin O’Daniel Duluth, MN
Melanie Palmeri Savannah, GA
Susan Gutierrez, Mountain View, CA
Lindsey Port, Burnsville, MN
Meryl Williams, Columbus, OH
Erica Simon, Ph.D., Santa Cruz, CA
Sarah E. Raskin, Washington, DC
Gloria Stepp, Salt Lick
Sarah M. Cannady, Raleigh, NC
Leigh Graham, Northampton, MA
Sally Laskey, Elizabethtown, PA
Carol Livingston, Walnut Creek, CA
Gina Delvac, Los Angeles, CA
Jean Saul, PhD., Denver CO
Margo Stebbing, Nevada City – Indivisible Women
Rev. CArla Ficke, Denver, CO
Katie Volk, Mansfield, MA
Sarah Roberts, St. Louis, MO
Emily Blackshire, Columbia, SC
Michelle Long, Knoxville, TN
Katharine Artemowych, East Aurora, NY
Kelly Sheehy, Cincinnati, OH
Dara Silverman, Beacon, NY
Kate McCoy, Gardiner NY
Emily Ronning, Saint Paul
Stacy Gile Watson, San Carlos
Carolyn McNeal, Nokesville, VA
Sarah Myers, New Orleans, LA
Renee Anderson, Seattle WA
Caitlin Hoffman, Philadelphia, PA
Vanessa Plumly, NY
Mary Maguire, Vancouver, WA
Linda Roberson, Hollywood FL
Madeline Cook, Albany, NY
Erika Ward, PhD., Jacksonville, FL
Margot Schein, Durham, NC
Lisa Edwards, Coral Springs, FL
Susanne Rostock New York, New York
Stephanie Kraft Sheley, O’Fallon, IL
Erica Maharg, Oakland, CA
Carolyn Raffensperger, Ames Iowa
Elsa Johnson, Portland, OR
Atara Rich-Shea, Cambridge, MA – Massachusetts Bail Fund
Dakota Chisholm, Chicago, IL
Justina Trusevich, San Diego, CA
Rebecca Kennison, New York, NY
Rachel Kincaid, Minneapolis, MN
Rev. Posey Krakowsky, New York, NY
Joanne Lawrence, Raleigh, NC
Jackie Stone Chapel Hill, NC
Sarah Moore, Washington
Amanda Warren, Oakland, CA
Lauren Read, Arlington, TX
Maureen O’Keefe, Louisville, KY
Krista Miranda, PhD, Melrose, MA
Barb Cardell, Boulder, CO
Betsy Kelly, Fairfax, CA
Becky Nelson, Duluth, MN – Feminist Action Collective
Catherine Lerza, Kensington CA
Elizabeth Greenblatt, Beacon, NY
Anke Dosedal, Sunnyvale, CA – Together We Will – Palo Alto/Mountain View
Barbara Zuckerman, Santa Fe, NM
Jessica Parr, Exeter, NH
Jennifer Vinopal, Columbus, OH
Kathryn Strom, Daly City, CA – California State University, East Bay
Martha Nicholson, San Francisco, CA*
Kelly McKenzie, Oakland, CA
Kathleen GriffithKat, LSW, Metamora – PWN-USA
Tovah King, San Francisco, CA*
Alicia Ramos, JD, Seattle, WA
Alexandra Duncan, Asheville, NC
Julie Saul, Toledo, OH
Karen Haycox, New York City
Kelle Kerr, Hastings on Hudson – NYCD16-Indivisible
Nancy Kalanta, Staunton
Cecilia Mello, Montara, CA – Coastside Advocacy
Abigail J Schweber, Harrisonburg, PA
Tracy B, Monmouth County, NJ
Katie Novotny, St. Paul, MN
Katie Hunter-Lowrey, New Orleans, LA – New Orleans Ladies Arm Wrestling
Jennifer E Cable, Newton, NJ
Loring Pfeiffer, San Francisco, CA
Lauren Trout, New Orleans, LA
Kathleen Peregrin, Menlo Park, CA
Gabrielle Stahlman, Seattle, WA
Julia Rhodes Davis, Oakland, CA
Katrina Anderson, Brooklyn, NY
Jessica, Raleigh, NC
Rebecca Swinton, Endicott, NY
Julia Durrant, San Francisco, CA
Vickie L Clock, Lansing, MI
Beth Lindlbauer, Duluth, MN
Liz Moore, Spokane, WA – Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane
Jean Nelson Rodriguez, San Leandro, CA
Rebekah Jensen, San Jose, CA
Barbara Fister, Saint Peter, MN
Brooke Barnhart, Madison, WI
Amy Armstrong, Ridgewood, NY
Jennifer Hildebrandt, St. Paul, MN
June Katzschner, Oakland, CA
Lori Federico, Atlanta, GA
Kay Vandenberg MD, FACOG, Ellicott City , MD
Cricket McHugh, MPH, Denver, CO
Jennifer Rogers, Washington, DC
Olivia Mitchell, Portland, OR
Mary Clark, Ypsilanti, MI
Karen Johnson, Kensington, CA
Amy Chapleau, St. Louis, MO
Meredith Fenton, Oakland, CA
Katen Blaine, Spokane Wa
Maran Sheils, Portland, OR
Emily Breed, Oakland, CA
Carleigh Knowles, Madison, WI
Stacy Gilmer, Chicago, IL
Jana Meyer, Beira, Mozambique
Deborah Kuykendall, Redmond
kat sabine, Phoenix, AZ
Shar Bacchus, Berkeley, CA
Suzannah Holsenbeck, Hamden, CT
Julie Rauschenplat, Charlotte, NC
Marcy Johnson, Princeton, IL
Jessica, Oakland, CA
Jennifer McCalley, Keene, NH
Abra Soule, Seattle, WA
Melanie Fallon, Ashfield, MA
Beth Julen, Portland, OR
Jodi Mulligan-Pfile, Sacramento, CA
Ann Friedman, Los Angeles, CA
Sarah Wilson, San Francisco, CA*
Judith Cardell, Boulder, CO
Rachel Carter, Augusta, GA
Julie Hogan, Redondo Beach
Robin Riley, Syracuse, NY
Leah Siepel, Brooklyn, NY
Schell Carpenter, Austin, TX
Linda Groff, Bainbridge Island, WA
Sandi Behrns, Irvine, CA
Abby Polakow, Los Angeles, CA
Lareesa McMullin Holford, Spokane, WA
Lillian Correa, New York, NY
Melanie Volanad, Nashville, IN
Jennifer Hronkin Mad, Denver, CO
Angelina L. Fryer, Esq., New York, NY
Tara Romano, Raleigh, NC – NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina
Donna Bell, Fairhope, AL
indie Irey, Spokane, WA
Teresa Hooker, PsyD, Citrus Heights, CA
Leann Ledford, Spokane, WA – Women’s March Washington State
Cait Vaughan, Portland, ME
Whitney Reynolds, New York, NY
April J Mulkey, Ann Arbor, MI
Jessica, New York, NY
Lidija Milic, Minneapolis, MN
Annamaria Ripa, Las Vegas, Nv
Kate White, Kalamazoo, MI
Danielle Schoon, Columbus, OH – The Ohio State University
Dr. K. Kendall, Portland, OR – Portland Buddhist Peace Fellowship
Amanda Alef, Oakland, CA
Danielle Abushanab, Minneapolis, MN
Anne Weinsoft, Portland, OR
Annee Nesz, Bainbridge Island, WA
Laurie todd, Portland, Oregon
Julia Alexander, Houston, TX
Tyler Anderson, Washington, D.C.
Leah T, Los Angeles, CA
Sarah E. Andrews, Portsmouth, NH
Katie Straker Reitman, Conway, SC
Martha Belcher, Berkeley, CA
Elizabeth Coats, Grand Haven, MI
JanPringle, Gardner, KS
Miriam T, Los Angeles, CA
Emily Handsman, Chicago, IL – Northwestern University Sociology Department
Kristin Brooke, Garland, TX
Phyllis Willett, Berkeley, CA
Susan Adelman, Santa Monica, CA
Patricia shanno, Castro Valley, CA
Martha Disston, San Francisco, CA*
Emily, Lancaster, PA
Linnea Hartsuyker, St. Augustine, FL
Abigail Sinclair, Rocklin, CA
Elizabeth Antoon-Walsh, Olympia, WA
Beth Lewkowski, Longmont, CO
Elise Higgins, Lawrence, KS
Sandy Sears, Lawrenceville, GA
Sara Noel, Pittsburgh, PA
Meredith Hoffman, Jersey City, NJ
Beth Crespan, El Cerrito, CA
Caitlin Warchol, Los Angeles, CA
Jennifer L. Gadd, Kansas City
Elizabeth McGuire, Los Angeles, CA
Clara Masters, Beacon, NY
Dilara Yilmaz, Kansas City, MO
Amanda Neville, Brooklyn, NY
Karen Schlosberg, Natick, MA
Alison Zagat, Philadelphia, PA
Nancy Nadel, Oakland , CA – The Oakland Chocolate Company
Martha Fischer, Saint Louis, MO
Cara Reynolds, Collingswood, NJ
Hannah Friedman, Oakland, CA
Michelle Ruszat, Duluth, MN
Henry Adam Roberston Klyce, Berkeley, CA
Kacia Lee, Minneapolis, MN
Elizabeth Ames Staudt, Cambridge, MA
Galina Yudovich, San Francisco, CA
Tina Van Kley, West Lebanon, NH
Erin Whalen, Juneau, AK – Earthjustice
Elizabeth Kline, Decatur, GA – Emory University
Gabby Winger, Washington, DC
The Reverend Liv Larson Andrews, Spokane, WA
Cara Gustafson, Austin, TX
Devon murtha, Kensington, MD
Christine Beavers, Pleasant Hill, CA
Catherine Raphael, Pittsburgh, PA
Heather E. Bruce, Salt Lake City, UT – University of Utah
Lynne Bolton, Minneapolis, MN
Katherine Gibbel, Iowa City, IA
Alexandra Anderson, Columbus, OH
Octavia Y. Lewis, MPA, Bronx, NY – PWN-USA & Positively Trans
Brooke Bullington, San Francisco, CA*
Katie Halata, New York, NY
Ellen Koch, Pittsburgh, PA
Donna Thomas, PLAINFIELD, VT
Allison Murray, San Francisco, CA*
Angela Jeffers, Grand Island, Nebraska
Jen Hallaman, Denver, CO
Anne Winkler-Morey, Minneapolis, MN – Metro State University
Kirsten M Griffith, Portland, ME
Leah Christiani, Chapel Hill, NC
Lani Diane Rich, Syracuse, NY
Jane Ryan, Campbell Missouri
Kristen Lisanti, Los Angeles, CA
Vicki Orenstein, Minneapolis, MN
JoEllen Chernow, Chicago
Julie Giehl, Denver
Megan Kumar, San Francisco, CA*
Katie Turner, Oxford, MS
Kate Greene, Savannah, GA
Carolyn Levine, Rochester, NY
Jennifer Booth, Minneapolis, MN
Jeri harper, Trempealeau, WI
Marian Gallagher, Portland, OR
Amy Wimmer, Seattle, WA
Jennifer McDougall, San Francisco, CA
Katheryn Metenosky, Montague, MI
Megan Ackerman, Encino, CA
Sarah Jenkins, Denver, CO
Catherine Andrews, Washington, DC
Carolyn A’Hearn, Brooklyn
Monica Saraiva, Warwick, RI
Yolanda Soler, Alexandria, VA
Jill Arkind, Bennington, VT
Mary Jeanne Cavanagh, Yonkers, NY
Casey McMahon, New York, NY
Emily Fisher, Pasadena, CA
Roberta Renshaw, Midland, MI
Cristina Turner, Brooklyn, NY
Kerri Kelly, NY – CTZNWELL
Nancy Avery, Spokane WA – Unitarian Universalist Church
Lucy Lennox, Spokane, WA
Ellen Cormier, New York, NY
Valerie A. Brooks, Salem, OR
Nancy Agard, Ridgefield, WA
Kristina Richter, Camarillo, CA
Lydia Petrovic, Sunnyvale
Ann Millikan, Saint Paul
Kathleen Braun, North Platte, NE
Fiona Braun, North Platte, NE
Jennifer Andersen, Newport, OR
Evelyn Kennenwood, Syracuse, NY
Marsha Krouse-Taylor, Yuba City, CA – Casa de Esperanz Yuba City
Moira Braun, North Platte, NE
Elsie Williams, Old Hickory, TN
Kathleen Burke, North Platte, NE – Suit Up Nebraska
Christina Michaelis, Houston, TX
Marikka Hughes, Concord, CA
Maureen Ross, Omaha, NE
Isabel Eskin Shapson, San Francisco, CA*
Claire Nuchtern, Jersey City, NJ
Tina Betnstein-Camins, Beacon, NY
Miranda alAndrews, Mankato, MN
Megan Grimes, Lincoln, NE
Gwen Emmons, Philadelphia, PA
Cricket Webber, Inman, SC
Sarah Weaver, Bethany Beach, DE
Gloria Fisk, Brooklyn, NY
Karen Peterson, Williamsburg, VA
Randi Hewit, Corning, NY
Corrin Baines, Kennesaw, Georgia
Mary Lesch, Lexington, KY
Melissa Flournoy, Baton Rouge, LA – Louisiana Progress
StephanieGlass, Austin, TX
Kate Segal, Washington, DC
Colleen Cunningham, Overland Park, KS
Paula Fong, Sacramento CA
Robin Nelson, Austin, TX
Kristin Teston, Oxford, MS
Erin Thesing, Washington, D.C.
Deborah Schwartz, Maynard
Meghan Racklin, Brooklyn, NY
Ruby Aliment, Seattle, WA
Teresa Chase, Seymour Ct
Rachel A. Buddeberg, San Francisco, CA*
Maianna Voge, Oakland, CA
Amelia Frye, Lansing, NY
Sarah J Zanolini, Los Angeles, CA
Patricia Buckley, Pittsburgh, PA
Stephanie Kerschbaum, Newark, DE
Eileen Morgan, La Canada, CA
Stephanie Metz, Cincinnati, OH
Elizabeth Dickinson, Sacramento, CA
Jeanelle Hayner Olson, Wheaton, IL
Anne Krassner, New York, NY
Kelleen Maluski, BRONX, NY
Martha Ladd, Half Moon Bay, CA
Linda Hawkins, Abita Springs
Paula Main, Henderson, NV
Lauren Thurman, Arlington, VA
Gwendolyn C Skaggs, Kenosha, WI
Kathe Roper, Atlanta, GA
Amy Hojnowski, Portland, OR
LaShunda White, Nashville, TN
Karen Ree Clark, Petaluma, CA
Jen Yaghoubian, Redlands, CA
Shoshanna Richman, New York, NY
Hans Hansen, San Francisco
Debra McClutchy, Brooklyn, NY
Jill Friedman, Oakland, CA
Elizabeth Brinkmoeller, Cincinnati, OH
Annashay Salus, Denver, CO
Allison Grill, Oakland, CA
Sukari Keetin, Philadelphia, PA
Annie Haley, Dayton, OH
Mallory Cain, San Francisco, CA*
Kesa Kivel, Los Angeles, CA – Road to Racial Justice
Joanna Quest-Neubert, Cambridge, MA
Krista Powell, San Antonio, TX
Karen Finnerty, Bethesda, MD
Pamela J Wood, Lenexa, KS
Jordana Cordovi, Miramar
Leigh Anne Jasheway, Eugene, OR
Fred Strange, Spokane
Valerie Hamra, Brooklyn, NY
Mia Moore, Montpelier, VT – Democracy for America
Alison Wyant, Glenside, PA
Maggie Foster, Cocoa, FL
Aimée Houghton, Alexandria, VA
Madelyn Fireman, New Orleans, LA
Nancy Tartt, Chicago, IL
Jane Kleiman, Red Bank, NJ
David Coles, Houston, TX
Maria Stoyadinova, Washington, DC
Aly Monroe, Los Angeles, CA
Jessica B Musselwhite, Louisville, KY
Jen Carr, Marlboro, VT
Christina Walden, Spokane, WA – National Association of Social Workers
Megan Donovan, Brunswick, MD
Jennifer Walker, San Francisco, CA
Lauren Eggert-Crowe, Los Angeles, CA
Jan Shannon, Cheney, WA
Meghan O’Donnell, Santa Cruz, CA
Elizabeth Allison, Albany, CA
Laurie Childers, Burlington, VT – Democracy for America
Hannah Kohn, New York, NY
Chloe Cekada, Portland, ME
Rachel Prouty, Asheville, NC
Rev. Dr. Virginia B. Smith, Syracuse, NY – Presbyterian Church (USA)
Sophie Krensky, Washington, DC
Naomi Binnie, Ann Arbor, MI
Kaylyn Toale, Brooklyn, NY
Pamela Mudge-Wood, Callicoon, NY
Heather Thompson, Denver, CO – Elephant Circle
Lindsay Hollinger, Joshua Tree, CA
Reilly Ellis, Los Angeles, CA
Emma Interlandi, Burlington, VT
Laura Doyle, Davis, CA
Shelby Hanssen, Washington, DC
Morgan O’Neill, Chicago, IL
Wendy Snead, Houston, Tx
Heidi Smith, Minneapolis, MN
Jean Sargent, Phoenix, AZ
Bridget Galati, Denver, CO
Chelsea Simms, MSW, Berkeley, CA
Abogail M Ross, New York, NY – Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service
Sarah Ullman, Los Angeles, CA – One Vote at a Time
Heather Turbeville, San Francisco, CA*
Elizabeth Knight, PhD, Tucson, AZ
Alianor Chapman, Atlanta, GA
Amanda Johnstone, Afton, MN
Margot Considine, Chicago, IL
Megan Lawless, Baltimore, MD
Ginny Turner, Trenton, NJ
Preston Martin-Lyon, Richmond, VA
Anie Thompson, Santa Cruz, CA
Carolyn Zezima, New York, NY
Dara Rossman Regaignon, New York, NY
Anna Lynch, Fort Pierce, FL
Laura Price, Birmingham, AL
Maria J Carmen, Howell, NJ
Carol Adams, Blackwood, NJ – ATNJ
Avery Guess, Vermillion, SD
Jennifer Becker, New York, NY
Lee Winters, San Diego, CA
Mercedes Kraus, Los Angeles, CA
Kate Fitzpatrick, Tucson, AZ
Elisabeth McMahon, New Orleans, LA – Tulane University
Jaclyn Serpico, Columbus, OH
Colleen Raccioppi, Gainesville, FL
Debra Harlow, Seattle, WA
Stacy Kraus McDonald, Abington, PA
Hannah Joy Wirshing, Emeryville, CA
Kelly Pickard, Syracuse, NY
Candace Eyman, Carmichael, CA
Katy Jayne, Sacramento, CA
Pooja Vyas, South Pasadena, CA
Timi Gerson, Washington, DC
Kelly O’Hara, Grand Rapids, MI
Kaitlin Bautz, Chicago, IL
Taylor Stager, Silver Spring, MD
Judith Ouzts, Minneapolis, MN
Laura Burch, Wooster, OH
Cindy Nathan, Austin, TX
Lara Ravitch, Eugene, OR
Rosemary Mancillas, Tucson, AZ
Rebecca Carter, Richmond, VA
Amanda Reusch, New Orleans, LA
Jennifer McBride, Saint Louis
R McGuire, Westford, MA
Carly Spiering, Berkeley, CA
Lisa Gilmore, Riverside, IL – Illinois Accountability Initiative
Jessica Katz, MD
Anna Greenwood, PhD, Mountain View, CA
Elizabeth, Pleasanton, CA
Mary C Hart, Silver Spring
Suzanne Lerner, Manhattan Beach, CA
Suzanne Lerner, Manhattan Beach CA
Stacie Walker, Vista, CA
Melanie Huska, Minneapolis, MN
Sarah Carlisle, Brooklyn, NY
Cathy Cranston, Iowa City, IA
Linell Ajello, Brooklyn
Nina Benjamin, Missoula,Mt.
Margaret Newell, Weaverville NC
Alice Lubeck, Missoula, MT
Lauren Paulk, Washington, D.C.
Lori Jean Precious, Topanga
Sherry L Brown, Shelbyville
Rachel Kline, Chicago, IL
Sonya Coleman, Richmond, VA
Lindsey Terry, Virginia Beach, VA – Virginia Beach Democratic Committee & Together We Will USA
Mariel Steiner, San Francisco, CA*
Jacqueline Scott, Somerville, MA
Amanda Chronister, Upper Darby, PA
Kelsen Young, Helena, MT
Miranda Bernstein, Cedar Rapids, IA
Aimee Sax, Los Angeles, CA
Katie G., Bloomington, MN
Elizabeth Jury, Leander, TX
Katie Gleischhman, Bloomington, MN
Melissa Green, Syracuse, NY
Laura Drescher, Baltimore, MD
Patricia Fitzmorris, Los Angeles, CA
Amy Csizmar Dalal, Lakeville, MN
Jessica Madsen, STOW, OH
Tessa Levine, Oakland, CA
Jaime Lederer, Medford, MA
Stacey, Virginia Beach, VA – Togeter We Will Hampton Roads
Chris Daley, Los Angeles, CA
Katherine Holvoet, San Diego, CA
Dara Ganoczy, Ann Arbor, MI
Elizabeth Ray, Norfolk, VA – 757 Indivisibles
Rachel Dzombak, Oakland, CA
Cristan Connito, Chesapeake, VA
Beverly Marcus, Seattle, WA
Dr. Aroline Hanson, Lansdale, PA
Carol Ellis, Seattle WA
Alison Kliegman, Brooklyn, NY
Emily Robinson, Richmond, VA
Karen Kubey, Brooklyn, NY
Lauri Lindquist, Ph.D., Tacoma, WA
Deleasa Mumper, Lehigh, FL
Rachel Proffitt, Columbia, MO
Rachael Pannepacker, Philadelphia, Pa
Elizabeth Beheler, Palo Alto, CA
Elaine Herscher, Albany, CA
Amanda Swanson, Delta, CO
Jennie Smith-Camejo, Miami, FL – Positive Women’s Network – USA
Maggie, Milwaukee, WI
Ellen Badgley, Centreville, VA
Carolyn Loudermilk, Mullica Hill, NJ
Mary Godley, Indianapolis, IN
Terri Thomas, Ventura, CA
Vivian Nixon, New York, NY
Ethel Forward, Ashland VA
C Anderson, Rome, GA
Erin Moore, Los Angeles, CA
Kate McLoughlin, Sacramento, CA
Diane Bessel Matteson, Buffalo, NY
Alex Gingerella, Seattle, WA
Simone St Clare, Martinez, CA
Stephanie Olmstead-Dean, Hagerstown, MD
Sophia Mirto, Austin, TX
Amy Peterson, South Pasadena CA
Lauren Haack, Daly City, CA – UCSF
Esther Bamberg, Alameda, CA
Anna J. Clutterbuck-Cook, Roslindale, MA
Chloe Scott, Oakland, CA
Charlotte Becker, Portland, OR
Iris SanGiovanni, Portland, ME
Emily, Chicago, IL
michelle ceo, Vermilion,SD
Maria woodbury, Portland, ME
Catherine A Disabato, Los Angeles
Julian Long, St. Louis, MO
Hallie Weiner, New York, NY
Jessica Pease, Boston, MA
Rachel Fix Dominguez, Buffalo, NY
Michael DeMarquez, Portland, OR
Heather Foulke, Kalamazoo, MI
Jennifer H Bastian, Madison, WI
Jennifer Henderson, Yorktown, VA
Melina Bezirdjian, Richmond, VA
Deborah Rifkin, Cranbury, NJ – Indivisible Cranbury
Beth Ferri, Syracuse, NY
AD Mather, Denver, CO
Elizabeth Crewe, La Grange, IL
Calandra Hersrud, Washington, D.C.
Jennifer Zwick, Seattle, WA
Vanessa Furtado, Washington, DC
Rose Edington, Charleston, WV – Unitarian Universalist Congregation
Elizabeth Herndon, Los Angeles, CA
Laura Busse, Milwaukee, WI
Susan Scott, Berwyn, PA
Danielle Latman, Columbus, OH
Kristine Butler, Saint Paul, MN
Jessica DeCoux, New York, NY
David Berube, Woodside, NY
Maren Spolum, Ann Arbor, MI
Joanna Wohlmuth, Manhattan Beach, CA
Laurissa Widrick, Amherst, NY
Robyn Sheridan, New York, NY
Monica Elderkin, Cheektowaga, NY
Nan Davis, Hackettstown NJ
Janet Ferrare, CA
Kelsey Wallace, Portland, OR
Barbara B Edwards, Portsmouth, VA
Shauna O’ Brien, Los Angeles, CA
Julie Jones, Seattle, WA
Diane Elze, Buffalo, New York
Deirdre Stretton, Oakland, CA
Nancy Schimmel, Berkeley CA – Occupella
Emily Severeid-Geiss, Columbia, MO
Michelle Hoang, Seattle, WA
Heidi Mordhorst, Bethesda, MD – K-12 public school teacher
Laurie Perry, Burke, VA
Elizabeth Freeman, San Francisco, CA*
Denese, Shervington
Da’Niel Rowan, Watsonville, CA
Rachel Graber, Washington, DC
Tiffany Crawford, Bartlett, IL
Elizabeth Jacobsen, Old Bridge NJ
Lindsay Martin, Louisville, KY
Erika Frondorf, Cincinnati, OH
Danielle Lowinger, Seattle, WA
Erin freeman, Albany, ga
Susan Maiorana, San Francisco, CA*
Sharon Dolan, OAKLAND, CA
Natalie Smith, Pittsburgh, PA
Carolyn Chernoff, Philadelphia, PA
Rachel Conner, New Orleans
Kathryn Y. Thompson-Wynn, Monroe, WA
Cassandra Jamet, OH
Patricia Conway, Richmond, VA
Lisa Olson, Madison, WI
Melissa smith, San Diego, CA
Jeanna, New York, NY
Ellie McElvain, Los Angeles, CA
Linda Smith, San Diego, CA
Karen and Bill Birthisel, Cumberland
Mindi Marcus, Oakland, Ca
Kristin Rothballer, San Francisco, CA*
Sara Wee, Brooklyn, NY – Center for Survivor Agency and Justice
Megan Wisniewski, Denver, CO
Nicole Gercke, Dover, NH
Heather Freeman, Lakeland, FL
Carrie Foote, IN
Courtney Cross, Denton, TX
Dr. Amber West, North Hollywood, CA
Angela Stockman, Buffalo, NU
Melinda Zarrett, Pacifica, CA
Karen Newman, Lebanon Township, NJ
Carol Swuires, San Leandro CA
Sophia Guerra, Los Angeles, CA – SEIU UHW
Janice Czyscon, Las Cruces, NM
Danielle O’Banion, Boston, MA
Diane Gillespie, Virginia Beach, VA
Elizabeth Ebright, Brookyn, NY
Hanna Clutterbuck-Cook, Roslindale, MA
Ari Schlesinger, Atlanta, GA
Sydney Rosengarten, Madison, WI
Shira Robinson, Baltimore, MD
Erika Van Goethem, Chapel Hill, NC
Kim Hayden, Minneapolis, MN
Megan Stephenson, Bellingham, WA
Jenny Thayer, Austin, TX
Joy Wilcox, Seattle, WA
Deirdre Darovic, Minneapolis, MN
Claudia Klaver, Syracuse, NY
Jennifer Raviv, San Francisco, CA* – SURJ SF
Grace Malley, Jersey City, New Jersey
Ann VerSteeg, Santa Monica, CA
Margaret Wiener, Carrboro, NC
Julia Berman, San Francisco, CA*
Henna Messina, Athens, GA
Karen Hotra, Signal Hill, CA
C Clark, Alexandria, VA – SURJ Northern Virginia
Lisa D’Ambrogio, Princeton, NJ
Rachel Brainin, Cresskill NJ
Katherine A Sherman-Marks, Baltimore, MD
Abigail Boggs, Middletown, CT – Wesleyan university
Bonnie Gordon-Rabinowitz, Norfolk, Va
Julie Wyman, Oakland, CA
Liberty Stanavage, Potsdam
Jodi Selene, Grass Valley
Kate Seely, Santa Rosa, CA
Jodi Selene, Grass Valley
Frances Andersin, New York, NY
Maria woodbury, Portland, ME
Angela Fillingame, Fort Myers, FL
Kim Christoffel, Minneapolis, MN
Christina Rocks, Seattle, WA
Paula DiNovo, Aloha, OR
Amy Levine, Oakland, CA
Amy Elizabeth Robinson, Santa Rosa, CA
noreen casey, Tulsa, OK
Sara, Seattle, WA
Bethel Willingham, Germantown, MD
Pearl Brady, Queens, NY
Cheryl Nussbaum, Lawrence, KS – NAACP
Molly Ball, Bloomington, IL
Christy Mach Dubé, Marion, Ma
Bethany DelConte, San Diego, CA
Lori Perdue, Indianapolis, IN – CODEPINK/Veterans for Peace
Susan Fox, Sausalito, CA
Maddie Taterka, Philadelphia, PA
Bethany Keffala, New York, NY
Julie Jenkins, Searsport, ME
Cecilia A Rice, Venice, FL
Jen Sokolove, Oakland, CA
Lauren Moore, San Leandro, CA
Kristin Massa, Houston, Texas
Maria woodbury, Portland, ME
Robin Jimenez, Belleville, NJ
Dr. Amy Horwitz, Charleston, SC
Nikki Marron, New Rochelle, NY
Sandra Martin, Greenwood, IN
Chelsea Graham, Alexandria, VA
Patricia A. Bernshausen, Spring Grove, VA
Julie Roos, North Las Vegas, NV
Chelsea Cook, Durham, NC
Dale Mendoza, Bahama, NC
Holly Wolf, New York, NY
Suzy Simon, Marfa, TX
Chere Douglas, Alameda, CA
Annie Marshall, Frederick MD
Ellie Howard, London, UK
Susan Stastny Toles, Troy, MI
Patricia Williams, Springfield, OR – Families Belong Together
Sharla Gardner, Duluth MN
Karen Freeman, St. Louis MO
Susan Risty, San Diego, CA
Kris Sleicher, Santa Fe, NM
Susanne Weil, Onalaska, WA
Bonita Sanchez, Albany, New York
The Reverend Debra L Conklin, Spokane, WA – United Methodist Church
The Reverend Cyndi Simpson, Omaha, NE – Second Unitarian Church of Omaha
Elizabeth Haims, Navarre, FL
Laura Murray, Minneapolis
Kate Harris, Taos, N.M.
Leslie Gildart, Malden, MA
April Padilla, Antioch, CA – She the People
Laurin Kier, Elon, NC
Glynis Rumsey, New Orleans, LA
Shasti O’Leary Soudant, Buffalo, NY
Sarah Ansell, Houston, TX
Whitney Lingle, Philadelphia, PA
Barbara Stone, Woodside NY
Michelle Dickert, Spring Grove, PA
Ashley, Chesterfield, VA
Alice Forbes Spear, Brooklyn, NY – 462 Halsey Community Farm
Teri Rosario, Omaha, NE
Bridget Ma, San Francisco, CA*
Patricia McMahon, Little Silver, CA
Sarah Felts, St. Louis, MO
Patricia Turney Garris, Norfolk, VA
Lisa Matos, Willingboro, NJ
Julie Landsman, Minneapolis, MN
Jennifer Rokasky, Woodbridge, VA
Joan Michel, Sioux Falls, SD
L.Dettman, Kearney, NE
Caitlin Kindervatter-Clark, San Francisco, CA*
Lauren Boyatzi, Richmond, VA
Cindi Timmons, Dallas, TX
Rebekah Azzarelli, Beacon, NY
Melinda Belleville, Lexington, KY
Sara LaCava Lieberman, New York, NY
Erin Kelly Eyster, Indianapolis, IN
Amy Faulring, Philadelphia, PA
Suzanne Saunders, Saint Petersburg, FL
Julia Speer, Kennesaw, GA
Deborah Lindsay, Oakland, CA
Sarah Loomis, San Francisco, CA *
Heidi Rempel, Wayne, NJ
Hannah Bauman, Detroit, MI
Vanessa Drury, San Rafael
Rhonda Kenny, Ontario, OR
Suzanne Nirdberg, Los Angeles, CA
Nancy Peterson, St. Paul, MN
Lauretta Molitor, Oakland, CA*
Stacey Wells, Spokane, WA
Megan Lea, Norfolk, VA
Catherine Allen, East Lansing, MI
Andrea Smith, Minneapolis, MN
Sharon Spaulding, Windsor, CA*
Kristen Alff, San Francisco, CA*
Daria Masullo Segalini, New York, NY
Helen H. Davis, Ph.D., Mountain Top, PA
Kathryn Cranston, Waterford, MI
Jill Hilbrenner, New York, NY
Sigrid Larson, MD, Philadelphia, PA
Frances Culp, San Francisco, CA* – SURJ SF
Victoria Pickering, Kansas City, MO
Stacey Ascher, Queens, NY
Rachel Leigh Hall, Washington, DC
Casey Williams, San Francisco, CA*
Daisy Stackpole, Jackson, MS
Trebor Strong, N Las Vegas, NV
Nancy Schomburg, Palmyra, NJ
Christine Luckritz Marquis, Richmond, VA
Mary Bridges, Phoenix, AZ
Julie Goldberg, Seattle, WA
Kathleen Coll, San Francisco, CA*
Kathleen Kane, San Francisco, CA*
Kim Lehmkuhl, Washington, DC
Jennifer Schellenberg, Minneapolis, MN – Restaurant Workers of America
Christine Brown, Oakland, CA*
Aurora Cox, Las Vegas, NV
Holly Edwards, Virginia Beach, VA – Together We Will- Hampton Roads
Abbey Hambright, Chicago, IL
Maddie Coleman, Los Angeles, CA
Kathy Kilrain del Rio, Portland, ME
Marian Moore, Minneapolis, MN
Cat Hulburt, Richmond, VA
Madeleine Oliver, Brooklyn, NY
Emily Novakowski, Forty Fort, PA
Kelli Sommer, Las Vegas, NV
Annette Holloway, San Rafael, CA*
Kim McAlistet, San Diego, CA
Tara Brosnan, Washington, DC
Cristina Sinclaire, Washington, DC
Sarah Mudd, Independence, MO
Marie-Elizabeth Mali, Santa Monica, CA*
Donna DeRosa, Concord, CA*
Anna A. Jensen, Bothell, WA
Lucy Font, Ellicott City, MD
Cori Pryor, Sacramento, CA
Necia Dallas, Seattle, WA
Georgia Ewen-Campen, Brooklyn, NY
Maithili, Riverside, CA
Alisa Puga Keesey, Santa Cruz, CA
Ellen Dunagan, Statham, GA
Rachel Douglas, Richmond, VA
Catherine McClenahan, Indiana, PA
Alexandra Coe, Minneapolis, MN
Kat Morgan, Charleston, SC – Allies Take Action and Charleston Reading Against
Toni Elka, Waltham, MA
Veronica Greiner, Essex, VT
Julie M. French, MPA, San Francisco, CA*
Kirsten, Baltimore, MD
Sarah, San Francisco, CA*
Alison Merow, Washington, DC
Mimi Kirk, Washington, DC
Mary Matzeder, Lenexa, KS
George V Hudgins, III, Berkeley, CA*
Jo Howren, Portsmouth, VA
Corinne Colgan, Oakland, CA
Ariel Sublett, Las Vegas, NV
Ellen India, Sarasota, FL
Joan E. Biren, Silver Spring, MD
Ashley Kodet, Swarthmore, PA
Sara Woods, Alameda, CA
Susan Lamont, Santa Rosa, CA
Mary McKenney, Menominee, MI
Marsha Tenret, Lakewood Ranch, FL
Emily Rice, Chicago, IL
Mira Bullis, San Jose, CA*
Brenda K. Adler, Hallowell, Maine
JoAnn Bennett, San Francisco, CA*
Pamela Brandt, Pottstown, PA
Rebecca Goller, Portland, OR
Laurie Kauffman, Oklahoma City, OK
Anne Twill, Monmouth, NJ
Claire, Oakland, CA*
Jordan Jones, Mamaroneck, NY
Marisha Hamilton, Clayton, NC
Rachel Overton, Roeland Park, KS
Caitlin Quinn, Petaluma, CA
Jennifer Deam, Bloomington, IN
Ross Altenbaugh, Flagstaff, AZ
Alisa Simmons-Snapp, Roswell, GA
Peggy Thomson, Portland, OR
Jeanne Schlesinger, Richmond, VA
Stephanie Davidson, Richmond, VA
Celina Adams, Kittery, ME
Laura Wilmoth, Charleston, WV
Elizabeth Pope, Portland, ME
Stacey Lanning, Minneapolis, MN
Robin Riggins, Charleston SC
Summer Johnson, Washington, D.C.
Valeria Peterson, NorthPort, Florida
Beth Newman, Dallas, TX
Lindsay Reckson, Austin, TX
Marie Schutte, Medina, MN
Donna Hildreth, Cranbury
Kathleen McCann, Oak Park, CA*
Jeanne Gervais, Saint Paul, MN
Kimberly Winnick, Holland, PADean Farwood, San Rafael, CA*
Grace Leger, Orange, MA
Risa Shaw, Phd, Takoma Park, MD
Jeanne Schlesinger, Richmond, VA
Jennifer Johnson, Montpelier, VT
Amy Boggs, Menlo Park, CA*
Normetta Muir, Captain Cook, HI
Jennifer L. Nye, Amherst, MA – UMass Amherst, History
Claire Gastanaga, Richmond, VA
Anne Riley, Lafayette, IN
Aimee Humphreys, Red Bank, NJ – MCDWC, League of Women Voters
Andi Hawley, Oakland, CA*
Cynthia Gomez, Minneapolis, MN
Erin N. Bruno, West Chester, PA
Jennifer Shoub, Columbia, TN
Charlene Higbe, Falmouth, MA
Jill Bould, Phoenix, AZ
Mariana Chilton, PhD, MPH, Wynnewood – Center for Hunger-Free Communities
Gretchen DeKnikkee, San Francisco, CA*
Betsy Feil, Lansdowne, PA
Kagen Parks, Washington, DC
Erin Mahone, Richmond, VA
Mary Nancy W, Chicago, IL
Erica Horsman, Ann Arbor, MI
Johannah Willsey, Richmond, VA
Katherine Orr, San Francisco, CA*
Emily Mattes, Philadelphia, PA
Hannah Kurowski, Seattle, WA
Rebecca Prosser, Philadelphia, PA
Marie Dennis, Washington DC
Whitney Medina, Fairfax, VA
Nina Lowrey, Windsor, CA
Terry Wallace, Skokie, IL
Angela Long, Las Vegas, NV
Simi Landau, Washington, DC
Lynn Brice Rosen, Santa Fe, NM
Idee Winfield, Charleston, SC
Barbara McWethy, Smyrna, GA
Susie Rivo, Somerville, MA – Women’s Studies Research Center, Brandeis University
Amanda Montgomery, Richmond, VA
Summer Little, MA, Silver Springs, FL
Sara Krivanec, Richmond, VA
Patricia Star Moore, San Francisco, CA*
Morgen Gallo, Beverly, MA
Monica Morris MD, Richmond, VA
Jennifer Pough, Morris Plains, NJ
Andrea Miller, Faribault, MN
Margaret, Laytonville, CA*
Sydney Metrick, El Sobrante, CA
Terry Baraldi, Lansdowne, PA
Virginia Bechtold, Brooklyn, NY
Joy Opfer, San Francisco, CA*
Rebecca Lara MD, EdM, Boston, MA
Amelia Starr, Oakland, CA*
Judith White, Lansdowne, PA
Julie Kurylowicz, Grand Rapids, MI
Elizabeth Phillips, Glen Rock, NJ
Laura Woodney, San Bernardino, CA
Dr. Karin Provost, Orchard Park, NU
Emily Dauria, Oakland, CA
Susanna Kiely, Oakland, CA*
Emma Nolan-Abrahamian, Brooklyn, NY
Camille Moran, Natchitoches, LA – BPW, AAUW
Gale Gordon, Los Angeles, CA
Judy Maclauchlan, New Orleans LA
Hollie Hartford, NJ
Dr. Paige Novick-Kline, Holland, PA
Whitney Shalda, Washington, DC
Jamie Evans, San Diego, CA
Dr. Laura Neck, Alexandria, VA
Holly Edwards, Virginia Beach, VA
Kate Young, West Chester, PA
Joey Thomson, Lakewood, CO
Elisha Cook, Virginia
Jill Davis, Hampton, VA
Erica Linc, Minneapolis, MN
Danielle Sandsmark, Philadelphia, PA
Marie Todd, Orange, CA
Rachel Ezekiel-Fishbein, Elkins Park, PA
Dr. Deidre Garriott, Lexington, VA
Khrys Riley, Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Kendra Armer, San Carlos, CA
Laura Ferry, Annapolis, MD
Carrie Robb, Holland, PA
Nikole Pagan, Oakland, CA
Kelly Mathews, Nine Mile Falls, WA
Phyllis O’Brien, Weeki Wachee, FL
Harriet Warner, Somerset, NJ
Tracy Saveria, Seattle, WA
Sarah Cox, Minneapolis, MN
Rachel, Oakland, CA*
Sarah Cox, Minneapolis, MN
Emily Freed, Kalamazoo, MI
Malia Huddle, Chesapeake, VA – NEA
Dana Hopkins , San Francisco, CA*
Jessica, New York, NY
Shannon Alexander, Waterloo, IA
Kelly Peterson, Alameda, CA*, All Rise Alameda
Alana, Petaluma, CA
Susi Matthews, Kansas City, MO
Jessica, Frederick, MD
Kaylee Pickinpaugh, Richmond, VA
Carmen Valenzuela, Phoenix, AZ
Meghan Flaherty, LCSW, Bend, OR
Daniela Sea, Berkeley, CA*
Lisa Wisman, Nunica
Kaitlin Towne, Henderson, NV
Moira Hatch, Bryn Mawr, PA
Christie Emberley , Oakland, CA
Candy Owens, Santa Rosa, CA
Honey Trabitz, Portland, OR
Marilyn C. Cole, Athens, GA
Deana Igelsrud, Los Angeles, CA – Exec. Board Member, California Democratic Party
Karen Anderson, Gig Harbor, WA
Cameron Mathison, Manassas, VA
José León, Pensacola, FL
Alice Phipps, MA, Oakland, CA* – CAMFT
Jennifer L. Thilo, Atlanta, GA
Celeste Newby MD, PhD, New Orleans, LA
Susan Schmidt, Pocasset, MA
Anne, Berkeley, CA
Jennifer Spreitzer, Bethesda, MD
Rebecca Wexler, Philadelphia, PA
Shana Sturm, Oakland, CA*
Amy Levin, MD, Las Vegas, NV
Ashley McAtee, Los Angeles, CA
Melissa, Wilmington, DE
Linsey Kornya, St. Louis, MO
Debra Bain, St. Paul, MN
Colleen Luther, Royal Oak Mi.
Antigone Ambrose, Richmond
Sara Agne, Tucker, GA
Kate Nicoletti, Washington, DC
Tamara Lipori, Rohnert Park, CA*
Olivia Carchia, Radford, VA
Lindsay LaShell, San Diego, CA
Jayne Swift, Minneapolis, MN
Kris Jacobson, Minnetonka, MN
Mary R. Bass, Spokane, WA
Meredith Wendell, Bloomington, IN
Nancy McNally, San Francisco, CA*
Sarah Nichols, Bristol, CT
Robin Stemen, Port Townsend, WA
Maryellen Magee, Huntersville, NC
Sarah Hollows, New Orleans, LA
Oonagh Danaan, Virginia Beach, VA – VB Democrats
Amy Szerlong, Chicago, IL
Robin Rather, Austin, TX
Lisa Last, Elkridge, MD
Martha Easter-Wells, Minneapolis, MN
Shannon Bolt, San Francisco, CA*
Lauren Caldwell, San Francisco, CA*
Paula Barrows, Amherst, MA
Eugenie Doyle, Monkton, VT
Jennifer S Jackson, Midlothian, VA
Melanie Barrows, Amherst, MA
Mary Carpenter, Richmond, VA
Deanne Roquet, Duluth, MN
Karen Buys, Whitehouse Station, NJ
Amanda Peel, Wichita, KS
Laura Burt, Philadelphia, PA
Eileen Morgan, Durham, NC
Theresa Lodge, Los Angeles, CA
Nikki Gloudeman, Richmond, CA
Sarah Steinberg, Portland, OR
Rebecca McCullough, Falmouth, MA
Carol Ann Gawle, Easthampton, MA
Maria Steriti, Leeds, MA
Peggy Smith, East Northport, NY
Aimee Loth Rozum, East Falmouth MA
Joanna Falk, Los Angeles, CA
Laura Lind-Blum, Waterbury Center, VT
Kate Perry, Burke, VA
Cassie Seiple, New Orleans, LA
Fauzia Dawood, Boston, MA
Elizabeth Glass, Louisville, KY
Kelly Helm, Fruitland, IA
Maureen Donley, Los Angeles, CA
Amelia Petrovic, Oakland, CA
Patricia D. Koloski, Freehold, NJ
Jess Johnson, Florence, MA
Wendy Kaufman, Renton, WA
Meghan Apshaga, Spokane, WA
Karen Radzik, Rotonda West, FL
Cathleen London, MD, Milbridge, ME
Andrew McCarthy, Tallahassee, FL
Christen Dobson, Brooklyn, NY
Kelly Warner, Weymouth, MA
David Ahearn, Easthampton, MA
Sharon Silverman, Moreau, NY
Christina K, West Springfield, MA
Colleen Wood, New York, NY
Asheley Tuck, Richmond, VA
Mary Cramb, Nashville, TN
Sarah Elaine Arnold, Mount Pleasant, SC
Ellen Orleans, Boulder, CO
Hannah Burdge, Seattle, WA
Lori Tuttle, Santa Rosa, CA
Susan Luther, Punta Gorda, FL
Rebecca Kelly, Silver Spring, MD
Ric Peralta, Whittier, CA
Luisa Massari, Fallston, MD – PWDP
Heidi Lypps, Oakland, CA
MegAnne Ford, Richmond, VA
Mary Hill, LICSW, Seattle, WA
Phyllis Bennis, Washington, DC – Institute for Policy Studies
Janet Norris, Berkeley, CA
Debit Rose, San Mateo, CA Indivisible SF Peninsula-CA 14
Lyn Freundlich, Boston, MA
Alexandra Zealand, Springfield, VA
Elizabeth L Robinson, Jackson Heights, NY
Devon Rubin, San Francisco, CA*
Denise Vettraino, Saint Petersburg
Molly Gordon, Suquamish,WA
Leslie Lacy, Lansing, MI
Julia Smith, Chicago, IL
Katherine Gesine Lohr, Alameda CA
Nedra Shield, Florence, MA
Kelli Florance, Amherst, MA
Jacqueline Stimson, Pittsburgh, PA
Darcy vVebbet, Los Angeles CA
Mary Kate Farley-Dimino, Holyoke, MA
Elizabeth Eddy, Oakland, CA
Cindy Young, Portland, OR – PCP #42 Democratic Party
Susan Fule, Albuquerque, NM
Nancy Wenz, Berkeley
Ellee Temple, Virginia Beach, VA
Cristi Egenolf, MD, Manchester, NH
J Robbis, Glendale, AZ
Deborah Pruce-Mandelbaum, Sparta, NJ
erica lamont, Los Gatos, CA
Laurie Brotman, New York, NY
Cassandra Sachs-Michaels, Brooklyn, NY
Rev. Dr. Myke Johnson, Portland, ME
Kara Oliver, Dumont, NJ
Holly Brooke Lester, Indianapolis, IN
Rita Bierley, Garfield Heights, OH
Eryn Lauckern, Oakland, CA
Julie Hussey, Mount Pleasant, SC – Social Justice Racial Equity Collaborative
Barbara Woodson, Buchtel, Ohio
Cortney K. Bouse, Columbia, MO
Clare Olivares, Oakland, CA
Melisa Beeson, Mattawan, MI
Anne Merica, Arlington, VA
Deborah Seibel Lichtenstein, Virginia Beach, VA – LWV, PPVA, VBDC
Hanna Conrad, Vermillion, SD
Jen Brown, Somerville, MA
Patricia Opdyke, Portland, OR
Sarah Redman, Redwood City, CA
Michaela Ferrari, New York, NY
Hermas Rodriguez, North Chesterfield, VA
Deb Ashmore Alikakos, Philadelphia, PA
Heather Phillips, Vermillion, SD – University of South Dakota
Gena, Arlington, VA
Bonny King-Taylor, Washington, DC
Annalee Schafranek, Seattle, WA
Teresa Cohen, Lake Mary, FL
Adrianna Gallo, Richmond, VA
Jeanne Griffin, Havertown, PA
Brenda Jerez, Brentwood, California
Anneka Citrin, Oakland, CA – Familias Unidas
Irene Durham, Sebastopol, CA
Courtney L. G. Dowell, Charleston, WV
Melissa Talbott, Bloomington IN
Kerry Murphy, Germantown, MD
Allison Backman, Somerville, MA
Laurie F Jones, Bremerton, WA
Lindsay Whalin, Alameda, CA
Cathleen Dooley, Mesa, AZ
Katie Haberman, Berkeley, CA
Christine Larson, Minneapolis
Diana Swancutt, PhD, Hamden, CT
Tara Johnson, San Francisco, CA*
Carly Hanchin, Richmond, VA
Susan MacDonnell, Monroe, NJ – UUFaithAction/NJ
Marni Pitt, Santa Cruz, Ca
Camas Goble, Washington, DC
Lori Feagan, Spokane, WA – Women’s March Spokane
Sarah Richmond, San Francisco, CA*
Jennifer Patel, Lenexa, KS
Denise Sellers, Stratford NJ
Annabel Hine Otts, Syracuse, NY
Sarah Jaffe, San Francisco, CA*
Veda Hlubinka-Cook, Berkeley, CA
Michelle Stubblefield, Vacaville, CA
Tara Vazquez, Islip, NY
Cheri Ibes, Oakland, CA
Erika Croxton, Seattle, WA
Shelley Thomas, Louisville, KY
Alison Reilly, Los Angeles, CA
Alison Reilly, Los Angeles, CA
Jessica Silk, Brooklyn, NY
Karen Burch, Thornton, CO
Hannah Snyder, Portland, OR
G Venable, Leawood, KS
Annelise Orleck, Thetford, Vermont – Dartmouth College
Colleen Canyon, Union City, NJ
Hyla Lacefield, Redwood City, CA – AFT
Mel Barnes, Madison, WI
Rachael Hill, Oakland, CA — Stanford University
L.Dettman, Kearney, NE
Kyle Anne Guffey, Alexandria, VA
Pam Uzzell, Berkeley, CA
Kathleen Ingraham, Suwanee, GA
Kathryn Gorges, San Francisco, CA*
Mitchell Allerton, Summit, NJ
Lisa fontes, Amherst, ma
Ashley Smith, Stephentown, NY
Kate Weck, Yakima, WA
Lenore Kooelovich, Manalapan, NJ
Anya Freedman, Saint Louis, MO
Jenny Barringer, Norfolk VA
Felicia Sapp, San Francisco, CA *
Ericka Macy-Gustafson, Portland, OR
Marina Michelson, Los Angeles, CA
Rebecca Bach, Durham, NC
Barbara Buckley, Mill Valley, CA
Molly Tuchman, Altadena, CA
Erin Rogers, San Francisco, CA*
Sara Pool, Rhododendron
Stephanie Lincoln, Lansdowne PA 19050
Meredith Phillips, Columbia, MD
A. Prince, Charlotte, NC
Abbey Marr, Albany, NY
Eva Sikes, Austin, TX
Aurelea River, New Orleans, LA
Ann Gonski, Berkeley, CA
Tracy Spencer-Brown, Andrews, TX
Katherine BrDley, Rohnert Park, CA
Chelsea Boyd, Milwaukee, WI
Allison Mattheis, Los Angeles, CA
Bayla Travis, Berkeley, CA
Madeleine Bertin, Ashburn, VA
Allison Brown, New York, NY
Kendra Kehl-Fie, Westland, MI
Rachel Allen, Rutherford, CA
Kathleen Oscadal, Brooklyn, NY
Sasha Harris-Cronin, San Francisco, CA*
Kathleen Oscadal, Brooklyn, NY
Zoé Barnow, Oakland, CA
Audra Reilly, Falmouth, MA
Lisa Keppeler, Newtown, PA
Penny Newman, Jurupa Valley, CA
Debra Brockman, Bremerton, WA
Vivian Robinette Rogers, Virginia Beach, VA
Christine Case-Lo, Mountain View, CA – Together We Will
JoAnn Perry, Truckee, CA
Shawna Bodine, Lansing, MI
Nan Morrison, New York, NY
Sonja Zelada, Meadville , Pa
Kristy Moore, Baltimore, MD
Jasmine Fallstich, Oakland, CA
Kitty Stryker, Oakland, CA
Lisa Boyd, Minneapolis, MN – Green Party of MN
Kelly Loignon, Henderson, Nevada
Alison Hamburg, Oakland, CA
Diane Grimes, Syracuse, NY
Laura Sievers, Richmond, VA
Rebecca Drury, Seattle, WA
Tim Hodgin, Los Angeles, CA
Erica Elliott, Eugene, OR
Anne Auburn Sheaffer Sandstrom, Cleveland, OH – Cleveland State University
Eldene Pederson, San Francisco, CA*
Nicole Panter, Los Angeles, CA – California Institute of the Arts
Amy Ruth Buchanan, Durham, NC
Betty keys, Milwaukee, WI
Annalise Ophelian, San Francisco, CA*
Crystal Whybark, San Francisco, CA*
Danna Johnson, Monticello – NSO
Nellie Mitchell, Madison, WI
Mary House, Winchester, VA
Breanna, Los Alamos, NM
Millie Wilson, Austin, TX
Aurelia Holliman, Las Cruces, NM
Scott Diamond, Los Angeles, CA
Carlie, Philadelphia, PA
Laurie Morris, Tucson, AZ – Tohono O’odham Community College
Arie Singer, San Francisco, CA*
Barbara Gersh, San Francisco, CA*
Barbara DeSantis, Los Angeles, CA
Caroline Farrell, Bakersfield, CA
Jennifer Zilliac, Oakland, CA
Lisa Auer, San Francisco, CA*
Monica Bien, Oakland, CA – Neighbors for Racial Justice
Maya Scott-Chung, Oakland, CA
Sam Reader, West Orange
Janna Lawrence, North Liberty, IA
Stephanie Schaudel, Oakland, CA
Hilary Heuer, San Francisco, CA*
Sarah Roquemore, San Francisco, CA*
Ellen Goldstein, Richmond, CA
Julie Sweeney, Frederick, MD
Rev Dr Joanne Carlson Brown, Burien, WA – United Methodist Church
Sydney Briggs, Austin, TX
Joycee Scott Brown, Santa Rosa CA
Monique Morgan, Bloomington, IN
Emmanuelle Pare, Portland, OR
Elizabeth, Minneapolis,MN
Kusum Crimmel, Oakland, CA – Oakland Unified School District
Verna Fimbres, Mountain View, CA – Together We Will
Kristin Cipollone, NY
Ann Manning, Minneapolis, MN
Karen Siverson, Concord, CA
Any Barnett, San Francisco, CA*
Victoria Folks, El Sobrante, CA
Bonnie Meltzer, Sacramento, CA
Kate Newman, Seattle, WA
Rachel Natland, Portland, OR
Heather Hanna, Chapel Hill, NC
Jean Ann Dixon, Sonoma, CA
Mary Marshall, Dublin, OH
Corry Frydlewicz, Oakland, CA
Rachel Nagy, Harlingen, TX
Wendy Hallinan, Berkeley, CA
Mischa Freeman, Oakland, CA
Jan Gilbert, San Francisco, CA*
Myesha Gosselin, Los Angeles, Ca
Nina Hausman, Oakland, CA
Erica Siskind, Oakland, CA
Salem Miller, Folsom, CA
Karen Bouris, Berkeley, CA
Alexa Ariazi, Milford, MI
Teresa Fratamico Place, Springfield MA
Rachel Martin, Saint Paul, MN
Deb Budding, Torrance, CA
Amanda Yates Garcia, Los Angeles, CA
Keri Keane, Los Angeles, CA
Debbie Cox, Albuquerque, NM
Liliana Herakova, Bangor, ME
Jara Johnson, DO MPH, Rochester, NY
Vered Benhorin, NY
Kelly Thompson, Charlotte, NC
Lauri Tanner, Oakland, CA
Gretchen Gordon, Washington, DC
Kate O’Hara, Berkeley, CA
Ann Ostermann, Santa Cruz
Rachael Stratton, Ravenna, OH
Noelle Beckman, Logan, UT
Avital Oren, Berkeley, CA
Natania Malin Gazek, Brooklyn, NY
Nancy Murray, Fairfax, CA – Solidarity Sundays
Jo Dene Romeijn-Stout, WA – United Methodist Clergy
Melelani Satsuma, Los Angeles, CA
Kim Toevs, Portland, OR
Sarah Milstein, Brooklyn, NY
Vered Benhorin, NY
Sara Gallagher, San Francisco, CA*
Gail Cunningham, Huntington Beach, CA
Sheryl Karas, Chico
Devi, Richmond, ca
Rev. Jennifer Kelleher, Lebanon, NJ – Unitarian Universalist Minister
Sarah Michale, Long Beach, CA
Nancy Hess, Sterling, VA
Channing Abbott, Oakland, California
Kim Frost, Grand Rapids, MI
Karen May, Upland, CA – Southland Resistance
leslie poynor, Oakland, CA
Rev Dr Lucretia Mann, Santa Cruz, CA – Episcopal Diocese of El Camino Real
Kate Bellers, Palo Alto, CA
Marilyn Emery, Kensington MD
Leshu Torchin, Edinburgh, UK (but voting in Brooklyn, NY)
Michele A. Torchia, San Diego, CA
Elaine Ayo, Washington, DC
Rebecca Bedwell, Tucson, AZ
Mary C. Gagnon, Hardwick, VT
Rev. Charlotte Bear, San Jose, CA
Alexandra Desautels, Oakland, CA
Christine Heer, Esq., MSW, LCSW, Warren, NJ – Cheer Consultation
Melanie A De Armond, Los Angeles, CA
Denise Farrer, Seattle, WA
Judith bRogerd, El Cerrito, CA – disability movement
Patricia Sebes, Irwin, PA
Kelsey McLendon, Ann Arbor, MI
Lauree Tilton-Weaver, Omaha, Nebraska
Lieva Whitbeck, Oakland, CA
Eileen Nathanson, Oakland, CA
Rita Connolly, San Francisco, CA
Sara Fieberg, Groton, MA
JD Brucher, Waterloo, IA
Barbara Finch, Maryland
Carol Crooks, Oakland, CA – Gray Panthers
Dana Butler, Orange, CA
Dawn Surman, White Bear Lake, MN
Ann Hesse, Monterey, CA
Emily Martin, Los Angeles, CA
Erin Murphy, Kittery, ME
Vanessa Doyle, Cincinnati, OH
Rebecca Henry, Riverdale Park, MD
Rebecca Oswald, Beaverton, OR
Alex Mechanic, San Francisco
Teresa Wills, San Francisco
Jocelyn Schmidt, London, UK
Jaime Lee Hart, Berkeley, CA
Brittany Radzik, Cape Coral, Fl
Kelly Iverson, Portland, OR
Kerry Healey, Burney, CA
Lou Rattacasa, Hackensack NJ
Rachel Ablow, Buffalo, NY
Leslie E Frank, San Francisco, CA
Karen Gill, Richmond, VA
Jane Herron, Franklin, TN
Donna Torres, Jasper, GA
Jane Herron, Franklin, TN
Jane Messmer, Columbus, OH
Rebecca Ho, Oak Park, IL
Cathleen Collins, Monroe, NJ
Amanda Doster, Montague, MA
Beth Lamont, Berkeley, CA
Clara Hendricks, Cambridge, MA
Cathy Caruso, Neshanic Station, NJ
Gloria Elacqua, Whitehouse Station, NJ
Patti Smith, Norfolk, VA – MotherBoard
Kay Mazzetta, Asbury, NJ
Melika Edquist, Brooklyn, NY and Milwaukee, WI
Nancy Wick, Norfolk, VA – MotherBoard 757
Bryna Elder, Asbury, NJ
Julie Waters, McLean, VA
Amy Kusen, Aston, PA
Kathryn Kells, Mendham, NJ
Rebecca Worley Olvera, Atlanta GA
Loraine Hutchins, Sandy Spring, MD
Kate Rietberg, Suffield, CT
CT Moulton, Henrico, VA
Susan Vaillant, Madison, WI – Democrats Abroad
Carla Licavoli, Brooklyn, NY
Paula Diedrich, Marquette, MI
Miriam Ruchman, Livingston, NJ
Karen Chickering, Waltham, VT
Deborah Ward, Hadley, MA
Machelle Berry, Oakland, Ca.
Stacey Kigar, Washington, D.C.
Elizabeth Martin, Mt Propect, IL
Cheryl Dawn Vandenhandel, Broken Arrow – Lawyer Moms of America
Judy Gold, New Jersey
Lisa Cerone, Glen Gardner, NJ
Isabelle Van Sickell, Leonia, NJ
Sarae Pacetta, Columbus, OH
Vanessa Dieterly, Richmond, VA
Ali M, Washington DC
Alexis Kielwasser, Ypsilanti, MI
Catherine Ringel Fasano, Fountainville PA
Kathe Losch, Lambertville, NJ
Mallory Haar, Portland, ME
Christina Brady, Arlington, VA
Yael Niv, Princeton, NJ
Samantha Smith, New York, NY
Rebecca Walker-Keegan, Hagerstown, MD
Kristin, Ithaca, NY
Caetlin Benson-Allott, Washington DC
Elizabeth Skelley, Northampton, MA
Lee Anne Leland, Mc Clellanville, SC
K Wright, Alexandria, Virginia
Greta, Winston-Salem, NC
Andrea Gordon, Melrose, MA
Susan McNeill, St Petersburg, FL
Crystal Polski, Minneapolis, MN
Jennifer Leavey, Boston, MA
Kelly Waud, Washington, DC
Hannah Giles, Chatham, NY
Beth Berila, Minneapolis, MN
Hannah Burke, Philadelphia, PA
The. Rev. Paula J. Toland, Swansea, MA – Episcopal priest
Bobbie Falls, Santa Fe, NM
Amy Rhinesmith, Glen Gardner, NJ
Atsuko Biernot (Asian-Am), Virginia Beach, VA
Mary Meyer, Los Angeles, CA
Tori Egherman, Champaign, Il
Maria woodbury, Portland, ME
Amanda Schwartz, Charleston, WV
Maria woodbury, Portland, ME
Erin Pittman, Batavia, IL
Maria woodbury, Portland, ME
Jane Dyer, Alto, MI
Laura Buckley, Deltona, FL
LYNN Fena, Makinen, MN
Gwenn Laubach Alvarez, Portland, OR
Judith Bridger, East Lansing, MI – Michigan Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence
Millicent P West, Philadelphia, PA – Public Health Consultation
Jessica, Phoenix, AZ
Katherine Parker Bryden, CNM, Cedar Falls, IA – American College of Nurse-Midwives, Iowa Affiliate
Laura Berman, Brooklyn, NY
Sima Higg, Haddonfield, NJ
Lina Chambers, Austin, TX
Joanne Mattera, New York, NY
Faye Schofield, Royal Oak, MI
Jacqueline A. Gordon, Long Island, New York
Nancy Wolf, Los Angeles, CA
Carole Dennis, Hickory, NC
Kathy Bridgeman, Vienna, VA
Abby McEntee, Western Springs, IL
Jennifer E., Prospect, KY
Mary Beth Leone-Getten, St. Paul, MN
Lauren Starrett, Grand Rapids, MI
Nancy Kilmartin, Virginia Beach – TWW
Anne Moore, South Hadley, MA – Univ of Massachusetts, Amherst
Regina Drenik, West Sacramento, Ca
Lyn Cox, Baltimore, MD
Roxanne Miller, Bradenton, FL
Susan Heggestad, Vermillion, SD
Nicole Atipp, Louisville, KY
Jonathan Musselwhite, Louisville, KY
Maria woodbury, Portland, ME
Jessica L. Jones, Madison, WI – National Organization for Women, Madison Chapter
Gaia Quay, Hood River, Oregon
Kristen Callow, Sydney, Australia – NY- District 10 voter
Jacob Clifton, Austin, TX
Dara M. Bergmann, Norfolk, VA
Annaka Larson, Minneapolis, MN
Sam Rigby, Portland, ME
Julia Leonard, Iowa City, IA
Livia Spilotro, Chicago, Il
Pam Ross, Washington, DC
Spring Dawson-McClure, Hillsborough, NC
Jean Prokott, Rochester, MN
Michaele Scott, Grants, NM
Anita Fiessi, Berkeley, CA
Brooke Tomlinson, Philadelphia, PA
Jane Anne Henderson, Elkridge, MD
Deborah Bell, Pawtucket, RI
Ellie Miller, Brooklyn, NY
Monique Dowgin, Flemington, NJ – Raritan Township Democratic Committee
Wendy James, Burbank, CA
Kristin Wunder, Brooklyn, NY
Kelly Dennis, Providence, RI
Sarah Barnes, Gainesville, FL
Sita Powell, Madison, WI
Sarah Van Cleave, Oakland, CA
Scott Cory, Washington, DC
Dawn Marie Flynn, Sun City Center, FL
Tiffany Mecca, Seattle, WA
Deborah Kahn, Brookeville, MD
Juli Hendren, Albuquerque, NM
Moria Golub, Albany, Oregon
Stephanie Sabia, Manassas, VA
Jennifer D. Moss, PhD, West Lafayette, IN
Bernadette Brooten, Ph.D., Cambridge, MA – Brandeis University; Director, Feminist Sexual Ethics Project
Rachel M. Carkhuff, Amherst, MA
Amy Pierre, Oakland, CA
Erin Armstrong, Albuquerque, NM
Michele Bordelon, Virginia Beach, VA
Janet Schwenke, Auburn, NY
Priscilla Fujimura, Fair Lawn, NJ
Rena Levin, Arlington, VA
Ruta Bertulis, Austin, TX
Kara Edin, Jamestown, CO
Melissa Woods, Washington, DC
Kirsten Ebeltoft, Jacksonville, FL
Katherine O’Connell, Alexandria, VA
Amy Buckingham, Ionia, MI
Quincy Andrus, Kelseyville, California
cheryl barton, Avalon, NJ – Indivisible Cape May County NJ
Laura Lindner, Frederick, MD
Jennifer Stucker, Seattle, WA
Reverend Jane Quandt, Lompoc, CA – United Church of Christ
Kate Spencer, Pacific Grove, CA
Rachel Klabunde, Medford, OR
Tricia Forbes, Austin, TX
Alice A Gustafson, Glenwood Springs
Lynne Keener, Santa Cruz, CA
Kayah Swanson, Colorado Springs, CO
Kate Loring, Virginia Beach, VA
Whitney Nelson, Boston, MA
Whitney Nelson, Boston, MA
Angela Levy, Oakland, CA
Betsy Barnum, Minneapolis, MN – Green Party of Minnesy
Kristina Benns, Los Angeles, ca
Heather Malcolm, Campbell, CA
Laura Brunner, PhD, Denver, CO
Heidi M Ravven, Cazenovia – Hamilton College
Carol Norris, Santa Fe, NM
Amy Rosenberg, Haddon Heights, NJ
Carol Shimeall, Olathe
Miranda Burrage-Goodwin, Weston, MA
Cynthia, Suffolk, VA
Holly Pai, Bellingham, Wa
Amanda Pachios, Easthampton, MA
Margaret Rush, Richmond, VA
Ashley Martin, Nashville, TN
George Carter, Brooklyn, NY
Desiree Sanchez, Boulder, CO
Katy Daily, Portland, OR
Marcy Norton, Philadelphia, PA – University of Pennsylvania
Jill Gillespie, Granville
Sandra S. Salus, New York, NY
Laura Willett, Chattanooga
Dr. Kara Kendall-Morwick, Lawrence, KS
Leah Forst, N. Chesterfield, VA
Joyce Michael, Owings Mills, MD
Susan Garrett, Hampton, VA
Cheryl Wilson, Portland, OR
Deborah A Berman Biddle, Haddon Hts.
Susan McDonald, Warwick, NY
Sarah Crane Newman, Oakland, CA
Celeste Leibowitz, Brooklyn
Ann Mongoven, St Paul, MN
James Leo, New Paltz, NY
Bruce Leibowitz, Brooklyn
Madeleine Shaner, Tempe, AZ
Fiona McKenna, Poughkeepsie, NY
Jennifer Kotila, Isanti, MN
Rhunette Humrich, Milwaukee, WI
Jessica Feierman, Jenkintown, PA
Frances Richard, Oakland, CA
Patty Geary, Upland, CA
Sarah Black, Glendale, CA
Denise E. Stewart, Santa Monica, CA
Loretta Borowsky, Flemington, NJ
Sarah Shields, Chicago, IL
Maria Carrion, Atlanta, GA
Marlene, Chicago Heights ILL
Melimda Jenkins, Easthampton, MA
Isobel J. Lechner, Alturas, Ca
gail shulman, Cambridge, MA
Erin Berendes, Snohomish, WA
Helene Wenzel, San Francisco, CA*
Leyla Nakisbendi, Pleasantville
Joanne M. Sheehan, Plymouth, MA
Orly M Hersh, Boulder, CO
Cynthia MacKay, Portland, ME
Kathleen Dowd, West Springfield, MA
Audrey Crittendon-Thompson, Detroit, MI
Marteena Caple, Tacoma
Jodi Frediani, Santa Cruz, CA
Mia Houtermans, Berkeley, CA
Christina Miller, Brooklyn, NY
Amy Woodson-Boulton, Santa Monica, CA – Indivisible CA-33
Noelle Rizer, Salt Lake City, UT
Terri Townsend, Kittanning, PA
Stana Weisburd, New Paltz, NY
Eliza Bryant, Chicago, IL
Sarah Coffin, St Louis, MO
Kristen Baldwin Deathridge, PhD, Boone, NC
Sue Culhane, Studio City, CA
Deana Strauss, Atlanta, GA
Sarah Fix, Washington, NJ
Bonnie Willdorf, San Francisco, CA*
Elizabeth A. Drummond, Los Angeles, CA
Nona Weiner, San Jose, CA
Rebecca Strum, Weybridge, VT
Leigh Cohan, Cary, NC
Tanya Brown, Berkeley, CA
Jan Daugharty, Coeur d Alene, ID
Tisa Wenger, Hamden, CT – Yale University
Kristen Hayden-West, Richmond, VT
Cathleen McGrath, Los Angeles, CA
Rhonda McKitten, Meadowbrook, PA
Shauna Zotalis, Minneapolis, MN
Whitney-rose E. Levis, Redmond
Sacha Emerson, West Tisbury, MA
Megan Moore, Missoula, MT
Theo Greenblatt, Newport RI
Katherine Tobin Drummond, Bronxville, NY
Monica Riddell, Santa Rosa, CA
Jo Brown, Baltimore, MD – Peaceable City
Virginia Landgreen, Eugene, OR
Amy Kott, San Francisco, CA*
Donna Pollock, Norwood, NJ
Hallie Clawson, Seattle, WA
Deborah Wald, San Francisco, CA* – The Wald Law Group
Bethany Leavey, Somerville, MA
Rita Luongo, Phoenix, AZ
Suzanne A. Sanders, Rohnert Park, CA
Heidi “Sid” Grassbaugh, Minneapolis, MN
Debbie Stillman, Minneapolis, MN
Maya Gonzalez, San Francisco, CA*
Eileen A Kelty, Murrells Inlet, SC
kathleen downer, Rockport, MA
Beverly Kienzle, Waltham, MA – Harvard, MA
Melissa Saarijarvi Peck, Virginia Beach, VA
Randall Nichols, Charleston, WV
Charlotte Souser, Richmond, VA
Stephanie Monk, Seattle, WA
Susan Felice Hough, San Jose, CA
Jennifer Walner, New Orleans, LA
Lynda Ray, Ann Arbor, MI
Melissa, East Walpole, MA
Lorraine Blasor, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Gwynne Kostin, Washington, DC
Laura Stelter, Faribault, MN
Jaime Armin Mejía, San Marcos, TX
Liza DiPrima, Madison, WI
Amy Lavine, New York, NY
Melissa Totten, East Walpole, MA – M+Co: Premium Archival Research
Alison Broadbent, New Jersey
Kate Cockrill, Portland, OR
Christina Russoniello, Asbury, NJ
Anne Marie DeMeo, Plainsboro, NJ
Leeann Glick, Tucson, AZ
Colette Rowe, Berkeley, CA
Sarah Wetherson, Portland, OR
Monica J. Casper, Tucson, AZ
Nancy A Taylor, San Jose, CA
Barbara Grothus, Albuquerque, NM
Mia Blitstein, Elkins Park, PA
Catherine Browning, Pinole, CA
Martha Webber, Goleta, CA
GR McIntyre, Crete, IL
Brian Holland, Ewing, NJ
Sally Ness, San Francisco, CA*
Susi Beck, New Orleans, LA
Jennifer Hjorthaug, Paducah, KY
Sarah Milston, Richmond, VA
Judith Best, Gainesville, FL
Sarah King, Washington, DC
Eve Madalengoitia, Poughkeepsie NY
Leigh VanHandel, East Lansing, MI
Cindy Rose, O’Fallon, MO
LeAnne Cox, Portland, OR
Victoria Delaney, Binghamton, NY – Justice and Unity for the Southern Tier
Mariah Newman, Portland, OR
Candace Winch, Portland, OR
Moriah Mudd-Kelly, Louisville, KY
Nancy Yount, Lacey, WA
Nina Chernoff, Brooklyn, NY
Rev. Shelley Somerville, Palm Springs, CA – United Church of Christ
Elsie Kreider, Englewood, OH
Cheryl C. Quinto, Sherman Village, CA
Kristin Roman, Staten Island, NY
Karen Topping, Washington, DC
Rebecca Bailey, Reading, MA
Mardi Moore, Longmont, CO
Maryellen Whittington-Couse, Tillson, NY
Jennifer Hendrickson, Beaverton
Edie, PA
Amber, Portland
Monica P., Palo Alto, CA*
Elizabeth Phyle, Minneapolis, MN
Beth Wright, Austin, TX.
Kasey Wilson, Washington, DC
Domenica Ruta, Brooklyn, NY
Susan McGinnis, Chesapeake, VA
Alison Easterling, Lawrenceville, NJ
Kristen Johansen, Santa Barbara, CA
Darlene Mayers, Luther
Katherine Bernheim, San Anselmo, CA
Elizabeth Gillhouse, Kansas City, MO
Sara Sobel, Meirose Park, PA
Samantha C, Astoria, NY
Evelyn Wenger, Hampton Falls, NH
Claire Dawkins, Palo Alto, CA
Annunziata van Voorene, MSW, LCSW, Lower Lake – Any Positive Change Inc.
Kelly Coney, Chicago, IL
Ellen Woodward-Taylor, San Diego, CA
Carol L. Rogers, Washington, DC
Dana Haasz, San Francisco, CA*
Rachel Schend, Bloomington, IN
Mary Kelley, Earlton, NY – Kingston Democracy Defenders
Patricia J Potter, Alexandria
Barbara Shiller, New Haven, CT
Christy, Corbett
Felicia Gagliasso, Napa, CA
Helen Corkin, Okemos
Angie Birkett, Pacific Grove, CA
Janet Ping, San Antonio TX
Vicki Dello Joio, Oakland, CA*
Theresa Youngblom, Richfield, MN
Patricia Phillips-Batoma, Savoy, IL
Gina DeMeo  , Savannah, GA
Patricia Phillips-Batoma, Savoy, IL
Alexys Buckner, Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Sheila Addison, Oakland, CA* – Margin to Center Consulting
Lois Rita Helmbold, PhD, Oakland, CA
Elizabeth Scheel-Keita, Brooklyn Park, MN
Liana Brooks-Rubin, Washington, DC
Karanina Scheel, Brooklyn Park, MN
Amber Peckham, Indianapolis, IN
Tara Brungardt, Oakland, CA*
Sarah Block, Cambridge, MA
Suzanne Levin, NY
Rosalyn Harmon, Yorktown, Virginia  – Peninsula Indivisible
Courtney Martin, Bakersville, NC
Debra Cash, Belmont
Susan J. Lee, Psy.D., Waltham, MA
Anne Kofmehl, Austin, TX
Karen Hoene, East Lansing
Cynthia Williams, Groton, MA
Alison Hodges, Cambridge, MA
Jessica Anthony, Berkeley, CA*
Karen Countryman, West Lafayette, IN
Carrie Hubbell Melgarejo, Washington, DC
Susan Andrews, Minneapolis, MN – Boneshaker Books
Tara Walls, Black Diamond, WA
Leslie Poynor, Oakland, CA
Amy Ferris, Dingmans Ferry, PA
Naomi Aron, Cambridge, MA
Amy Jo Vrieze, Durham, NC
Pam Kabrick, Independence, MO
Rachel Trousdale, Belmont, MA
Kelly Tooker, Elkhart, IN
Judith Hirschman, Mount Vernon, NY
April Hughes, Boston, MA
Elena Dahl, Yellow Springs, OH
Rachel Wexelbaum, St Cloud, MN
Alicia Stewart, Northampton, MA
Karen Bradfield, El Cerrito, CA*
Lynda Lee, Princeton, NJ
Julia Clemons, Washington, DC
Keren Stanley, Oakland, CA
Betsy Erbaugh, Northfield, NJ – Stockton University
Andrea Milton, MS, RHIA, Oldsmar, FL
Madelyn Ore, Sebastopol, CA
Bethany Locke, Minneapolis, MN
Jan Walsworth, Lansing, MI – MI Dems
Rebecca Meyer, Berkeley, CA*
Shoshanna Green, Belmont, MA
Meredith Hutchison, New York, NY
Wendy Jehlen, Somerville, MA
Lynda Lee, Princeton, NJ
B Avalon, Berkeley, CA*
Roxanna Myhrum , Cambridge, MA
Patricia Abraham, Mesa, AZ
Pam Edgeworth, Carrollton, GA
Rebecca Burch, Jamaica Plain, MA
Iliana Cordero, Hayward, CA
Carol Y Swinehart, East Lansing, MI
Christina Cricket Fuller, Washington, DC
Amanda Shapiro, Brooklyn, NY
Leslie J. Decker, Sammamish, WA
Judith L. Mason, Portland, OR
Susan Bronstein North, Arlington Heights, IL
Liz Koffel, MD, Richfield, MN – Richfield Social Justice Community
Kathryn A. Lawrence , Richmond, VA
Sara Miller, Syracuse, NY
Maureen Noble, Palm Desert, CA*
Aubrey Francisco, Menlo Park, CA
Diana Welte, Wilmington, NC
Marnie Singer, Fremont, CA
Leslie Holcombe, Bennington, NH
Vanessa Allaway, Boston, MA
Deb Rowland, Virginia Beach,VA
Joanna Taylor, Somerville, MA
Margaret Sims, Watertown, MA
Anne Leonard, Retired MA, LP, St. Cloud, MN
Betsy Eudey, Twain Harte, CA
Eleanor van Hest, Davis, CA
Heather Turner, Los Angeles, CA
Kelly Quirk, Maplewood, NJ
Becca Mason, Brooklyn, NY
Shari Brooks, Pacifica, CA
Clara Lee, Pacifica, CA
J A Mandinach, Palo Alto, CA*
Cady Landa, Rockaway Park, NY
Karen Cunningham, Newport, RI
Andre Deravanessian, Los Angeles, CA
Bridget Colvin, Boston, MA
Jessica Stinson, Glen Gardner, NJ
Natalie Deyneka, Charleston, SC
Juliana Francis Kelly, New York, NY
Laura Diamondstone, Boonville, CA
Molly McNeilly, Palm Desert, CA*
Bari Brodsky, MD, Cambridge, MA
Jan Hayne, Stillwater, MN
Gisel Gonzalez , Las Vegas
Rachel Dearborn, San Francisco, CA*
Heather Lord, New York, NY
Pamela Willard, Iowa City, IA
Kirstie Peterson, Sacramento CA
Lauren Glass, East Lansing, MI
Nell Kuhnmuench, East Lansing
Elysia Larson, Burlington, VT
Pamela Wagoner, Portland, OR
Cathy Ginley, North Olmsted, OH
Robin Maupin, Yucaipa, CA*
Annmarie Muehl, Binghamton, NY
Denise Falbo, Canton, MA – Indivisible Canton
Jennifer Pokempner, Philadelphia, PA
Laura Jenkins, Saint John, IN
Kelly Lane, Pittsboro, NC
Amber Karnes, Richmond, VA
Brigetta Barone, Dallas, TX
Rachel Markowitz, New Paltz, NY
Kate Rooney, Seattle, WA
Rev. Lois Powell, Cleveland Heights, OH
Ronda Stevenson, Las Vehas, NV
Raphaela Abramson, Fair Lawn, NJ
Margaret Wolf, Denver, CO
Danielle Nichols, Portland
Sarah Krieger, Philadelphia
Anne E., Brooklyn, NY
Rebecca Feinberg, Albany, CA*
Kaitlyn Maeve Quackenbush, Oakland, CA – Showing Up for Racial Justice
Mary Nunn, Phoenix, AZ
Ellen Schillace, St. Paul, MN
Allie Robbins, Forest Hills, NY
Debra Hornbecker, Portland, OR
Jessica Waggoner, Houston, TX
Margaret Bertrand, Los Osos, CA
Patty Wilson, Oak Hill, VA
Beth Baker, Los Angeles, CA
Jordan Dinos, Greenville, SC
Meredith Wendell, Bloomington, IN
Hope Campbell, San Jose, CA
Rhonda Taube, Riverside, CA – Riverside City College
Paula Tang, Oakland, CA*
Stacey Pelinka, El Sobrante, CA
Kathleen Boergers, Oakland
Jen Bekman, San Francisco, CA*
Rev. Julie Forest, San Diego, CA
Eleanor Mulshine, Chicago, IL
Pamela Malcolm, Staatsburg, NY
Beth Greenfeld, Silver Spring, MD
Kelly Hardy, El Cerrito, CA
Sarah Decker, Bloomington, IN
Nicola Ginzler, San Francisco, CA*
Stephanie Crowley, Redwood City, CA
Linda Thornton Lakey, Wilmington, DE
KC Still, Berkeley, CA*
Jean OSullivan, Los Angeles, CA
Tess Timoney, New York, NY
Zoe Donnellycolt, Oakland
Ashley Kelmore, Seattle, WA
Kelly Styler, Palos Heights, IL
Wendy Aronoff, Cranston, RI
Lucia Pier, Los Angeles, CA
Sarah Colvario, Boston, MA
M. Hayes, Lynn, MA
Maria Woodbury , Portland, ME
Andrea Miller, Brooklyn, NY
Marsha H Latham, Harvest, AL
P Teising, Oakland, CA*
Yvonne Melton, Long Beach CA
Kathleen Simmons, Scottsdale, AZ
BJ Middendorf, Placitas, NM
Hanna Hjord, San Francisco, CA
Christina Luke, Redwood City, CA
Megan Rolfes, Fremont, CA
Dee Miner, Hampton, VA
Kristina Gelardi, Sacramento, CA*
Mary Daniel, Troy, VA
S. Badiee, Mountain View, CA
Jazlyn Mooney, Los Angeles, CA – University of California Los Angeles
Kayla Kahan, Lansdowne, PA
Rachel Condry, Oakland, CA
Jen Stout, Eliot, ME
Rachel, Los Angeles, CA
Rachel Gordon, Dingmans Ferry, PA
Vicki Sanderlin, Cypress, TX
Dr. Patricia Zavella, Santa Cruz, CA*
Doreen Libby, Florence, MA
Sonja Jellison, Tulsa
Manjaree Lavers, Lenexa
Julie Miller, San Antonio
Laurie McGuire, Woodstown, NJ
Ariel Berman, Kalamazoo, MI
marian methner, Bellingham WA
Patsy Burke, Reading, MA
Mary Moses, New Orleans, LA
Therese Close, New Orleans, LA
Rebecca Griffin, Oakland, CA
Melissa Aaron, Seattle
Michele David, Portland
Mary Cerutti, San Francisco, CA*
Dr. Patrici Gower, San Antonio, TX
Sarah Holman, Cumberland, ME
Shawn Mansager, Oakland, CA*
Susan Gordon, Santa Fe, NM
Renita Jones-Street, Cincinnati OH
Sharon Mathews, Virginia Beach, VA
Georgeanna Dent, Bloomington, IN
Connie Fox, Eufaula, OK
Mimi Abegglen, Martinez, CA*
Mary Waugaman, North Attleboro, MA
Jeanne Meden, Charleston, SC
Kim Goetzke, Orland Park, IL
Carol Hewitt, Redwood City, CA*
Deanna Libby-O’Connor, Boston, MA
suzanne marie williamson, Laurel, MD
BL Meyer, Seattle, WA
Cheryl Askew, Westfield, NJ
Sara Deneweth, Brooklyn, NY
Elizabeth S., Chicago, IL
India Meesig, Cleveland, OH
Bridget Handke, Apple Valley, MN
Shelagh Bocoum, Washington, DC – Washington Ethical Society
Caroline Kelly, Templeton, CA
Patricia Dent, Columbus, IN
Mahari Tyndale, Orlando, FL
Deborah Farrell, Berkeley, CA
JR Schorb, San Francisco, CA*
Ellen Kayser, Swampscott, MA
Gail Williams, San Francisco, CA*
Stella Durgin, New Orleans
Sarah Fockler, Hayward, CA
Faith Stroud, Louisville,KY
Rev. Christine Haider-Winnett, Berkeley, CA
Kathleen Bailey, Oakland – Oakland Technical HS
Sonia Reiter, Brooklyn
Victoria Cross, Richmond, CA
Kath Edsall, East Lansing, MI
Alice Parr, East Lansing, MI
Stephanie Tillman, Dallas, TX
Margaret Hitchcock, San Francisco, CA* – LMFT
Cindy O Goodell, Bozeman MT
Jenise Treuting, Westlake Vlg, CA
Rebecca Gerner, Arlington, MA
Amber Garlan, St. Paul
Laura Diamondstone, Boonville
Jennifer Henegan, Austin, TX
Maria Woodbury, Portland, ME
Cheryl Clark, Chesterfield, VA
Molly De Marco, Chapel Hill, NC
Shannon Benaitis, Darien, IL
Cathy Solarana, Omaha, NE
Laura Keeley, New York, NY
Amy Robertson, Denver, CO – Civil Rights Education and Enforcement Center
Allison Schubauer, Arlington, VA
wendy k. rasmussen, St. Louis Park, MN
Courtney Villanueva, Enoch
Casey Berger, Carrboro, NC
Ryder Lythos, Pittsburgh, PA
Laura Arpiainen, Florence, MA
Sarah J McAnulty, Willimantic, CT – UCONN
Jennifer Brees, Cumberland, RI
Susan Howard, San Diego, CA
Janet Aguilera, Richmond, CA
Eileen Snyder, Madison, WI
Karen Klein, Cambridge, MA
Kathryn Haines, North Chesterfield, VA
Pat Sydes, Knoxville, TN
Cynthia Beebe, Gig Harbor, WA
Dawn Chepke, Charlotte, NC
Sara Barnett, Sarasota, FL
Anne Griffin, Jay, NY
SueAnne Fatula, Seward, PA
Cat Davidson-Hall, Medford, MA
Alix Iron, Oakland, CA*
Monica Goldberg, Bethesda, MD – SURJ
Christina Chauvenet, Carrboro, NC
Rowan Kunz, High Falls, NY
Marianne Drummond, Long Beach, CA
Emily Task, Brooklyn, NY
Susan McKibben, Long Beach, CA
L. Steuart, Durham, NC
Danielle Achiro, Long Beach, CA
Gahl Crane, Long Beach, CA
Marianna Litovich, South Hadley, MA
Pam, Delray Beach Fl
LeeAnne Beres, Seattle, WA
Julie Rosten, Florence
Brianna, Oakland, CA
Marilyn Wann, San Francisco, CA*
Brenna Robertson, Coventry, CT
Lesley Hahn, Fort Collins, CO
Sarah Alexander, Richmond, CA
Kate Lampell, Virginia Beach VA
Carolyn Greenfield, Sterling, VA
Robin Stoker, Mt. Vernon, IA
Lena Dalke, Brooklyn, NY
Amy Katzen, Boston, MA
Rachel Wirth, San Francisco, CA*
Aislynn Wallach, Seattle, WA
Tess, New York, NY
Megan Mattimoe, Toledo, OH
Linda M. Maloney, Enosburg Falls, VT – Episcopal priest
Susan Rannestad Midwife, Pine Bush NY
Virginia Knowlton Marcus, Sacramento, CA
Marsha Rose Katz, Missoula, MT
Grace Schmitt, Bloomington, IN
Lori Selke, Oakland, CA
Susan Marcus, Brooklyn, NY
Sonia Sundelson, Brooklyn, NY
Colleen Breslin, Maple Wood, NJ
Jade McGleughlin, Cambridge, MA
Joy Lindsay, Chicago, IL
Selby Wynn Schwartz, San Francisco, CA*
Pam Godbold, San Francisco, CA*
Bea Wolfe, Sultan, WA
Jeannette Lindholm, Beverly, MA
Deryck Aubert, Colorado Springs, CO – NOI
Linda McKay, Lawrence, KS
Dr. Christine C. Draper, Beverly, MA
abigail mullen, New Orleans, LA
Caitlyn Leiter-Mason, Frederick, MD
Blessing Kobey, Pleasant Hill, CA*
Gwendolyn East, Sykesville
Janet Fischer, Newark, CA*
Phil Rowan, Brooklyn
Katie Nolan, Takoma Park, MD
Caren Gallagher, Eagan, MN
Patricia Brooks, Fayetteville, NC
Eleanor Piez, Richmond CA – Pacific School of Religion
Jessica Voloudakis, Braintree, MA
Amy Scatena, Gilroy, CA
Melissa Sions, Brooklyn, NY
Shana DeClercq, Berkeley, CA*
Olivia Benowitz, Berkeley, CA*
Brianna Carlson, Harlingen, TX
Katherine L Neely, Monroeville, PA
Giselle Castelant, Minneapolis, MN
Shelley L Bresler, Tucson
Penny Steyer, Warwick, NY
Fawn Ganong, Burnsville, MN
Julia Bryan-Diehl, Richmond, VA
Linda Henderson, Eben Junction – MoveOn
Bonnie Askowitz, Miami, FL
Maria Lorenz, Jenkintown, PA
Sara Prentice Manela, Cleveland Heights, OH
Emily Mooney, Toronto, ON
Miriam DesHarnais, Baltimore, MD
Karen T McCormick, Bend, Oregon
Virginia Clark, Sparks, NV
Alexandra, Santa Barbara, CA
Pamela T Gibson, Charlottesville, VA
Audrey Hanmer
Alexandra Kunzle, Durham, NC
Solonia Parish, San Diego, CA
Elena Garcia-Albea, Rockaway, NJ
Christine Danielson, St. Paul, MN
Janet Howe, Warwick, NY
Connie Sierras, Inver Grove Heights, MN – Indivisible Resistance of Eagan & Burnsville
Emily Bolevice, Brooklyn, NY
Maria Woodbury, Portland, ME
Sarah Nickels, Denver, CO
Elaine Davis Phillips, Richmond, VA
Cindy Alvarez, San Francisco, CA*
Alexandra Nicole Hamp, Baker
Adam Nicolai, St. Paul, MN – Director, DFL Congressional District 2
Sherry Bernstein, Pembroke Pines, FL
Elizabeth Randolph, Yorktown, VA
Jacqueline, San Francisco, CA*
Sarah Friedman, Asheville, NC
Carol A. Loscalzo, Montvale, NJ
Allegra Helms, Lynchburg, VA
Juliette Aiyana, Acupuncturist/Herbalist, New York, NY
Victoria Keller, Philo, CA*
Heather Haynes, St. Paul, MN
Susan Andersen, Monroe, WI – Great Plains Zen Center
M. DeStefano, Orlando, FL
Chris Benefield, Minneapolis, MN
Katrina Eaton, Walnut Creek, CA*
Ashlee Wilkins, Silver Spring, MD
Ann Goldberg, Seattle, WA
Heather May, Geneva, NY
Sarah Zaharako, Berkeley, CA
Mary Ma, Hackensack, New Jersey
Samantha Blake, Berkeley, California
Cynthia Joy Wentworth Breen, Ventura, CA*
David Moorer, Carmel Valley, CA*
Hannah Silverstein, Strafford, VT
Jennifer Lucas, Jamestown, CO
Maureen McLane, New York, NY – NYU
Kellie Magnuson, Lawrence, KS
Lisa Taylor, St. Louis, MO
Susan Dobkins, Tacoma, WA
Joyce Hairston MD/MS, Fairfax, Virginia
Theresa Miedema, Savage, MN
Roger Wilhelm, Pioneer, CA
Terri Fashing, Berkeley, CA*
Amy Luckey, San Francisco, CA*
Bridget Woodbury, Washington, DC
Jessie Lynch, Lambertville, MI
Amy Lustig, Philadelphia, PA
Megan Miller, Beloit, WI – Beloit Together
Melissa Kievman, Providence, RI
Katherine Cameron, Alameda, CA – Alameda4Impeachment
Steph Sabin, Pueblo, CO
Miriam Belblidia, New Orleans, LA
Becky Hagan, Apple Valley, MN
Brooke Simmons, PhD, San Diego, CA
Mary Ann Pittman , Raleigh, NC
Melanie Morel-Ensminger, New Orleans, LA – Center for Ethical Living & Social Justice
Erin Branscome, San Rafael, CA
Jessica Guinn, Santa Clara, CA*
Stacie Wallace, San Jose, CA*
Emma Nash, Brookline, MA
Ken Pontac, Sausalito, CA
Elizabeth Blankenship, Thibodaux, LA
Tracey Kerr, Brooklyn NY
Susan Marlin-Zeisler, Monroe, MI
Deirdre White, San Francisco, CA*
Alysa Walker, Portland, OR
Kristina Lane, Boulder, CO
Rona Pryor, Seattle, WA
James Stocks, Vashon, WA
Melinda Bailey, San Francisco, CA*
Jeri Naillieux, Cedar Lake, IN
Akiba Timoya, Tucson, AZ
Eileen MacMullen, Philadelphia, PA
Max Micozzi, Portland
Nan Kane, Agoura, CA*
Ilana Umansky , Eugene, OR – University of Oregon
Jade Mariconi , Hayward, CA
Kathryn Tullis, San Francisco, CA*
Antwann Roundtree, Gainesville, FL -CBC
Amber Crowley, Berkeley, CA
Charlene Charles, New York
Heather Barnett, Seattle, WA
Katie Chapman, Eatonville, WA
Susan, Seattle, WA
Gaia Pine, Oakland, CA
Jane Segal, San Francisco, CA*
Karin Waggener, Walnut Creek, CA*
Diane Carleton, Holyoke, MA
Jo Ann Lewis, Wilmington, DE
Lisa Dyson, Burbank, CA
Marjan Rafat, PhD, Nashville, TN
natalie abrams, Herndon, VA
Marina Spezakis, Astoria, NY
Sandra Lubkin, Mountain View, CA
Judith Walker, Portland, OR
N G, Brookline, MA
Dr Emily Campbell, Lorain, OH
melanie swiercinski, San Francisco, CA*
Marjorie Provost Goldbaum, MSW, LICSW, LADC, Haverhill, MA – We are ONE
Maud Essen, St. Louis, MO
Linden Higgins, Burlington, VT – Education for Critical Thinking
Christine Mitton, Chagrin Falls, OH
Sara Kendrick Thomas, Los Angeles, CA
Charles Alexander Zorn, New York, NY
Gaia So, Paradise, CA*
Jamie Crow, Lawton, OK
Kathryn L Ranieri, Bethlehem, PA – Muhlenberg College
Lynda Del Genis, Baltimore, MD
Levia Shanken, New York, NY
Robert Sager, Jamaica, VT
Rev. Phyllis Hubbell, Gaithersburg – Unitarian Universalist Association
Paula Sharp, Indianapolis, IN
Melinda Chateauvert, Washington, DC – Front Porch Research Strategy
Wendy Christensen, NJ
Alison Lorraine, Las Vegas, NV
Leslie Sobel, Ann Arbor, MI
Racheal Frampton, Omaha, NE
Gillian White, Ann Arbor, MI
Neath Oum, Tokyo, Japan
Liz Rover Bailey, Needham, MA
Carol Smolinsky, Salem, MA
Mary Jo Lowery, Richmond, VA
Susan LeDrew, Springfield, VT
Emily Gardel, Boston, MA
Bobbi Fox, Newton Centre, MA
Caryn Rainey, Waterford, MI
Ronnie DiComo, Framingham MA
Brittany Green, Wilkinsburg, PA
Kelly Watson, Raleigh, NC
Shannon Gaggero, Atlanta, GA
Bonnie Whitehouse, Springfield, MA
Alene LaRosa, Marshfield MA
Wendy Coren, wellington, Fl
Jeannine Booton, Medford, MA
Michael Contreras, Chesapeake, VA
Liz Haigney Lynch, Montclair, NJ
Dana Stern, MI
Sylvia Stern, Bloomfield Hills, MI
Rhonda Rob, Richmond, VA
Dr. Jennifer Corwin, Reading, MA
Carol Devoss, St. Charles, IL
Tyrena Brown, Baltimore, MD
Adriana Costache, Boston, MA
Blythe, Piscataway, NJ
Kathy Bougher, Denver, CO
T Allen, Waco, TX
Kristy McKinney, High Falls, NY
Diana Guernsey, Janesville, WI
Gina L. Randolph, Tampa, FL
Meghan Carnahan, Reading, MA
Kathleen Kosman, Berkley, MI
Rebecca Straple, Portage, MI
Elizabeth Roop, Orlando, FL
Emily Womack, Big Spring, TX
Mary Kay Christophersen, Johnson City, TN
Joan L. Slepian, Ph.D., Madison, NJ
Karen Honour, Bellingham, MA
Debra Davison, South Plainfield, NJ
Marco Jo CLate, Palisades, NY
Catherine McDougal, Agawam, MA – Agawam Democratic Town Committee and Action Together
Elizabeth Christian, Duluth, GA
Claudine Montes, Escondido, Ca
Linda A Vrabel, Hurricane, UT
Lindsay Eanet, Chicago, IL
Lark Jarvis, Livingston, TX
Sue Caldwell, Baltimore, MD
Kelly I. McGee, Pawtucket, RI
Keri MacRae, Ipswich, MA
Courtney Gray, Wakefield, MA
Ericka Roberts, Union, KY
Margaret O’Connor, Somerville, MA
Lark Jarvis, Livingston, TX
Clare O’Donoghue, Boston, MA
Alyssa Gagnon, Chicopee,MA
Sheila Magovern, Acton, MA
Clare F, Boston, MA – DSA
Cheryl Pail, Dennis, MA
Patricia Best, Los Angeles, CA
Maria Hazen Lewis, Furlong, PA
Pamela Lowell, Berkley MA
Rev. CC Coltrain, Dayton, OH
Margot Kushel, Berkeley, CA
Susan Schillmoeller, Aurora, IL
Susan Edwards, Somerville, MA
Tracy Roach, Alma, MI
Karla Fortunato, West Hartford, CT
E Warren, NY, NY
Mary Alice Ball, Silver Spring, MD
Emily Hager, St. Peters, MO
Dianne Rees, Millis
Ardys Jenkins, Vergas, MN
Lisa O’Connor, Billerica, MA
Carolyn Hottinger, Louisville, KY
Rachel Labare, New Paltz, NY
Dominique Jeannot, Brooklyn
Linda D’Ambra, Prividence RI
Mari Helen High, Tucson, AZ – National Organization for Women
Jodi Rooney, Needham, MA
Natalya Davis, MD, Norwell, MA – Norwell Town Democrats
A. Nora Long, Boston, MA
Cheryl Howland, Leverett, MA
Lisa N Johnston, St. Petersburg, FL
Risa Vay, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Kelsey Ryland, Mount Rainier, MD
Mary Sue Bottstein, York, PA
Kirsten Frazier, South Barre, MA
Taylor Singh, Lexington, MA – Town Meeting Member, Board of Lexington League of Women Voters
Catelyn Spencer, Oakland, CA
Ellen Bravo, Milwaukee, WI
Julia Reticker-Flynn, Washington DC
Patricia L Selby, Grosse Ile, MI
Tricia Kell, Des Moines
Sharon Davis, Bangor, PA
Lucinda Lucey, Belchertown, MA
Hillary Hoffman, Greenfield, MA
Susan Watson, East Greenbush, NY
Jen McGowan, Los Angeles, CA
Marcy Mistrett, Washington, DC
Judy Northrop, Laguna Woods, CA
Jane Litwin Taylor, Wendell, MA
Meghan Tighe, Washington, DC
Katherine Herries, Astoria, NY
Leah Smith, Brighton, TN
Brigid Mack, Albany,NY
Michelle Noe, Grass Valley , California
Fran Linkin, New York, NY
Heidi Abramson, Berkeley, CA
Susan Medsker-Nedderman, Hastings, NE
Elizabeth Merz, Fergus Falls – Fergus Falls Area NOW
Laura Symons, Bedford, VA
Rose Glenn, Hammond, IN
Rosa Soto, New Jersey
Deborah Armstrong, Upper Marlboro, NJ
Candace Miller-Janidlo, Cincinnati, OH
Krista Martel, Brooklyn, NY
Pichchenda Bao, Long Island City, NY
Katie Edwards, Needham, MA
Anathea Simpkins, Brooklyn
Lisa Stratford, Leverett, MA
Misti Nicole Harper, Springdale
Barbara Tiner, Leverett, MA
Janet Grigsby, San Antonio. TX – Bexar County Democratic Women
Johanne A Rokholt, Pittsburgh, PA – DSA
Jessica Karwatske, Nashua, NH
Elizabeth Whitcomb, Melrose, MA
Heather Rodgers, Washington, DC
Amanda Moffett, Nashville, TN
Vicky Aldrich, Salem, VA
Sarah Gupton, Sunrise, FL
ALisa Starkweather, Templeton, MA
Naomi Yanis, Northampton, MA
Martha Dugan, Virginia Beach, VA
Jessica Cleveland, Agawam, MA
Meghan Rutherford, Washington, DC
Helen Harbold Murray, Salt Lake City, UT
Emily Baker, Minneapolis, MN
Vivian MacKinnon, Tucson, AZ
Sarah Porter, Brooklyn, NY
Anna Muraco, Los Angeles, CA
Sally Brzozowski, Somerville, MA
Elizabeth Kayes, Mashpee, MA
Gale Halpern, Cambridge, MA
Arielle Jennings, Arlington, MA
Katherine Johnson, Washington, DC
Liz Merrow, Washington, DC
Laura Landolt, Oxford, MI – Oakland University
Melissa Bassett, Milford, Massachusetts
Rachel Rosen DeGolia, Cleveland Heights, OH
Dawn Marie Trouvé, Seattle, WA
Megan Kovacs, Portland, OR
Deneen Nowell, Winchester, MA
Teresa Sullivan, Orange City ,Florida
Erika Ulanecki, Oxford, CT
Robyn Powell, Framingham, MA
Dawn “Alba” Graeff, Alameda, CA
Kate COllins, Laurel Park, Northampton, MA
Julia Robinson, Victorville,Calif.
Sarah Cutting-Mills, Old Greenwich
Kristen Ohiaeri, Reno, NV
Liz Epperson, Lexington, KY
Angela Rubenstein, Boston, MA
Vivian Gainer, Boston, MA
Maureen Stutzman, Oakland, CA
Alexandra Paul, Merrick, NY
Rachel Trousdale, Quincy, MA
Christine Kerr, Yonkers, NY
Jill Blum, Baltimore, MD
Rachel Gordon, Greenfield, MA
Laura Walsh, Lakewood, CO
M. Ramirez, Providence, RI
Kim Frankenfield Chiz, RN, Coopersburg, PA – Allentown Women’s Center
Kathryn Dawson, Seattle, WA
Beth Dahlman, Washington, DC
Tammy King, Waltham, MA
Kathleen Keogh, Wappingers Falls, NY
Talia Parker, Pasadena, CA
Kathryn Payne, Saline, Mi
Emily Feit, Ulster Park, NY
Cynthia Davidson, Port Jefferson, NY
Alecia Domer, Needham, MA
Amie Dowling, San Francisco
Christopher Fisher, Petaluma, CA – The Raucous Rooster
Jacqueline Romeo, Jamaica Plain, MA
Susan, B’more, MD
Michelle Henman, Long Beach, CA
Kellie Ann Green, Studio city, CA
Anne Hall, San Jose, CA
Robin Carton, Somerville, MA – Kayak Consulting Group
Natalie Ingraham, Oakland, CA
Meg Schmitt, NY, NY
Davinia Forgy, Silver Spring, MD
Paul M. Taylor, Severna Park, MD
Naomi Housman, Elkins Park, PA
Patricia Guilfoyle, Elkhorn, WI
Kathleen Meinhofer, Boston Massachusetts
Rachel Wiederhoeft, Los Angeles, CA
Sandra Garcia, Nederland, CO
Amy Rosenbaum, Brooklyn, NY
Susan Myers, Seattle, WA
Michelle Rogge Gannon, Vermillion, SD
Liela tracy, Cranston, RI
Tracy Pepper, Grass Valley
Lisa Rathjens, Saratoga, CA
Julie Wedge, Rocklin, CA
Dorothy Moloney, Holman, NM
Danielle Silber, New York, NY
Anne Mitchell, Covington, KY
Dan Hrigora, Santee, CA
Katherine Sawyer, Cambridge, MA
Lisa Osterman, Indianapolis, IN
JoAnne Rome, Northampton, MA
Melinda Brainerd, Middletown, CT – LOCAL in Central CT
Kathy Spillman, Buffalo, NY
Cherokee Schill, Portland OR
Laurel Muniz, San Francisco, CA*
Pattie Pardini-Barrett, Chico, CA
Kathryn McKinney, Huntsville, AL
Anya Martinez, Valparaiso, IN
Maggie Lord, Grass Valley, CA
Teresa Sheedy, Pembroke, MA
Kathleen McGregor, Pasadena, CA
Jamie Vaughn, Reno, NV
Candice Belanoff, Roxbury Crossing, MA
JM. McKenna, Portland, OR
Lucy Berrington, Newton MA
Wanda F Adams, Bridgeville, Ca
Alyson Dewar, Winthrop, MA
Brenda Berlin, San Francisco, CA*
Tracy Futch, Aurora, CO
Liz Griffihs, San Francisco, CA*
Nikki Soich, Morro Bay, CA
Melinda, San Francisco, CA*
Kateland Oakes, Silver Spring, MD
Holly Cuthbertson, Roseville
Sarah Croucher, Hartford, CT – NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut
Annie Campbell Washington, Oakland, CA
Jackie Thornhill, San Francisco, CA
Michele Kornegay, West Chester, PA
Bonnie Schindhelm, San Francisco, CA
Mylan Hawkins, Reno, NV – Northern Nevada Marches Forward
Constance Augusta Aloysius Zaber, Greenfield, MA
Risha Hess, Amherst, MA
Peggy Boyd, Long Beach, CA
Elizabeth Pride, Philadelphia, PA
Kearney Coghlan, San Francisco, CA* – UCSF
Felicia Sandler, Boston, MA
Lizzie Jekanowski, Los Angeles, CA – California Latinas for Reproductive Justice
Gina Marie Pitti, San Jose, CA
Lansing Wood, Palo Alto CA
Heather White, McLean, TC
Dianna Hunter, Reno, NV
Kisha Borden, San Diego, CA – National Education Association
Lydia Ash, Lawrence, KS
Deanna Morris, Centralia, WA
Julia Ritchie, San Francisco, CA*
Andrea Keaton Martin, McMinnville, TN
Nancy Melli Miller, Mystic, CT
Margaret Koren, Windsor, CA – CA Department of Peacebuilding Campaign
Jeanine Demmon, Roseville
Mary K. Ruggiero, Santa Rosa, CA
Wendi Sims, East Lyme, CT – East Lyme Democratic Town Committee
Rebecca Fisher, Lancaster, PA
Susannah Bartlow, Memphis, TN
Rob Fisher, Philadelphia, PA
Finn Fisher, Philadelphia, PA
Jacqueline Fisher, Philadelphia, PA
Ahleah Gavin, Baltimore, MD
C. Fisher, Philadelphia, PA
B. Fisher, Philadelphia, PA
Marcia Ruth, Sacramento, CA
Kathleen Lilly, Newark, CA
Marylyle McCue, Philadelphia, PA
Dawn Stattine, Brainerd, MN
Maureen Wildey, Ponte Vedra, FL
Susan Kane, Haverhill, MA – Indivisible
Kathleen Hodge, Sandwich, MA
Lauren Beatty, Brooklyn, NY
Jeffrey Brady, Brooklyn, NY
Mary-Caitlyn Valentinsson, Tucson, AZ – University of Arizona
Mary McClintock, Conway, MA
Maren Tarro, Hanover, MD
Kelli Sanders, Ennis, TX
Lisa Marcinkowski June, Niantic, CT
Stacy Quick, West Richland
Alexis Ortega, Seattle, WA
Abra White, Hanson, MA
Carol Radsprecher, Brooklyn, NY
Meaghan Simpson, Fortuna, CA
Claudine Dobbins, Painesville, OH
Lisa Cheby, Los Angeles, CA
Jennifer Leitch, Morrice, MI
Nawz Zahir Talai, San Francisco, CA*
Meghan Michalak, Boston, MA
Adrienne, Ventura, CA – Indivisible Ventura
Kathryn L. Harris, Washington, DC
Jazelle Avery, New London, CT
Karen Shorr, Beverly, MA
Erin Rockwell, Mobile, AL
Melissa Lee, Millbury, MA
Julia Curry, Burlington, VT
Sara Bolnick, Minneapolis, MN
Kristen Ryan, Seattle, Washington
Maria Pascualy, Tacoma, WA – Democratic Socialists of America
Becky Crook, Bainbridge Island, WA
heather kramer, alameda, CA
Leslie Osborn, Ashland, OH
Bree Howard, Santa Clarita, CA
Nicole Chappell-Delgado, Las Vegas, NV
Rebecca Slivka, Seattle, WA
Patricia Stigliani, Bellingham, WA
Gay Block, Santa Fe, NM
Marie Lindberg, Washington, DC
Linea Stewart, Menlo Park, CA
Mel Colwell, Ledyard, CT
Sylvia J Cameron, Torrance, CA
Jasmin Serim, San Francisco, CA*
Angela Mitchell, Holliston, MA
Margaret McNally, Sherman Oaks, CA
Brianna Stallings, Austin, TX
Cristee Ellis, Tacoma, WA.
Diane Turner, Federal Way, WA
Diane Mullen, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Amanda Brock, Palm Coast, FL
Katherine Heins, Traverse City, MI
Shelley Beaumont, Apple Valley. MN
Elizabeth King, Grass Valley, CA
Barbara Schaetti, Clinton, WA
Akiva Wolberg, Washington, DC
Lisa Kramer, Auburn, MA
Elayne Marchbanks, Chicago
Rachael Martin, Los Angeles, CA
Chris Warren, Cedar Rapids, IA
Cindy Getman, Boston, MA
Claire kreck, Colchester, CT
Kimberly Irish, San Francisco, CA
Jennifer QuinnWilliams, Denver
Susan Mahoney, Syracuse, New York
Sarah Alexander, Seattle, WA
Jennifer Olaranna Viereck, Santa Fe, NM
United States, Hastings – Syracuse University WGS
Madeleine Leader, Washington, DC
Meaghan Hardy, Washington, DC
Steve Hippie, Gill, MA
Christina Wallbruch, Lombard, IL
Audrey Sonntag, Arlington, VA
Susan Schuster, Novato, CA
Sara Tolbert, Tucson
Margaret T Merzenich, Oakland, CA
Carolyn Jennings, Westminster, CO
Mary Ellen Goodwin, Ben Lomond, California
Maggie, Washington, DC
Janet Armentor, Bakersfield, CA
Aly Rae, North Liberty, IA
Mary Jo Dickerson, Fairfield
Leslie Coffman, Omaha, NE
Katherine Fugate, Indianapolis
Ella Peterson, Tucson, AZ
Liz Barry, Brooklyn, NY
Amanda F., Washington, DC
Kelsey, Crockett, CA
Marilyn Sneiderman, Washington, DC
Emily Johnson, Washington DC
Regina Rooney, Hope, ME
Susan Voegtly, Cincinnati, OH
Miranda Duval, Mission Viejo, CA
Ana Bender, Waterloo, IA
Elizabeth April, Arlington, VA
Bonnie Jones, Olympia, WA
Kate Kelly, Minneapolis, MN
Linda Brandenburg, Lakewood, OH
Stephanie Gilmore, Ph.D., Huntsville, AL
Chantal Briere, Arlington, VA
Stacy Brobst, Milpitas, CA
Kristine Stratton, Portland, ME
Megan Clark, Berkeley, CA – Showing Up for Racial Justice
Julie Booras, Shrewsbury, MA
Rachel Silbermann, New Haven, CT
Gerri Horka, Hillsborough, CA – NOW / NARAL / Planned Parenthood
Karen M. Irish, Sacramento, CA
Paige Cote, Durham, NC
Liz Brady-Toomey, Cleveland, OH – Compassionate Collaborations
Karis H. Post, Greenfield MA
Colleen, Santa Monica, CA
Jenni D, Northern IL
Alisa, North Chesterfield, VA – LWCC
Sonya Gordon, San Francisco, CA*
Christina Wilkinson, Lake Elsinore, CA
Kate Winkler, Champaign, IL
Gail Martell, Albuquerque, NM
Anne McMonigle, Sacramento, CA
Dr. Elisabeth McCann, Chicago, IL
Elizabeth A Stallcup, Decatur, GA
Kendra J Dowd, Arlington
Kathy Dorsey, Ann Arbor
Mariann Bucina Roca, Boston, MA
Ashley Apple, Midlothian, VA
Rachael ACR Schnurr, Cary, IL
Karen Santamaria, Raleigh, NC
Kris DeForest, Englewood, CO
Jill Marlene, Reno Nevada
Alexandra Thompson, Redwood City, CA
Rachel Bandy, Centennial CO
Joan Allen, Brinnon, WA
Maitland Hemby, Austin, TX
April Spradlin, Indianapolis, IN
Annie Bacon, San Francisco, CA*
Kate, New Fairfield, CT
Robin Shelton, Chesapeake, VA
Kate Rawlinson, Cedaredge, CO
Alison Swallow, Winchester, MA
Donna Troka, Decatur, GA
Rebecca Rugg, Purchase
Shannon Hicks, Salem, OR
Jean Nicolazzo, Providence, RI
Valerie Dutta, Brooklyn, NY
Jean Nicolazzo, Providence RI
Rebecca Kincaid, Portland, OR
Sarah Settle, Denver, CO
Jessica Windrem, Lakeport, CA
Eighmey Zeeck, Falls Church, VA
Kady Overton, Cleveland, OH
Shannon Currier, Oakland, CA – Rise Women Rise
Margaret Olson, Seattle, WA
Carla Lievano, Sudbury, MA
Emma Sell-Goodhand, Durham, NC
Elizabeth Mawhiney, Norwich CT
Mary Sullivan, Boston, MA
Karen Fite, Seattle, WA
Kelly Shannon, Hollywood, FL
Mary-Moore Cathcart, Amherst, MA
Allison Alter, Stow
Stephanie Detwiler, Vashon, WA
Eleanor Sharp, Chicago, IL
John Madill, Berkeley, CA
Miki Hsu Leavey, Napa, CA
Jennifer Harshman, Tucson, AZ
Aspen Lewis, Austin, TX
Alyssa Speece, Lyons, OR
Mallory Roman, Durham, NC
Carol Rivers, Los Altos, CA
Kathryn Brignac, Wallkill, NY
Karissa Weiler, Las Vegas, NV
Genevieve Weber, Portland, Oregon
Liz Clinton, Union Springs, NY
Theresa Stoops, Santa Rosa, CA
Lora Fraracci, Des Moines, IA
Emily O’Dell, Baton Rouge, LA
Julie Young Andrews, Clovis, CA
Olivia Exterovich, J.D., Buffalo, NY
Liz Shura, Brooklyn, NY
Andrea Adams, Omaha, NE
Sarah Nodarse, Chicago IL
Amanda N. Gulla, Ph.D., New York, NY – City University of New York
Jen Nelson, Portland, ME
Andrea Harrington, Claremont, CA
M Catherine Pemberton, Richmond, VA
Jen Nelson, Portland, ME
Rebecca Moeller, Santa Cruz, CA – Santa Cruz Indivisible
Angela Marie, Santa Cruz, CA
Sarah Williams, Napa, CA
Diana Brooks, Port Saint Lucie, Florida
E. Kathleen Marder, Oxnard, Ca
Bob Majzler, Santa Cruz, CA
Diane M. Rodriguez, East Longmeadow, MA
Caroline Boone, Richmond, VA
Gennifer Furst, Ph.D., Hillsdale, NJ
Janice Keaffaber, San Diego, CA – Ground Zero Players
Sue Turner, Bedford, MA
Amelia Demma, East Hampton
Amy D’Amaddio, Hebron, CT
Randi A, Kutztown, PA
Kathryn Wolfe, Thomaston, ME
Heather Dodge, Napa, CA
Gina Eichenbaum-Pikser, Brooklyn, NY
Cynthia Ceres, Alameda, CA
Cathy Marshall, Beelin, MA
Carolyn Cavicchio, Denver, CO
Heather Franklin, Portland, OR
Rachel Cellinese, Los Angeles, CA
Kare M., Baltimore, MD
Summer McKenzie, Chicago, IL
Ilene Rosen, Bala Cynwyd, PA
Tehea Robie, Oakland, CA – Thea Wellness & Acupuncture
Trish Brumett, Ashland, VA
Keri Hoadley, Pasadena, CA – California Institute of Technology
Charlotte Munn-Wood, New York, NY – Du.0 Violin Duo
Annie Wachtel, Santa Rosa Valley, CA
Diana Palmentiero, Fairfield, CT
Leslie A Westbrook, Carpinteria – Indivisible Carpinteria
Sarah Burns, Needham, MA
Ann Frantel, Boston, MA
Jess Krefting, Maynard, MA
Hannah Meehan, Austin, TX
Maria Bornski, San Jose, CA
Waddy Wachtel, Los Angeles, CA
Karen Grove, Menlo Park
Janice McCall, Kirkland, WA
Eileen Drumm Moore, West Springfield, MA
Helen Weicker, Austin, TX
Kelly Gerow, Richmond, VA
Genevieve Gilbert-Rolfe, Gainesville
Gail Susan Gordon, San Pablo CA
Corina Hatfield, San Anselmo, CA*
Kim Staman, Poetry, TX – Hunt Co Precinct Chair
Heather Denyer, Jersey City, NJ
Veronica James, Ventura, CA
Rachel Edelman, Seattle, WA
Steven Di Lauro, Miami
Kerry Elizabeth Swift, Burlington, VT
Nichole Logan, Portland, OR
Elizabeth Daly, Florence, MA
Marian Hamilton, Greeley, CO – Professor, University of Northern Colorado
Marti McKenna, Renton, WA
Jeanmarie Bishop, Glendale, AZ
Tracy Novick, Worcester, MA
Sandra Austin Mello, Oakland, CA*
Janine Bertram, Burien, WA
Ellen Ann Andersen, Burlington, VT
Sue Ann Peck, Ames, IA
Joi Weaver, Bellingham, WA
Katie White, PhD, College Park, MD
Jay Mollica, San Francisco, CA*
Laura Osburn, Seattle, WA
Alison Holton-Wylie, Hyattsville, MD
Susan Dooha, Brooklyn, NY
Emily Guseman, Athens, OH
Clara Brasseur, Baltimore, MD
Elizabeth Olney, Evanston, Il
Michelle Kline, Phoenix, AZ
Christina McKnew, Marina, CA*
Sarah Smegal, Dedham, MA
Rina Breakstone, Oakland, CA*
Hilary Palevsky, Wellesley, MA
Jennie Flynn-McKevitt, Shreveport, LA
Susan Rogan, Traverse City, MI – Rogan’s List
Nancy Young, Richmond, VA
Meredith Byrf, Richmond, VA
Wendy Stark, Brooklyn, NY
Teresa McCullen, Augusta, GA
Jessica Kitson, West Long Branch, NJ
Joan Bennett, Attleboro, MA
Cassaundra Jah, Austin, TX
Gayle Logan, Franklin, MA
Kathryn Mardis, Minneapolis, MN
Grace Mosley, New York, NY
Amberlie Barnard, Corvallis, OR
Gayle Logan, Franklin, MA
Megan Ramsett, Fargo
Kimberly Burke, Brookline, MA
Jillian B Morgan, Ann Arbor, MI – American Journal of Preventive Medicine
Elisabeth Genn, Irvington, NY – House of the Roses Volunteer Dance Co.
Amie Grant, Atlanta, GA
Dianna Lynn King, Seattle, WA
Tara Barenok, Minneapolis, MN
Nicole solis, Oakland, CA*
Jennifer S Broekman, Fair Lawn, NJ
Teresa Saluzzo, Graton, CA*
Jessica Bottesch, Durham, NC
Christine Strena, Alameda, CA*
Karen Trowbridge, Oxnard, CA* – Indivisible
Srika Bohannon, Troy, VA
Katherine Haq, Buffalo, NY
Emily Rollinson, East Stroudsburg, PA
Sarah, Brooklyn, NY
Jeannie Ludlow, Charleston, IL – Eastern Illinois University
Susan Gibson  , Jefferson City, MO
Kim Curry, Huntsville, AL
Darla Reid, San Antonio, TX
Amy Martinelli, Lincoln, NE
Andrea Cecconi, Minneapolis, MN
Katherine Stockton, San Francisco, CA*
Gina Sipley, New York, NY
Annette Price, Saint Paul, MN
Rebekah Horowitz, Baltimore, MD
Melissa Weiner, Worcester, MA
Dana Pearl, Evanston
Cori Farrow, North Attleboro, MA
Claire Duvallet, Boston, MA
Kendra Weber, Stewartville, MN
Jennifer Barnes, Austin, TX
Kylie Young, Salem, OR
E. Cabell Hankinson Gathman, PhD, Madison, WI – Edgewood College
Jacqueline Jolly  , Cool, CA
Jeanna Wheeler, Seattle, WA
Christina Borel, LCSW, LICSW, Litchfield, CT – Simmons College Graduate School of Social
Malia Cordel, Kingston, NY
Alison Arne, Buena
Karin Muller, Northampton, MA
Inanna Hazel, Richmond, CA*
Jodie Katon, Seattle, WA
Erin Bartosch, Fullerton, CA
Francesca Wander, San Francisco, CA* – IndivisibleSF
Sandi Clement, San Luis Obispo, CA
Sarah Garrett, Berkeley, CA
Aida Stokes, Acworth, GA
Emmy Thies, Pekin, IL
Arlene Zuckerberg, Oakland, CA
Aida Stokes, Acworth, GA
Christina Olsson, Eugene, OR
Chelsa Linda Hamilton, Petaluma, CA
Alison Gerson, Woodstock, NY
Emily, Oakland
Emily von Tress, Windsor, CA
Bianca Viray, Seattle, WA
Jo Jenson, Vallejo, CA
Sarah Cunningham, Kelseyville, CA
Ricki Griffis, North Richland Hills, TX
Emily Pedante, Los Angeles, CA
Sandra Shuhert, San Francisco, CA*
Liliana Soroceanu, San Francisco, CA*
Maxine Gunther-Segal, Northampton, MA
Janie Gill, Lutz, FL
Kristy Carpenter, Middlebury, VT
Jeanne Heifetz, Brooklyn, NY
Maureen Young, Claremont, CA*
Alysson Hartmann, San Jose, CA
Roberta Almeida, Davis, CA
Barbara Berg, Los Angeles, CA
Katherine Gould, Glendale, CA
Julie Ruble, San Diego, CA
Billie Swift, Seattle, WA
kate dyson, Oakridge, OR
Caroline Copeland, Lake Forest CA
Ann Murphy, Berkeley, CA*
Erin Doherty, Portland, OR
Elizabeth Rowin, Los Angeles, CA
Lizabeth Roemer, Somerville, MA – University of Massachusetts Boston
Sara O’Hearn, San Francisco, CA*
Nori Rose Hubert-Besares, Austin, TX
Kathryn Coll, San Jose, CA*
Melanie Bien, San Francisco, CA*
Deb Powers, Worcester, MA
Amanda Powell, Columbus, OH
Mary McDevitt, Redwood City – Stanford
Katie Unger, Brooklyn, NY
Gillian Hagamen, Austin, TX
Dr. Janet Williams, Overland Park, KS
Dana McLean, Seattle, WA
Anne McShane, Edina, MN
Deanna Johnson, Houston, TX
Vicki-Marie Petrick, Jacksonville, FL
Lauren S., Medford, MA
Megan Kip, New York, NY
Ruth Gilgenbach, Lawrence Township, NJ
Sarah Bishop Dolbec, Aiea, HI
Lorraine Adler, Bronx,NY
Lorelei Peters, Minneapolis, MN
Kathy Lituri, Lincoln, MA
Maria Medas, Richmond, VA
Linda Jean Haring, Shrewsbury
Anna-Maria Goossens, Holyoke, MA
Dominique Mena, Riverside, CA
Tova Wang, Washington
Megan Doney, Christiansburg, VA
Laurie Lambert, Cincinnati, OH
Emily Sandford, New York, NY
Daniel Roat, San Francisco, CA*
Anna Newton-Levinson, Atlanta, GA
Christa St. Peter, International Falls, MN – U.S. Air Force Veteran
Deborah Tanciar, Ypsilanti, Michigan
Kendra Marien, Worcester, MA
Robyn Kennedy, Worcester, MA
Heather-Lyn Haley, Cherry Valley, MA – Worcester Partnership for Racial and Ethnic Health Equity
Erin Gaffen, Reading, MA
Veda K. Powell, Fairfield, OH
Sharia Fuge, Kansas City, MO
Michaela June, Natick, MA
Portia A. Boulger, Chillicothe, Ohio
Barbara Rauschkolb, Succasunna, NJ
Tammy Smith, McKinney
Jeni Putalavage-ross, Austin, TX
Mandy Van Deven, New York, NY
Amy-Jae Rignola Crawford, Hillsborough, NC
Patricia Teopaco, Belmont, MA
Lisa Martin, Ann Arbor, MI
Laura kinnaman, La Verne, CA
Jackie Jablonski, Ithaca, NY
Mickey Johnson, Framingham, MA
Catherine Lemp, Rockville, MD
Roxanne Sutocky, Clementon, NJ – The Women’s Centers
Roger Davis, Rochester, PA
Jessica A. Monmaney, Washington, DC – Association of Reproductive Health Professionals
Lore A. Rogers, Whitmore Lake, MI
Amanda Chudnow, Philadelphia, PA
Mandy Aquilina, New Albany, OH
Marian Kornicki, Marian Kornicki
Merideth Frey, Yonkers, NY – Sarah Lawrence College
Avi Haimowitz, Denver, CO
Debbie LeBlanc, Sault Ste Marie, Michigan
Allison Glass, Atlanta, GA
Marlena Roberts, Port Hueneme, CA – Indivisible Ventura
Leslie Sears, Dalton, MA – Action Together Massachusetts
Margaret Garcia, Greenvillle, CA
Emily Donato, Pittsburgh, PA
Margot Barnet, Worcester, MA – Showing Up for Racial Justice, Worcester, MA
Kathy Partridge, Longmont CO
Patricia Irwin Johnston, Indianapolis, IN
Jinah Paek, Teaneck, NJ
Billie Wilbur, Narragansett, RI
Melissa Derr, Worcester, MA
Jennie Bertone, Berkeley, CA
Nicole, San Leandro, ca
Kristin M. Block, San Jose, CA
Patricia Bradley, Greenville, CA
Sarah Kent, Seattle, WA
Sheila L Holmes, Bethlehem, PA
Deborah Coady, MD, NY, NY
Kate Palmer, Chicago, IL
Tara Weaver, San Francisco, CA*
Heather Muzia, Richmond, Va
Nora McDonald, St Paul, MN
Jacquelyn Lutz, Apple Valley, MN
Sally Weymouth, Santa Cruz, CA
Lindsay Malloy, Warsaw, Indiana
Heather Schell, San Diego, CA
Gizelle Cadogan, San Francisco, CA*
Laura Myers, Brooklyn, NY
Camilla Cracchiolo, Los Angeles, CA
Vera Bergeron, Dedham, MA
Kaiya Lyons, St. Cloud, MN
Domenica Murphy, Seattle, WA
Sue Vrana Brogan, Miami FL
Anne Robotti, Morrisville, NC – Rise Together North Carolina
Erica Dobney, Oakland, CA
Kathleen Samborski, Carmichael, CA
Sarah-Hope Parmeter, Watsonville, CA
Joyce Notine, Bellingham, MA
Allen Chinn, Ventura, CA – DSA
Anna Morris, Oakland, CA
Aimee J. Dupont, Worcester, MA
Meghan Ward, Boston, MA
Danielle Linn, Wauwatosa, WI
Priscilla Rich, Danville
Shelia Zentler, Seattle, WA
Noelle Ferguson, Miramar, FL
Elizabeth Sklar, New York, NY
Margarita Macareno Manwelyan, Bronx, NY
Pat Zanger, Miami, FL
Inge Buerger, Groveland, MA
Phaedra Kelly, Carrboro, NC
Cynthia McNiel, Springfield, MO
Jennifer Sobeck, Seattle, WA
Maggie Cavalier, Rochester
Jay William Lithgow, Amherst
Janet Danforth, Westminster, SC
Alessandra Borgia, Santa Clara, CA
Lyssa Jaye, Berkeley, CA – Bend the Arc, Jewish Action
Angela Speck, Columbia, MO
Rebecca “Beja” Ailisheva, Oakland, CA – White Noise Collective
Shalene Ros, Oakland, CA
Christiane, Durham, NC
Anna Shvets, Columbus, OH
Caitlin Doughty, Las Cruces, NM
Martha Tyler, Richmond, VA
Erin Orozco, Chicago, IL
Georgia Morgan, Brattleboro
Maria Langholz, Milwaukee, WI
Priscilla Halley-Downing, Sacramento
Bitsy Bentley, Brooklyn, NY
Jennifer Moore Conrow, Millville, NJ – University of Pennsylvania
Miriam Jones, Washington, DC
Sarah Horst, Baltimore, MD
Samantha Lehman, Portland
Kelly Meeker, Bozeman, MT
Candice Holloway, Houston, TX
Jean LaBonte, Tiverton, RI
Linda Cayot, Quincy
Penny Marston, Spencer MA
Nancy Stalnaker, West Chester, PA
Anita Sachariah, Alexandria, VA
Julie Haught, Bowling Green, OH
Kathi Williamson, Cobb, CA
Laura Bernier, Millbury, Massachusetts
Caitlin Postal, Seattle, WA
Barbara Sullivan, West Boylston, MA
Elise Belusa, Oakland, CA
Shanna Wells, West Warwick, RI – RI Womxn’s Action Initiative
Anna Snyder, Providence, RI
Justis J Phillips, Seattle, WA
Karen Plafker, Brooklyn, NY
Sam McFadden, New York, NY
Lydia Wahab, Greenville, CA
Billie Funk, Penna.
Ellyson Perkins, Brooklyn, NY
Laura Jarrait, Charleston, SC
Emily Crouch, Kittery, ME
Darrah Hopper, Chester, CA
Jane LeCroy, New York, NY
Erin, Ithaca, NY
Diane E Harris, Fort Washington, MD
Clare Davitt, Bangor, ME – Bangor City Councilor
Elizabeth Lynch, Seattle
Anna Weiss, Nashvile, TN
deborah garfinkle, San Francisco, CA*
Sheila Smith, Salinas, CA
Alaina Hammond, New York, NY
Deanna Warner, Kansas
Virginia Myers, Takoma Park
Laurie Duffey, Blue Springs, Mo
Lyndsey Raney, Austin, TX
Eileen Hogan Heineman, Skokie, IL
Robin Morgan, Brattleboro, VT – Family Solidarity Action Network
Annie Weinberg, Washington, DC – Elections Director of Democracy for America
Olivia Robinson, Washington, DC – Indivisible
Heidi Mastrogiovanni, Los Angeles, CA
Elaine Darrah, Merced, CA
Susan Burt, Normal, IL
Maranda Mulroney, Austin, TX
Elizabeth Throesch, Pittsburgh, PA
Karen Dempsey, Cambridge MA
Christine Williams, Medford, MA
Louisa McMurray, Brooklyn, NY
Monique Dubos, Saint Anthony
Shelly Ernst, Clayton, IN
Tondalaya Gillespie, Kailua-Kona, HI
Amy Teller, Providence, RI
April Genung, Woodland, CA
Victoria Meyer, Scottsdale, AZ
Elizabeth Speck, Staten Island, NY
Heather Hodge, Holden, ME
Margaret Fusari, Tucson, AZ
Susan Millet, Brockton, MA
Renee D’Argento, Pepperell, MA – Indivisible-MA groups
Debbie Hamme, Culver City, CA
Kate McDermott, Sacramento, CA
Emily Wilcox Gonzalez, Boston, MA
Cindy Mundahl , Minneapolis, MN
Amy Sleep-Kelly, Davis, CA
Kris Dow, Pittsburgh, PA
Ashley Hardinger, Denton, TX
Em Pritchard, Abington, PA
Virginia Pickel, Austin, TX
Sasha Susman, Pittsburgh, PA
Kayleigh Hood, Bloomington, IN
Jana Flaherty, New London, CT
Georgeann Goheen, Cincinnati, Ohio
Rachael Beaton, Hamilton, NJ
Katie McCormack, Westerly, RI
Laura C Thornton, Omaha, NE
Jett Psaris, Oakland, CA – The Conscious Living Center
Joan Stephenson, East Falmouth, MA
Roberta Schwimmer, Highland Park, Il
Megan Coughlin, Seattle, WA
Maureen Folly, Dennis, MA
Liz Hamilton , Worcester, MA
Mary L Michalek, Potsdam, NY
Maureen Folly, Dennis, MA
Joanna Nelson, PhD, Santa Cruz, CA – LandSea Science
Kathleen Gernatt, San Francisco, CA*
Melissa Dittmer, Raleigh, NC
Leesa storfer, Wakefield, MA
Emily Smith, Chicago, IL
Jeffrey S Graham, Glenburn, ME
Rebecca Sullivan, Seattle, WA
Claire S Gould, Washington, DC
April Peacock , Zelienople, PA
Jessica S Sarriot, Los Angeles, CA
Melissa Halford, Tucson, AZ
Jennifer L. Collins, LCSW, Los Angeles, CA – Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
Kristen Ochomogo, Ypsilanti, MI
Alessondra Springmann, Tucson, AZ
David Schaffner, Wallingford, PA
KatieMarie Magnone, Riverside, CA – University of California, Riverside
Carly Ilg, Chicago, IL
Emily Drennen, Ypsilanti, MI
Kathryn Crabb, Fircrest, WA
Kara Synhorst, Sacramento, CA
Judy Lackey, Seattle, WA
Lea Harkrider, Anchorage, AK
Jane Kelley, Bloomfield Hills, MI – Mothering Justice
Nancy Winters, Cranston, RI
Sarah Patten Lioce, Wakefield, RI
Renee C. Teyssier, Portland, OR
Casey Dokoupil, Richmond, VA
Carol Cadoo, Lancaster
Linda Davis, San Francisco, CA*
Billie Weaver, Sierra Vista – NFFE
Carolyn Gayden, Oakland, CA
Patricia Bartch, Portland, OR
Jeanne Counts, Seattle, WA
David J. Brumfield, Kingston, NY
Linda Kateeb, Orland Hills, IL
Dr. Yolanda Robinson, Orange, CA
Pamela Schechter, Brooklyn, NY
Kimberly Babb, Wyoming, IL
Cathleen Bolton, Willow Grove, PA
Owen I.L. Bernard II, New Haven, CT
Catherine Harris, Alexandria, Virginia
Angie Nantz, Las Vegas, NV
Pamela Lemar, Portland, OR
Jessica Allison, Santa Rosa, CA
Terri A Merrill, Mount Juliet, TN
B. Serell, Boca Raton, FL
Dr. Yolanda Robinson, Orange, CA
Maureen Dotson, San Diego, CA
Molly Powell, Snohomish, WA
Sandra Jones , Brooklyn, NY – Democrats Abroad
Stephanie Allemann, Rangeley, ME – Crik-IT LLC
Linda Rohret, Coralville, IA
Gloria Coker, Newport News, VA
Loreen Williamson, New Jersey
Elizabeth Walsh, Mesa, AZ
Susan Brochin, Gaston, OR
Denise Tabachik Pfleger, St. Louis, MO
Rose Kasmai, Walnut Creek, CA
Juan A. Soto Jr., Haskell, NJ
Tina Jackson, Carmel, CA
Valerie, Randallstown, MD
Stephanie , Tampa, FL
C. Coogan, Illinois
Marsha Atkinson, Sacramento, CA
Margaret Parker, Omaha NE
Damita Holland, Denver, CO
Charlene Josey, Houma, LA
Heidi R Turner, Calais, ME
Noelle Gordon, Portland, Oregon
Cheryl Walsh, Mesa, AZ
Shannon Swain, San Jose,CA
Norahmarie Bischoff, Forked River, NJ
Nicole M Langlois, Worcester, MA
Paula Higgins, Los Angeles, CA
Romane P. Joseph, Miramar, FL
Jean Schipper, Cold Spring Harbor, NY
Christy Schuetze, Media, PA
Kate Lange, San Francisco, CA*
Rev. Christine Jones-Leavy, Westerville, OH
Cathy Stark, Grass Valley CA
Catherine Harris, Alexandria, VA
Mary chandler , Oxford, AL
Marta M. Datwyler, Chicago, IL
Robyn Kennedy , Worcester
Barbara McMahon, Fort Worth, TX
Joanne Piazza, Rancho Cordova, CA
Paulette Krieger, Las Vegas, NV
Melissa Ericksen, Piedmont, SC
Joan Orosz, Rockford, IL
Eric Johnson, San Francisco, CA*
Rev. Bonnie Boyce , Huntington, WV
Telmo Nick Vasconez, Reseda, CA
Roger M Roldan, San Francisco, CA*
Carol Johnson, Glendale, AZ
Polly Bacich, Grass Valley CA
Andrew Clarke, Chicago, IL
William Schaal, Manchester, CT
Jeff Arnold, Torrance, CA
donna weinholtz, Malibu, CA
David C Stephens, Sylacauga, AL
John Haas, Oakland, CA
Lynne M Zimmer, Seattle, WA
Brutus de Groot, Phoenix, AZ
Cynthia L Van Riper, Omaha, NE
Patsy Hall, Indianapolis, IN
Nicole Bowman, Annapolis, MD
Thomas Renino , San Francisco, CA*
Nicole Bowman, Annapolis, MD
As an old Democrat. A social worker in Mileaukee, you guys need to understand. We don’t want anyone who will not syand up for a remarkable woman like her. Also, I am white. Do the right thing. , MilwUkee, WI
Desiree Carter, Soquel
Carol Wein, MEd, Huntingdon Valley, PA
Barbara Lawson, Arbutus
Carol Callahan, Southfield, MI
Diane Penkalski, Las Vegas, NV
Marsha Atkinson, Sacramento, CA
Christine Penney, Dade City, FL
Georgia poyo, Marietta, GA
James Nugent, New York
Gia Murray, Rancho Mirage
Dianne Farina, Huntington, NY
Gabriel Saavedra, West Hollywood, CA
Michael PicardI, Desert Hot Springs
Betty Turner, Raleigh, NC
Nannette kuehn, Florida
Alicia Belmonte, NJ
James Grady, Desert Hot Springs
Sherri morningstar, RMV, CA
Jaime Caplis, Easthampton, MA
James Grady, Desert Hot Springs
Laurie welch, Acworth, GA
Rosalie Hoffman, New York, NY
Mary Hufnagl, Frankfort Il
Rachel Shayne, Palm Springs
Kathilean Gavin , Yucaipa, CA
Marlene, Sunland, CA
Michael D Shayne, Palm Springs
Ruth McGivern, Philadelphia, PA
Elizabeth Marino, Staten Island, New York
Lorene Andrews, San Leandro, CA
Denise Morris, Enid, OK
Christine Wasserman, Burbank, CA
Tamika M Henry, Kentwood, MI
Mary Scanlan, Saginaw, MI
Becky Valenti, Rancho Cucamonga
Susan Brannigan , Chicago, IL
Shyra Arrington, Rancho Cucamonga – National Congress Of Black Women & NWHP
Annie Helton, Rich Square, N.C. – Poor peoples campaign
Barbara J Jackson, Riverdale, GA
Holly Thompson, Tucson, AZ
Margaret Parker, Omaha NE
Cynthia Williams, Raeford NC
Barbara Kellison , Colorado Springs, Co
Tanya Helton, Weldon N.C.
Barbara Armstrong, Burleson, TX
Ric Morris, Enid, OK
Sharon Feola, Hansville, WA
Marcene Hills , Yucca Valley, CA
Cheryl larsen, Chicago, il
Robert M. Finan , Los Angeles, CA – DSA
Shanae Arrington, Woodland, N.C.
Kwabena Asante, Waldorf, MD
Elizabeth Sisco, San Diego, CA
Barbara Albrecht, Aurora, CO
Angela Ortiz, Woburn, MA
Phoebe Smith, NOVATO
April Poirier, Auburn, WA
Sheila Mickelson, Westchester, CA
Beverly Owen, East Wenatchee, WA
Lucinda Robinson, Seattle, WA
Emily Berry, Jackson Heights, NY
Patricia Mosley-Dalton , Ocala,Fl
Peggy Lubin, Wilmington, DE
A. R. Barner, Dacula, GA – Sierra Club
William OConnell, New Orleans, LA – Loyola University
Leah Fulmer, Tucson, AZ
Tina’s Brown, New Orleans, LA
Monique O’Reilly, Peoria Heights, IL
Linda Higgins, Chillicothe, OH
Shoshana Levin, San Francisco, CA*
Carolyn J Tavernese, Arlington, VA
Wendy Brockish, Rexburg, ID
Tonya Ballard, Durham, NC
Patsy page, Shreveport, la
Lara Lofdahl, Ipswich, MA
jessica dwyer, Albuquerque
Sue Mailman, Worcester, MA
Niki Harper, Duluth, GA
Calvin Cunningham, Alvarado, TX
Sheila Sherwyn , Agoura Hills, CA – Indivisible
Rene Lu, Alvarado, Texas
james arieno, Albuquerque
Jennifer Moorman, Los Angeles, CA
Merritt Weese, Snohomish, WA
Nancy Burke, El Sobrante – Courageousresistance
Patricia Gallo, Berwyn, IL
Kathy Flores , San Juan Bautista,CA
Shannon Jewitt, Chicago, IL
Jennifer Pawlitschek, Brooklyn, NY
Brandi M, Denton, TX
Tracy V., Windsor Mill, MD
Tonya Ballard, Durham, NC
Ronda Good, Bellingham, WA
Anna Liisa W Moter, Oakland, CA
Kate Ellison, Melrose, FL – personal capacity, Chair of the Bradford County FL DEC, Member Lakes Area Dem. Women’s Club FL
Mary Adams, RN, MPH, Rochester, NY – Former Commissioner (Democrat), Rochester City School District
Kerry Hamilton, Goldsboro, NC
Kim White, Carlsbad, California
Ruth Berger, Portland, OR
Meagan Johnson, Wyanet, IL
Steve Swanson, Portland, Or
Margot Roth L’Heureux, Portland, OR
Cheryl Parry, Brooklyn, New York
Elise Esper, Sierra Vista, AZ
Julie White, Syracuse, NY
Patricia Grossman, Lake Hill
Stacey A Hammer, Orlando, FL
Laura Hastings , Marysville, WA
Denise Swisher, Sacramento
Leyla Herrera, San Francisco, CA*
Jette Guyette, McKinleyville
Sandra L Nalls, San Mateo, CA
Susan Galloway, Rochester, NY
Tiffany Brown, Sacramento, CA
Kellye Rose, Burnsville, MN
Faye Foroughi , Boston MA
Cailin Duram, Worcester, MA
Stephen E. Palmer, Placitas – University of California, Berkeley
Isabel Spooner-Harvey, Madison, WI
Danielle Burkert, Kula, HI
Heather Malcolm, Campbell, CA
Dr. Lori Dawson, Shrewsbury, MA
Donna Fraissinet, Nutley, NJ
Mary Hampton , Las Cruces, NM
Mikel Sansaver, Wolf Point, MT
Jacquelyn Salazay, Sherman Oaks, CA
Dini Silber, Wilmington, DE
Helene Kendler, Lake Hill, NY
Alma Scott, Wilmington, FE
Jonathan L Novack, Jacksonville, FL
tobi ruth Love, Thousand Oaks, CA
Lisa Haven , Kentwood, MI
Melissa King, Louisville, KY
Maurene Viele, San Francisco, CA*
Karen B Kinh, Holden, MA – Holden Democratic Town Committee
Robin Hochtritt, Depoe Bay
Kathleen Thompson, Fortuna, CA*
Julie Singh, Portland
Sarah Craver, Atlanta, GA
A H moody, Wilkeson
Jim Slezak, Mundelien, IL
Samina Sundas, Palo Alto, CA* – American Muslim Voice Foundation
Gerry Ann Smith, Hayward
Judi Paradis, Arlington, MA
Pamela Ohman, Mundelein, IL
Christina Bradley, San Anselmo, CA – Swing Left Marin
Tina Kirschner, San Diego, CA
Kelley Hebert, New Rochelle, NY
Susan Godfrey, Alameda, CA*
Laura Nixon, Ozark, MO
Brian White, Chicago. IL
Karin Williams, Carlsbad, CA
Sarah L. Crowder, MSW, Shoreline, WA
Kate Sterling, Honoka’a, HI
Dan Matthews, Santa Rosa, CA
Marsha Cutting, Bainbridge Island, WA
Janice Watkins, Tampa, FL
D. Jill Pugh, Newcastle, WA
Sally Vitamvas, Colorado Springs, CO
Janet Lundy, Richmond, VA
Kathy, Pasadena, TX
Michael Langan, Elkton
Deborah Lynn Elizabeth Radziewicz, Seattle, WA
Nancy Glick, Evanston,IL
kevin mcdaniel, Hurleyville
Julia Cathlina, Wausaukee, WI
Mary White, Bakersfield, CA*
Catherine Bennett, Sapulpa, OK
lainie cooke, New York, NY
Fred Altieri, Santa Monica, CA
Diane Huddleston, Salem, OR
Susan Rooney, Seattle, WA
Linda Koff, Philadelphia
Melanie Claire Wiggins Wiggins McMillan RN CCM, Fayetteville, GA
Diane H Gates, Pacifica, CA
Deborah Johnson (Resister Sister), Los Angeles, CA
Leslie, Delray Beach, FL
Kathi Kitner, San Jose, CA
Teri Williams, Chestnut Hill, MA
Mable R Yewitt-Collins, Baltimore, MD – Baltimore City Schools
Lisa E. Smilan, J.D., Frederick, MD
Kelly Kahlstrom, Mesa AZ
Romeo Garcia Macias, CA
Ellen Goodman, Bellevue, WA
Kathryn Scotten, Portland, OR
R. Davis, Keaau, HI
Robert Kauten, San Leandro, CA
Jessica Sowa, Edmonds, WA
Andre C. Williams, Colorado Springs, CO
Cynthia Turney, Kennewick, WA
Bella Wong, Seattle, WA
Phyllis Wanamaker, Selah
Susan Cornell Krebs, Van Nuys, CA
Malena Copeland, Santa Ana, CA
Valerie Genise, Springfield, NJ
Honie Abramowica, Huntington Beach, CA
Enoch Evenson, Thief River Falls, MN
Clare Seche, Windsor
Rachel Alexis, MSW, Gloucester, MA
Kyle Carter, Greenwich, CT
TJ Good, West Seattle, WA
Tracy McDaniel, Seattle, WA – One Sky Family Medicine
Angeline Bilotta, Worcester, MA
Lisa Golanty, Paradise, CA
Susana Hazelden, San Diego
Judy Wilson, Moira, NY
Linda Rinaldi , Palmyra, NJ
Cate Fitt, Richmond, VA
Mary Halsted, Madison, WI
Richard L. Lawyer, Waikoloa, HI
Lora Toothman, Richmond, VA – Alliance for a Progressive Virginia
Emily Saperia, Waltham, MA – Progressive Waltham
Juliet Bond, Evanston, IL
Sandy Tavares, Worcester, MA
Rebecca Abernathy , Baltimore, MD
Patricia Kennedy, Worcester, MA
Christine H. Sudell, Wilmington, DE
Ana Joanes, Beacon, NY
Cynthia Bostwick, JD, Ann Arbor, MI
Kristen Ivy Moses, Riverside, RI
Dave Pursley, Antioch, CA
Zachery Coston, Atwater, CA
Erin Schambureck, Rochester, MN
Ann Diehl, Fairport, NY
Katherine Rivers, Rochester, NY
Gretchen Graves, Richmond, Virginia
Cassandra Crane, Richmond, VA
Rebecca Stowe, Craryville, NY
Faith Love, Winston-Salem, NC
Andrea Kehrein Riley , Madison, WI
Melanie Mallison, Ithaca, NY
Jean Burger, Arlington Ma
Cheryl Geoffrion, Tiburon, CA – Fyera Foundation
Robin Boss, Providence RI
Margaret E. Malone, New York, NY
Marie, Patchogue, NY
Heidi Karol, Irvine, CA
Diane M McKnight, Raleigh, NC
Chelsea Silbereis, Hamden, CT
Carolee Moore, San Antonio, TX
Kristin Reed, Richmond, VA
Lisa Levenstein, Chapel Hill, NC
Larry Kazal, Madison, NJ
Nora Rasman, Washington, DC
Sharon Kenna, Richmond, VA
Kimberly J. Sawtelle, Kenduskeag, ME
Kristina Stoural, Seattle, WA
Jodi Smith, Richmond, VA
Sonja Moulton, Chicago, IL
Kathryn Mutchler, Forest Park, IL
Kerry Solloway, St Johns, FL
Carolyn wisch, Chicago, il
Barbara Gabriel, Midlothian, VA
Carolyn Seaman, Richmond, VA
Rebecca “Becky” Lee, Richmond, VA
Janet Chrzan, Media, PA
Erin Jones, Los Angeles
Katherine White, Midlothian, VA
Karen Shapiro , Holden, MA
Sharon Angell, Waikoloa, Hawaii
Anndee Huegel, Vancouver, WA
Carolynn Schwartz, Madison, WI
Tara Kishbaugh, Singers Glen VA
Stephani Windham, Lubbock, TX
Julia Aegerter, Box Elder, SD
Suzanne Jasper, Brooklyn, NY
Barb Shilling, Grand Island, NY
Janet Wilson, Arlington, WA
Alison Feudo, Washington, DC
Louise Marinucci, Somerset, NJ
Meghan Shea, Evanston, IL
Elizabeth Long, Portland, OR
Rebecca Donn, New York, NY
Morgan K Henderson, Stow, MA
Lara Mainella, Madison WI
P.S. Brown, Greensboro, NC
Carol Roscoe, Seattle, WA
Beverly J. Taylor, Los Angeles, CA
Heather Jenkins, Henrico, VA
Nancy Miller, Freeville, NY
Trudy Hann, Buckeye
Crista Munro, Eugene, OR
Cynthia Whitehurst, Lakeville
William Whitehurst, Farmington, MN
Erin Harmon, Lakeville, MN
Zsuzsanna Kaldy, Brookline, MA
Nicola Traudt, Seattle, WA
Catherine Aster, San Francisco, CA*
Stephen Vodanovich, Pensacola, FL
Leah Posey, New Haven, CT
Mariana B Pascone, West Warwick, RI
Tim Speevack, Branford, CT
Cheryl Palent, Somerset
Tracey Farmer, Rochester NY – Shades of Sisterhood
Amanda Sarata, Silver Spring MD
Jane Hashbarger, Hope, ND
Sabra J Flickinger, Winchester, KY
Sarah Johnson, St. Louis, MO
Lisa Storrie-Lombardi, Pasadena, CA
Barbara Grant, Seattle, WA
Kathleen Engman, Evanston, IL –  Reclaim Evanston
Carole Ellison, Mill Valley, CA*
Renee Hughes, Bronx, NY
Amy Towne, Midlothian, VA
Amy Price, Sacramento, CA*
Jared McLaughlin, Austin, TX
Shelly Jarrett Bromberg, Cincinnati
Hali Beckman, Jamestown, RI
Jamie Whitman, Mystic, CT
Serina Diniega, Altadena, CA
T Beckman, Wakefield, RI
Marylou Morelock, Topanga, CA
H Conard, Long Beach, CA
Marcella D. Smithson, Santa Ana, CA
Beverlr spoerl, Fostodia, OH
Rahne Alexander, Baltimore MD
Erica Schweizer, Seattle, WA
Carla Mays, West Palm Beach, FL
Jodi Rose, Berkeley, CA*
Gabrielle Halko, West Chester, PA
Amy Jones, Albuquerque, NM
Laura Kassner, Louisa
Lauren Butler, Decatur, GA
Gina Fuller, Richmond, VA
Sherrie Bowman, Chester, VA
Linda Laake, Chicago, IL
tom warner, Ossining, NY
Joy Welan, Washington, DC
Noga Wizansky, Oakland, CA* – SEIU local 1021
Kimberly Scata, Absecon, NJ
Ola Frost, Richmond, VA
Mary Wills, Rogue River, OR
Amanda Saunders, Davis, CA
Kate DeVore, Chicago, IL
Noel Tieszen, Washington, DC
Susan Sweet, Holden, MA
Carrie Crenshaw, Ph.D., Birmingham, AL
Christina Reed, Seattle, WA
Alicia Berneche, Evanston, IL
Jovida Ross, Oakland, CA – Movement Strategy Center
Nancy L Davis, Midlothian, VA
Cathy Scheller, Chandler, AZ
Katheryne Doughty, Durham, NC
L.Jerger, Jackson, CA
Pranny Whitesides, Columbia, MO
Nanci Thayer, Brooklyn, NY
Marcia Tucker, Glenn Dale
Renee Robinson PhD, Philadelphia, PA
Heather Ramsey, Oakland, CA*
Angela Miller, Swannanoa, NC
Cat Thompson, St. Paul
Susan Friedmann, Dayton, OH
Leanne Morin, Kailua, HI
Gwen Athene Tarbox, Kalamazoo, MI
Sue Woodling, Raleigh, NC
William Taylor, Atlanta, GA
Jennifer Rittenhouse West, Irvine, CA – University of California Irvine
Katie Wills, New Orleans, LA
Deborah Siegel, Dearborn Heights, MI
Thomas S. Siegel, M.D., Dearborn, MI
Louise Hilbert, Durham, NC
Rachel Abbey, Port Washington, NY
Ellie Jacques-Capon, Durham, NC
Kathryn Boswell, Norwood
Rachel Goochey, Boise, ID – Idaho Moms for a Brighter Future
Rita Ramirez, Watsonville, CA
Karen Rouleau, Saratoga, CA – OCI INDIVISIBLE
Mike Rouleau, Saratoga, CA
Jean-Pierre Rouleau, Saratoga, CA
Justine Rouleau, Saratoga, CA
Joan Tharp, Port Hueneme, CA
Margaret Henry, Karthaus, PA
Mary Hansen, Bellingham,WA
Nathalie op de Beeck, Tacoma, WA
Ellen Stuart, Naperville
Susan Saxe, Philadelphia, PA
Karen Mulhauser, Washington, D.C. – Mulhauser and Associates
Mary Coughlan, Waltham, MA
Patricia Maher, Akron, OH
Sofia Meissner, Philadelphia, PA
Debra Teplin , New York, NY
Katie Roberts, Seattle, WA
Lauren Gorham, Gales Ferry, CT
Julia Fariss, Oakland, CA
Sara Washburn, Richmond, VA
Kathleen Rivera, Staten Island, NY
Anne Clarkson, Rochester, MN
Ann Schurman, Silver Spring, MD
Beverly Jensen, Modesto, CA
Sabrina Sklute, Chester, VA
Elizabeth Spurr, New London
Alison Kurke, Seattle, WA
Rachel, New Orleans, LA
Barbara Quinby, Raleigh, NC
christie a hollis, Cary, NC
Linda Bohlender
Melanie L Quinn, Portland
Pam Thomas, Shawnee, KS
Faith Holsaert, Durham, NC
Joan Christensen, Intl Falls, MN
Laura Tenhunen, El Cajon, California*
Lindsey Webb, Denver, CO
Katherine Brent, Gardena, CA
Jason Scott, Houston, TX
Margie Cohen, Berkeley, CA
Cheryl Pyrch, Philadelphia, PA
Paige Reitz, Leesburg, VA
Eileen Kravitz, Old Saybrook, CT
Karen Zelermyer, Brooklyn, New York
Danielle Grant, Brooklyn, New York
Adrienne Newlon, Tampa, FL
Kimberly Cook, Ph.D., Wilmington, NC
Robin Van Liew, Holden, MA
Lori Murphy, Silver Spring, MD
Ingrid Stum, Jamestown, NC
Dani Moore, Raleigh, NC
Rachel Zuckerman, Centreville, VA
Anne Magdalene Fizgerald, Schenectady, NY
Robin Laidlaw, Miami, FL
Adriana Carr, Falls Church, VA
Alyse Saltzman Flowers, Bala Cynwyd
Cam Creason, Falls Church, Va
Chesh McKinnon, Richmond, VA
Jeffrey Fogel, Charlottesville
Kathleen O’Donnell, Philadelphia, PA – Philly Code Pink
Laurie Davis, Washington, DC
Melissa Bertolo, Dayton, OH
Ann Weeks Moye, Pontiac Mi 48341
Elaine Johnson, Washington, DC
Christy Qualin, Seattle WA
Karen Korn, Dayton, Ohio
Kelly Dineen, JD, PhD, Omaha, NE
Can Mathias Belew, Oakland CA
Jennifer Little, North Bergen, NJ
Leonora Beer, LSW, Philadelphia, PA
Lisa Foster, Omaha, NE
Toni Vicalvi, Lebanon CT
Jacquelyn White, PhD, Wilmington, NC
Shoshana Bricklin, Philadelphia, PA
Ardell Mock, Houston Texas
Stacey Gurian-Sherman, Minneapolis, MN
Rebecca McLeod-Waldo, Sebastopol, CA
Loretta Shumate, Berwyn, IL
Dr Nancy J Walker, Bethesda, MD
Anne White, The Villages FL
Holly Balshem, Bethesda, MD
Ruth Ann Mikels, University Place, WA
A Buckman, Fair Oaks, CA
Sally Barclay, Wilmington, DE
Rhona Perkins, Newark, DE
Renee Murphy, Virginia Beach, VA
Judith Rapping, ALBUQUERQUE
Amanda ponsler, Madison IN
Leisa Rich, Atlanta
F. Regina Psaki, Lowell, OR
Sarah Barlow, Kansas City, MO
Carin Al-Hamdani, Dayton, Ohio
Imogen Page, Minneapolis, MN
Wanda Rose, North Beach, MD
Afrikka Ennis, North Chesterfield
Alyce Barry, Evanston, IL – OPAL Evanston
Nicole Zaheed, Pacifica, CA
Jen Kingsbury, Lansing, MI
Sharon Jeffery, Sacramento Ca
Pamela Harbin, Pittsburgh, PA
Sheri Shuster, Berkeley, California
Charlotte Taft, Glorieta, NM – Abortion Care Network
Audrey Levine, Olympia, WA
Leigh Goodmark, Columbia, MD
Christine Gordon, Pittsburgh, PA
Shelley Whisler, KC, MO
Priscilla Abercrombie, Healdsburg, CA
Marianne Stack, Richmond, VA
Anne J. Merle, Chicago, IL
Ellen Yaroshefsky, New York
Kristin R Luebbert, PHILADELPHIA, PA
Jean-Anne Sutherland PhD, Wilmington, NC
Sarah Dillon, Bloomfield, NJ
Madeleine Brunner, Philadephia, PA
Susan Signorino, LMSW, CMC, Festus, MO – Social Worker
Margaret Young, Arlington, MA – Society of the Companions of the Holy Cross
McKenna Bunge, Washington DC via San Francisco
Tina LaPadula, Seattle, WA
Jody Handley, Pittsburgh,PA
Rebecca Kasthuri, St. Louis, MO
Tracey Miraglia, Etters, PA
Rebecca Cerese, Chapel Hill, NC
Diane DePaolis, Pittsburgh PA
Karen Jo Koonan, San Francisco, CA*
Tracy Dunglinson, Pittsburgh,PA
Jodi Hirsh, Pittsburgh, PA
Lezlie Salkowitz-Montoya, Elmira, CA
TeresaDiCesare, Media, PA
Jill Nicholson, Portland, OR
Natasha Barnes, Ashland, OR
Reita Pendry, Charlotte, NC
Erics Quimby, Seattle, WA
Courtney Palmer, Portland, OR
Anne Thomas, State College, PA
Gloria Jacobs, New York, NY
Karen Fielding, Pittsburgh, PA
Carolyn Leigh, Los Angeles, CA
Sace Elder, Charleston, IL
Kate Daher, Pittsburgh, PA
Sonya Robinson, New Orleans, LA
Emily Neff, Pittsburgh, PA
Cindy Duch, Gibsonia, PA
Elizabeth Perkins, Pittsburgh, PA – Unitarian Universalist Pennsylvania Legislative Advocacy Network
Karen Judd, Jersey City
Stephanie J Urdang, Montclair, NJ
Valerie Olney, Olympia, WA
Debra Murov, San Francisco, CA*
Lily Wells, Tallahassee, FL
Kari A Kiskamp, Santa Clara
Janet Weil, Palm Springs, CA
Elaine Rybski, Pittsburgh, PA
Courtney Vowels, Brooklyn, NY
Sallye Marcus, San Francisco, CA*
Rebecca McConkey, North Beach, MD
Barbara Satterwhite-Hoots, Banner Elk
Kim Harp, Orlando, FL
Blue Murov, Pacifica CA
Hannah Shearer, Los Angeles, CA
Barbara Gross, Brooklyn, NY
Trisha Ristagno, Belton, TX
Kirstie Thibodeaux, San Antonio Texas
Karen Burt-Imira, MD, Oakland, CA
Marlene Marcus, Pittsburgh PA
Linda Lacy, Arlington, VA
Kelly Dermody, San Francisco, CA
KC Carney, PA
Sarah Deibler, Pittsburgh, PA
Elizabeth Cabraser, Sebastopol CA
Karen L. Miller, Somerville, MA
Jill Sohm, Los Angeles, CA
Kelly Snyder, Los Angeles, CA
Mia Alcorn, Pittsburgh, PA
Barbara Dominey, LIlburn, GA
Sharon Grosfeld, Dana Point, CA
Andrea O’Brien, Washington, DC
Janna Cordeiro, San Francisco, CA
B. Brown, Gainesville, FL
J Emerson, Peoria AZ
Kaile R Sniderman, Clawson
Nancy Powers, The Villages,FL
Liz Myers-Chamberlin, Carlsbad, CA – Our Revolution North County San Diego
Darla Villani, BROOKLYN
Marilyn Green, Malibu CA
Karen Milne, New York, NY
Stephanie Hively, Woodbridge
Karin Wittenborg, Charlottesville
Adrienne Sorenson, Redmond, WA
Heather, Westwood, MA
Fareeha, Aurora, IL
Sarah Maxfield, Brooklyn, NY
Nancy dayian, Walpole, MA
Jana Carole, Ashland, OR
Laura Horani, Tigard, Oregon
Denise Romesburg, Phoenix
Shelly Van Lanen, Lexington
Amanda J Kedaigle, Arlington, MA
Tanya Grove, Berkeley
Marguerite Longtin, Sebastopol, CA
Rev. Susan Chorley, Boston, MA – Exhale
Nan Aitelthompson, Washington Grove, MD
Sharon Johnson, Decatur, GA
Joyce Frohn, Oshkosh, WI
Laura Myhr, Washington, DC – All Souls Church
judi gott, salisbury, ct
Amy Silver, Albany
Michelle Bitting, Los Angeles, CA – Indivisible 33
Pamela Shaffer, Evanston, IL
Chelsea Kidd, Rockland, ME
Dr. Rosalind Hinton, San Francisco Ca
Debra Ann Cohn, La Canada Flintridge
Sara Lam, Morris, MN
Judy Blumenfeld, Oakland, California
L Hayes, Fishers,IN
Judy Blumenfeld, Oakland, California
Shannon Craine, San Francisco, CA
Victoria Szatkowski, Westbrook ME
Lesley Zork, Washington, DC
ILENE MINER, Santa Monica CA
Carlin Meyer, Palenville, New York
Laura Horowitz, Pittsburgh, PA
Molly Gollinger, Duluth, MN
Holly Fincke, Walnut Creek, CA
Leah, Brooklyn, ny
Laura Hanks, Milwaukie, OR – IMirJ
Ilona Lindsay, Seattle, WA
Carole Hedrick, Los Angeles, CA – Sierra Club
Amanda Jenkins, Oak Park, IL
Emily Morgan, Maynard, MA –
Wendy Boester, Montara California
Jessic, Wilmington, NC – Suit Up Wilmington
Gabriel Robinson, Cambridge, MA
Helaine Cuddy, Brevard, NC
Lindsay Macdonald, Waltham, MA
Katie Hogan, Charlotte, NC
Joan Anyon, San Francisco, CA
Ellen Buck-Reifenrath, Renton, WA
Holly Zurer, Kittery, ME
Jacqueline Bauer, Bloomington
Holly Stephens, Silver Spring, MD
Janet Cole, Joshua Tree, CA
Eileen Simon, Pleasantville,NY
Judith Tinkelenberg CNM, Alameda, Ca
Margaret Butcher, COLUMBUS Ohio
Katherine Marsh, San Francisco, CA
Elaine Jackson, Berkeley
Elizabeth Humphreu, West Simsbury, CT
Renee Lansley, Pennington, NJ
Pam Sottolano, Tariffville, CT
Sarah Park, Issaquah, WA
Marta Beresin, Washington, DC – Break the Cycle
Margaret S DeWind, Middleton, WI
Susi Marzuola, Berkeley, CA
Laurie Warnock, Hampstead, NH
Jen Ruffner, Greenbelt, MD
Patricia Gonzalez, Springfield
C Genovese, Staten Island, NY
Tamara Kreinin, San Francisco
Debra Winham, Red Hook
Rona Brandell, Indiantown, FL
Kirsten Nash, Olympia, WA
Trish Smith, Portland, OR – SW Portland People Power
Kevin Floyd, El Paso, TX
Athena Fannin, Yellow Springs Ohio
Wendy, Burbank, ca
Nancy Oswald, Berkeley, CA
Catherine Denial, Galesburg IL
Laura Morowitz, Verona, NJ – Wagner College
Christine Larson, Pittsburgh, PA
Lisa Savage, Brisbane, Australia – Maine Natural Guard
Stephen Zorn, New York NY
Jacque, CT
Hilary Martin, San Jose, CA
Tasia Harper, Atlanta, GA
Anna Vayneris, Boca Raton, FL
Kristen Berthiaume, Birmingham, AL
Paula Henderson, El Cerrito, CA
Alena Yarmosky, Berkeley, CA
Leonore Gordon, Brooklyn, NY
Jued Wurzbach, Denver, CO
Deborah Zubow, Philadelphia, PA
Maura Smale, Brooklyn, NY
Isabelle Anne Melese-d’Hospital, CHEVY CHASE, MD
Dr. Doreen Catterson, Belchertown, MA – Valley Action Group
SI Choi, Berkeley, CA
Bernadette Harrigan, Belchertown, MA – Valley Action Group
Ruth Schoenbach, San Francisco, CA* – Congregation Shaar Zahav
Nancy S.McLernon, Huntington Woods, MI – NOW
S. Churchill, Hamden, CT
Caroline Fisher, Diamondhead
Wendy Posson, Portland
Jacki Howard, Oceanside, CA
Jessica Morris, Worcester, MA
Chris Bohnert, Oakland, CA
Donald Prazuch, Dublin, CA
Jennifer Kemmerer, LOS ANGELES
Allison Salerno, Athens GA
C. Kuropatwa, Atlanta, Ga
Sarah, Salem, OR
Rachael Reiley, Albany Ca
Caroline Donkin, Miami, FL
Holly Bryant, Tucson, AZ
Diane Hourigan, Durham, NC
Laura Littwin, San Francisco, CA
Liz Bolton, Greensboro NC
Estelle Berger, Santa Fe, NM – Democratic Party of Santa Fe County
Lisa Mann, Brookkyn, NY
Alexis Brosen MD, Bridgehampton NY
Leslie Bebensee, Corinth, KY – KFTC
Andrea Baerwalde, Dallas, GA – No Safe Seats
Heather Arnet, Pittsburgh, PA – Women & Girls Foundation
M A, Pittsburgh, PA
Marina Ann Samaltanos, Los Angeles
Carol Sommer, Sioux Falls, SD
Michelle Lamy, San Mateo, CA
Leah wilson, Boston, ma
Lillian Caviezel, Tacoma WA
Amy Murray, New York
Lara Ballard, Washington, DC
Darlene R. Carra, Atlanta, GA
Kathleen Greene, Concord – Our Revolution
Cara Berg Powers, Worcester, MA
Grace Dunlevy, Ventura, CA
Ailsa Hermann-Wu, Waltham, MA
Vicki Schwerdt, loudon
Margarita Evart, Lake Oswego, OR
Susan Grayston Duncan, Oakland, CA
Maria Johnson, Cleburne, TX
Jody Dodd, Philadelphia, PA
Sonia Mistry, Berkeley, CA
Liza Nugent, New York, NY
Nancy Butterfield Dornenburg, Simsbury, CT
Jeanne Strole, Augusta, Maine
Margret Trotzky, Wynnewood, PA
Jenny Byer, Huntington Woods, MI
Laura Burgess, Revere, MA
Megan Savage, Portland, OR
Lisa M Pasbjerg, Flint, MI
Barbara Willison, Green Bay, WI
Áine Fox, Lansdowne, PA – Irish Against Oppression.
Melissa B Adkison, Novato
Amy Tingle, Nutley, NJ
Kathleen Marie Barrett, Healdsburg, California
Jean Ballantyne, Santa Barbara, CA
Elizabeth Barger, Summertown, TN
Donna Sharer, Philadelphia
Trista Yatsko-Shurr, Pittsburgh, PA
Elizabeth keyes, Baltimore, MD
Anita Napoli, Pittsburgh, PA
Rebecca Rozakis, Jersey City, NJ
Molly Corbett, Ventura, CA
Ruthanne Deutsch, Vienna, VA
Cait Hutton, Salem, MA
Laura Wesolowski, Philadelphia PA
Rachel Settlage, Grosse Pointe Park, MI
Kim Lang, Burlington, VT
Michelle M Hensley, Minneapolis, MN
Zelda Washington, Brooklyn, NY
Robin Asbury, Morgantown WV
Caroline Tucker, Ocala, FL
Jen Kresak, Johnstown, PA
Mary Ann Ryan, Kensington, MD
Leslie hammond, Hartford, ct
Judith Blackburn, Nottingham, MD
Daria Fisher Page, Iowa City, IA
Margaret Butler, Washington DC
Liz Campbell, Seattle, WA
Dorothy Clementson, New York
Rachel Schlosser, Pittsburgh, PA
Corinne Bowmaker, Owings Mills, MD
Ivy Feibelman, Portland, OR
@STANDWHITEUP, San Francisco, CA*
Madelaine Thompson-Judkins, Merrimac, MA
Megan Tully, Seattle, WA
Erica Magill, Los Angeles, CA
Spiro, San Francisco, CA*
Lisa Della Valle, San Anselmo Ca
Marie, Wyandotte, MI – Wayne State University
Robin Datel, Davis, CA
David E Meyer, Los Angeles, Ca.
Krystina Friedlander, Exeter, NH
Tammi Westgate, Arlington, MA
Dawn Weidner, Parkersburg WV
Casey Boyd-Swan, Ph.D., Kent, OH – Kent State University
Sue Davis, Haydenville MA
diana boss, beaverton, or
Allison Dinsmore, Alexandria VA
Jenny Hayes, Seattle, WA
Rev. Leah Rumsey, Waltham, MA
Elizabeth St Clair, New York, NY
Lauren Hillman, Fairfax, VA
Sarah Gaskell, Verona WI
Mollie Stapleton Clark, Duluth, MN
Christine Femia, Brooklyn, NY
Carrie Vibert, Torrington, CT
Cal Sargent, Portland, OR
Anne Scheer, Omaha, NE
Andrea Scheele Morgan, Burien, WA
Sandy Adams, Washington, DC
Jenny Goos, Omaha, NE
Jenifer Wicks, Washington, DC
Hannah Barnhorn, Hamilton, OH
Jonathan Weinstock, San Francisco
Christina Tuccillo, Berkeley, CA – Berkeley Citizens Action
Sara Baeten, Chicago, IL
Candy warmuth, Walnut grove, ca
Susan Heath, Albany, OR
Hannah Porter, Minneapolis, MN
Sarah Wells, Pittsburgh, PA
Shalee Coleman, St. Paul, MN
Cathy, Seattle, WA
Rebecca Bowman-Rivas, Columbia, MD
Karli Dahl, Portland, OR
Elizabeth MacDowell, Henderson, Nevada – University of Nevada Las Vegas, William S. Boyd SOL
Alison Furlong, Gambier, OH
Kristina McNaught, Berkeley
Jeffrey Nigh, San Francisco, CA*
Tiffany McCullough, Vancouver, WA
Luanne, Lake Forest Park, WA
Nicola Rinaldi, Lexington, MA
Julia Jalalat, Albany, CA
Berna Torr, Torrance, CA
Shaun Kozolchyk, Richmond, CA
Mariska Kappmeier, Somerville, MA
Suzanne Tugman, Sandpoint, ID
Ellie Engel, Sagle Idaho
Savannah Engel, Seattle WA
Belinda Miller, Portland, OR
Heather Scavone, Greensboro, NC
Tammy Lianu, Seattle, WA
Diana Williams, Tallahassee, FL
Megan Kathleen Doyle, New Orleans, LA – 22nd Judicial District of Louisiana Public Defender’s Office
Jessica Kelley, Portland
Susan Hesselgrave, Tacoma, WA
Karen MacLean, Los Angeles CA
Sandra Bernabei, New York, NY
Catherine Coward, Anchorage, AK
Donna Potter, Portland, OR
Sloan S Johnston, Washington DC
Anne Drury, Seattle, WA – Wallingford Indivisible, Seattle
Margaret C Smith, Murphy, NC
Paulina do Amaral, Brooklyn, NY
Lani Hink, Pahoa
CS Ihus, Dublin, Ireland – Democrats Abroad Ireland
Mindi White, Los Angeles
Thomasin saxe, Chico, CA – Mobilize Chico
linda marini, san francisco, CA
Autumn H, Irvine, CA
Jessica Behnke, Hanapepe, HI
Hannah Bronsky Peña, Walnut Creek, Ca
Kathleen Gordon, McLean, VA
Manny Jacobowitz, Seattle, WA
Maria Gema Williamson, Pinole, CA
Susan Haddon Summers, Sacramento, CA
Debra Winham, Red Hook
Debra Winham, Red Hook
Kimberly Huber, Morgantown, IN
Cara Ostomel, Mountain View, CA
H. Ellen Braune, New York, NY
Sophia Roosth, Cambridge, MA
Shauna, Council Bluffs, IA
Emily Torstveit Ngara, Lynbrook, NY
Joana Moths-O’Neil, San Marcos, TX
Melissa Ni, Vienna, VA
Susan Medley, Fort Valley
Tracey Scronic, Brooklyn, NY
Peter Heymann, Rosendale, NY – End the New Jim Crow Action Network
Jeremy Ann Brown, Teaticket, MA
Margaret Bradbury, Larchmont, NY
Janet Ghio, Columbia
Jennifer Morgan, Everest, KS – Upper Wolf Lutheran Church
Carley Moore, New York City
Jenifer Foster, Washington, DC
Diane MI Winters, WOODSTOCK
Kate Muhl, Collingswood, NJ
gerri natalie, broomall
Patricia Regan, Palm Harbor, FL
Ann Gotthoffer, CA
Aryn Thomas, San Diego, CA
Heidi Gordon, League City, TX – Texas Democratic Women
Monica Bell, Richmond, MI
Margaret Allen, Stony Brook, NY
Linda Henley, Vashon Island, WA
Lynn Heritage, Carolina Beach, NC
Emily Cox, Durham, NC – Eno River UU Fellowship
Zuneera Masood Johnwell, Chicago, IL
Samantha Fox, PhD, Biddeford, ME
Elisa Bluming, Brooklyn, NY
Robin Aquino, Petaluma, CA
Nancy Krygowski, Pittsburgh, PA
Anaya Jones, Staunton, VA
Niyonu Boateng, Jersey City, NJ
Kristy Hartsgrove Mooers, Iowa City, IA
Kathryn Coveny Hood, Reston, VA
Patricia R, Norfolk VA
Lorraine Krofchok, Elk Grove CA
Deborah Schindler, Bethesda, MD
Maureen McVeigh, Media, PA
Frances Martin J.D, Racine, Wi – L4GG
Michelle Murphy, Manhattan Beach, CA
Sue Dodd, Philadelphia, PA
Joyce DeFrancesco, Pittsburgh, PA
erica itzkowitz, new rochelle, ny -New Rochelle Against Racism
Robyn Citizen, Conroe, TX
Sandra Lieberman, Elkins Park, PA
Elizabeth Muir, Brooklyn, NY
Sandra Andrews, Belhaven, NC – Beaufort County Indivisible
Beth Beyers-Frankel, Wilminton
Alix Bowman, Durham, NC
Marisa Natale, Champaign, IL
Marjorie Sachs, New Rochelle, NY – New Rochelle Against Racism
Katharine Pazoles, Washington, DC
steven thomas, Albany
Michaela Rahimi, Brooklyn, NY
Deb Kleinman, Laramie, WY
Nicole Davis, Carrboro, NC
Kate Kizer, Washington, DC
Lynn Colwell, Redmond Wa
Kathryn McKinney, Huntsville, AL
Donna Tietjen, Charlottesville, VA
Jill Brantley, MA, King City, OR – AARP AMTA ACLU
Erin Parker, Los Osos, CA
Natalie Russell, San Francisco, CA*
Debbie Wuerffel, St. Paul, MN
Patricia Keoughan, Falmouth, MA
Lynn, Ely, MN
Jennifer Anderson, Towson, MD
Samantha Albert, Alameda, CA
Anne Shaver, Oakland, CA
Dana Mozer, Portland Oregon
jan davis, washington grove, MD
Cynthia Strauff Schaub, Greensboro
Dante Olivia Smith, Brooklyn, NY
Shel Tscherne, Marlborough, MA
Ryan Fowler, Lancaster, PA
Phyllis G Ross, Katonah
Alexis Donovan, New York, NY
Megan Gordon, Addison, TX
Megan Horst, Portland – SURJ
Rickie McClure, Preble, NY
Kate Grandfield, Ann Arbor, MI
Anna Ehl, Houghton, MI
Jayme George, Wilsonville, OR
Lisa L Martincik, Iowa City, IA
Rebecca Helberg, Washington, DC
Carol Barton, New York, NY
Kim Ammons, Amherst, MA – Mount Holyoke College
Ellen Russell, Tucson, AZ
Kathleen Leenders, Salina, KS – Storypuncture
Kellin Defiel, San Francisco
Linda Petrocchi, Nutley, NJ
Rachel Korach Howell, Iowa City, IA – University of Iowa
Jacquelyn Bonomo, New York, NY
Karen Ranucci, New York
Kate Lesniak, Portland, OR
Amy Poe, Carolina Beach, NC